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medmo 2019/06/14
medmo 2019/06/14

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

For me, the intensification continues, time seems to me to compress, I have the impression that I no longer have a moment available, I have the feeling that a force is leaning on my back so that I can move forward on my path at any cost. Despite this pressure, I like to be at the service of I AM, to offer myself totally to contribute to the healing of humanity. The healing at issue here consists in activating the memory of the Spirit who constitutes each one. As soon as humans have “found their Spirit”, they will be healed of the consequences of their amnesia.

May we, each one of us, participate in this beautiful mission! Today’s guidance is about the first step of our total healing through sight recovery.

The plant was very present to start this guidance. No wonder, as I feel so strongly this spring the strength of this reign. Is it possible that by taking over the management of its body, the earth will regain some of its strengths from which the vegetable kingdom benefits?

I must say that I struggled a little during the reception of information from the spiritual world. Probably because of my personal resistance, probably also because of the resistance of humanity as a whole. Everything seemed blurry, uncertain, and there was even an attempt to intrude by an astral egregore during work. It was only at the end of the process that the images became clear. It must be said that the action taken has consisted in helping humanity to recover true sight, the one that makes it possible to perceive beyond the densified plane.

To carry out this healing, Delfina and I were transported to the outskirts of Jerusalem, specifically to the “Siloam Pool”, a place known for the miraculous healing of a blind man from birth through Christ in Jesus.

We have been told that the recovery of sight is the first step in a series of human healing.

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I entrust my human concerns to I AM, I ask him to shed light on what concerns me, on the questions that arise to me in my relationships, in the behaviour that I AM asks me to adopt, in the situations I am experiencing.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy
And I swim in the movement of life

I call for light, I call for love, I call for Christ so that the sword of discernment may take hold in me. I call upon Archangel Michael to hold firmly the sword that holds the dragon of my emotions, feelings and thoughts. Thus I place myself at the disposal of I AM to communicate with him, to receive from him all the information necessary for the accomplishment of my mission.

The wild grasses are before my eyes, the vegetation is proliferating and I feel that I am invited to be the master of it, to decide on the action to be taken against this vegetation. I call upon the intelligences of nature, elves, fairies, elves, elves, dragons, undines and the whole family of those who work with nature, to be helped in my decisions.
The grasses are controlled, the grasses are placed where they are needed and are removed where the crops are to be grown, where the land must be free for solar radiation to feed the plants that are installed.
The space is my responsibility, it is up to me to decide, to make my choices, to call for the help I need for the maintenance of the gardens. Crazy herbs are my thoughts, which sometimes occupy all the space of my consciousness, thistles are my emotions, which sometimes invade the feeling I have of myself.
Quackgrass is my hanging, rooted, crawling feeling that sometimes occupies the feeling of me. Here I am under my own responsibility, gardener of my life, here I am in a position to decide how I want to organize, sow, plant and then harvest.
This is the water I need for plants to grow, to benefit from the forces of the Earth and solar radiation, the water that allows sap to flow through the plants that are being cultivated, the painting is finished.
“What was necessary to restore here has been restored and here you are ready to welcome the light of the Spirit, the love of the creative principle, the information of your I AM. You are free, master of your life, to continue the path, to go further within yourself, in your multiple dimensions, in your highest frequencies.

I feel a strong heat, the energy that circulates very quickly in my body, I feel a particular pressure inside my head that has just changed, on the eardrums and I feel a beginning of joy that lives inside me.
I feel that we are welcomed by the Great Council of the beings who accompany the Earth, the solar system that accompanies humanity. There is the Earth and there are 12 beings who each embody the consciousness of the planets. The circle they form welcomes us, blesses us, smiles at us to encourage us to continue on our path, to stimulate our elevation, to confirm our legitimacy in this mission.

For Delfina: “The right place, the right positioning, the perfect match between what you have to do and what you do (we hear a bird song that intensifies). The bird invites you to fly higher (message for both of us), dares to take off, dares to climb higher, dares to let yourself be carried by the ascension forces in order to see from your highest planes, what is to be done today for the Earth, what is to be done today, for humanity”.
I feel my body which, indeed, is propelled upwards, I feel my body a little like a capsule, a rocket capsule, which is really propelled upwards while feeling, of course, my legs, my hands, my whole physical body and at the same time I feel that my I is invited to rise, while remaining in contact with the human dimension.
My rationality, my mind is with me totally willing to verify that everything I live is coherent, I have vibrations on my chin, my head widens, expands, expands, and I feel that my field of consciousness widens.
I have the vision of an infinite white space, it vibrates everywhere on my face, nose, lips, cheeks, I feel that something is being prepared. I feel that a spiritual team, a team of giants is preparing to give us instructions, to give us instructions, to give us information on what to do.
The word that comes to me is the Elohims, the seven Elohims, those who organized the experience of the solar system and the Earth, who are there to tell us what to do now, at this stage of human evolution, and I feel that it is important, as if they were working together to really know what to do because the action that is proposed is really an action that requires precision.
I would almost say that it is like a sniper checking his target so that his shot arrives exactly at its destination. This is what is happening and the shooting is not a shooting to kill, but the shooting is on the contrary, I am told: “the arrow of cupid, the arrow of love”. I see the pink color coming to the center of their assembly.

Then my mind says: “You see nothing more, you will see nothing, you perceive nothing”. I say yes and I tell him that it is normal, they are in preparation and I am at their disposal and I ask my mind if it has something better to do than to be there. He tells me no, he tells me that everything is fine so I suggest (he makes me laugh in fact), I suggest he settle down as if he were in a movie theater in a chair and wait for the movie to start.
I see a large circle and the first idea that came to me was a bicycle wheel but very large, a wheel with spokes, a central hub and spokes and in fact I am offered to be both in the center of this wheel and at the same time at the periphery, which in this state of consciousness is quite possible.

I have itching in my neck, as if I had a rope around my neck, so it’s actually about freeing myself, this rope, freeing myself from all human attachments. It tingles all over my face, I am offered to free myself from all my attachments to the human form I know. There, I leave this rope that was scratching me, that was holding me back, I still have a small point left in my right ear as if someone were pulling my ear to hold me back. And so, I choose not to be pulled out of my ear, not to be held back, I choose to say yes to the seven Elohims, it straightens me out. There is something to do for the Earth, there is something to do for your mother, the one who gave birth to you, the one who offered you her womb so that you can be humanized, that you can be a densified being.

The Earth is fertilized, pregnant. And, I feel in my stomach this state of pregnancy in fact, I feel in my own stomach the presence. The image that came to me, I had the image of a tadpole, what precedes the frog, oh it’s very strong this presence in my uterus
Now I feel the tadpole and the water, you could say the amniotic fluid and it becomes huge, and there indeed, it goes far beyond my body. The amniotic fluid is transformed into fire, it is the fire of the Earth and inside this fire, there is a diamond. He can resist fire while the flames are around him, while the fire is burning inside the Earth.
I see the white color coming, you can say the diamond is heated to white, there is a part of me that refuses to continue to see and tells me that it is forbidden to see what I see. I must position myself, I must say yes to what the Elohims are asking me, I reaffirm that here, from Earth, I say yes to the authority of I AM, I say yes to the action requested by the Elohims.

I feel like I have a kind of pain in my heart, as if I had to leave something, to extract myself from something, and it pains me a little to extract myself from that something, and I see that that something, I find the image of the crazy herbs that I had earlier and in fact what is offered to me there is to extract myself from everything that lives in my personality: thoughts, feelings, emotions. I am asked if I agree to leave this human condition, momentarily, and more if I want to enter, they tell me in the divine store.
Do you have anything, Delphina?” I have the image of a dragon watching. And I can say that I am afraid of him, the human being that I am is still afraid of him, and I feel that this dragon is there so that I can look at this fear and entrust it to I AM. When I say this, I am full of gratitude for the dragon who is there, because I see that he allows me to go further in surpassing myself, and I always have images of plants, I barely have time to see them but it is always with the plant that it arises there.
Earlier, I had a cut dandelion flower, okay, I don’t see the dragon anymore, I saw it earlier and I was afraid of it, I don’t see it anymore.
I have the pleasure of telling you that I am leaving you with the dragon and that I am continuing the path, that I AM telling me that yes, there are many dragons on the path but that I am not at all obliged to stop and fight them, to stop and confront them, that I can continue the path without being diverted by my desire to help humans to no longer be paralyzed by their dragon.

Every human being has the opportunity to receive the sword he needs to control his dragon and that I, my way, is to go further. What is interesting is that each human has its own unique relationship with its dragon, some need to control it, others have already made it an ally. They are actually telling me, the goal is not for every human to make an alliance with his dragon, the goal is for every human to use his dragon according to his own need.
Each human being being unique, he has at his disposal the means he needs to accomplish his mission: some have an allied dragon, others have a frightening dragon, others have no dragon, others have a dragon to control permanently.
Each being is different and each one will have a positioning to find according to his relationship to the dragon. The pitfall would be to believe that everyone is the same and that there is a single rule to apply. The only rule is: remember that everyone is unique! And that your mission to guide does not consist in applying to everyone the rules that are relevant to you. I feel that all we are being told here is a prerequisite for what is to come is training in the positioning to be adopted for the accomplishment of the mission.

I feel like I have something to deposit. I have the impression that I have just placed an enormous weight on humanity and this concerns the question of singularity, the diversity of situations, of humans, of variety. It is really important for the next step to remember that there are never two identical beings. There can sometimes be the illusion that two beings are identical, there will always be a difference, a particularity, that makes two beings never identical.
And, it is asked to me: “Will you please take the next step in this consciousness? Would you please abandon any attempt at generality, any attempt at generalization that you know only serves to reassure worries, when you are experiencing unknown situations then?” I say yes, I am totally ready and I always have something in my right ear, in the auricle of my ear, as if my ear were being pulled to hold me back.
“Obviously we know that you already know, this uniqueness of individuals, this singularity of individuals, but this is about going beyond what you know, about entering into this operational reality that you are all absolutely different, even if you are composed of the same spiritual substance, the same carnal substance from your mother”.

I have been seeing a swimming pool for a while now and it is the one in Jerusalem called SILOE. I am not sure at all, I will ask my mind to go and check later, it seems to me that there is a pool where Jesus went to heal the blind man who could no longer see.
I have a kind of emotion coming but not a human emotion, like a great moment coming, this feeling I have is that a great moment is being prepared. So yes, indeed, my mind does not want to believe it, but yet I will say what I hear: “the moment that is being prepared is the moment of healing of blindness, just as your brother Jesus healed the one who did not see by applying the mud on his eyes, it is proposed to you, if you consent, to proceed to the healing of the blindness of the humans who are incarnate. We are talking here about asking you to be the relay for the recovery of sight. Do you accept to be the healers of human blindness, do you accept to contribute to the recovery of the sight of your brothers and sisters? »
I say yes, I agree to contribute to the healing of blindness, to contribute to the recovery of human sight.
I say yes, it straightened me up, it made me totally straight and I feel that the darkness is absorbed by the light, I see human beings with a human face but with a turtle shell. I see turtles on my shoulders, the whole rest of my body has the shell of a turtle and so I also see that my eyes are closed.
I feel that the preparation takes place so that the eyes can reopen and the light can touch the retina, touch the eye so that humans can see the full reality of who they are. I am with the energy of Jerusalem, it is happening in this place in Jerusalem, in this pool in Siloam.
It is related to the state of pregnancy we had earlier and which means that, indeed, by recovering our sight, by accessing this new vision, the Earth can give birth to the new humanity. All this is linked, it is a question of giving the new humanity a much more efficient organ of sight than the eye you have today.

It’s as if there were a delay, obstacles so that it doesn’t happen as easily as I would like, so I want to see those obstacles. “These are the sails that humans want to keep before their eyes at all costs, so that they do not have access to the true light.
Humans are afraid of being dazzled by the light of the Spirit because they confuse it with the light of your projectors. The light of the Spirit does not dazzle, it does not burn the eyes, the light of the Spirit comes from within you and meets the light from without.
In fact, we are asked if we would like to turn on the light from within us, “Do you want to turn on your own lantern? Do you want to light the lantern in your belly, the light in your heart, the lantern in your head, do you want to light your lanterns?
So I say yes, I want to light all these lanterns, on the contrary, I have been waiting for a long time, to be able to see clearly, both in my belly and therefore in my body, as well as in my heart, in my emotions, my feelings, as in my thoughts with my head, to see everything with the eyes of the Spirit, with the light of the Spirit.
I feel that by saying this my body widens and I become a huge lantern, a very large lantern.

Delfina must go to the toilet: “The water from Delfina’s body that drained everything that needed to be drained must be drained, mineral salts, toxins, residues, crystals, all this must be deposited and given back to the Earth so that your vision becomes clear. Pure light can then penetrate your gaze, the lantern can then illuminate, humanity can then find itself in its original substance in its subtle luminous material prima facie.

I feel that I must inform the astral world that it must move away here because there are egregores of the astral world coming, who are trying to get closer to the work that is being realized. I feel that those beings who do not succeed in ascending to the divine plan, come to try to nourish themselves with the light that is created here and that it is a question of offering them this light so that they can ascend. But they can in no way be predators of this light, the light is offered to them as it is offered to all humanity. There is no fighting to do, there is no squatting, the light is abundant, infinite.
There was like a fight, a beginning of a fight, the Elohims had to face an attack, but the fact that we do not see it as an attack, the fact that it is thwarted, the light is to give, always to give.
Christ says: “Be certain of the light that I am, live fully the light that I am, always radiate the light that I am, always shine the light that I am, and all the grey clouds will thus be illuminated, fed, illuminated, the low vibrations will rise, the darkness will be illuminated. The ugly words will become beautiful, the dark thoughts will become bright, the wild herbs will become wonderful plants, the underground galleries will become crystal cathedrals. »
Then I see the seven Elohims in line facing me, the two of us, it is said that the sight is recovered, they say it in chorus, like the choirs of the Greek tragedy, “the sight is recovered, the sails have been lifted, the light from within has joined the light from outside. The light is, quite simply. Life can now unfold on Earth and your lucidity can be welcomed in each of you, no human being is blind any more.
Every human has a 360 degree view, every human has the ability to see beyond the densified real, every human can see the vibration of created objects.
Every human can see the subtle presences that accompany the dense world, every human can speak to his divine self and see clearly inside him, the channel that connects him.
Every human has the information that he is a diamond, every human knows that he is a divine being, every human can bless with his hand everything he meets, everyone they meet, every human can now be the master of his garden.
Every human being has the possibility to advance on his path, without being stopped, without being diverted, without being distracted.

I feel that the process is over, the Elohims are leaving in a single line. I have a little movement in my heart when I see them leave, as if big brothers were leaving and at the same time, I am happy with the work done, even if I have the feeling that something has remained confused sometimes.
I don’t feel like I see clearly where we were going, except at the end when it was clearer for me, but I have confidence that the work has been done. I know it’s my human dimension that would have me believe that it’s not completely clear.
Melchisedek told me: “It’s only a first episode, others will come. You have five senses, don’t you? The first sense that has been looked at is that of sight, the other senses will each be in their own way reopened also because it is a question, you see, of passing from your material sensory perception, to your spiritual sensory perception. The five senses that you have at your disposal in your body of flesh have their equivalent in your divine self, in your causal body and you can mobilize these five subtle senses to access the perception of your own divinity from the plane of the spirit. »

The fact of hearing that brings clarity to everything we have experienced, the fact of having the context puts things in perspective, makes it clear.
I give thanks, I thank the Elohims, I thank Melchizedek, I thank the Great Council of the Solar System, the Great Council of the Beings Who Watch Over the Earth and the Experience of Humanity. They tell me that they are fully satisfied, “you don’t have to worry about this feeling of blur because we can confirm to you, that everything that has been accomplished is absolutely clear, it is perfect, we thank you”.
I thank Jesus who tells me: “I am very satisfied, our cooperation hand in hand gives me great satisfaction and I will meet you again for the rest of the series, for the episodes that will complete this first act of the series”. I thank him divinely and I thank I AM and all the others.