audio – the tools of the healing guide

medmo 2019/06/28
medmo 2019/06/28

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Today, in the technical disadvantages, it is the wifi that has cut off at home. Every day, opposition forces find a way to hinder the gathering that brings Christ to life on Earth. I choose to see this as an invitation to position myself even more firmly to continue the action. The guidance speaks precisely of the tools that the spiritual world provides us so that we can be operational healing guides. I believe that we still do not fully appreciate the scope of what we do when we choose to be gathered to serve the Spirit. There is enough to annoy those who do not want to hear about Love.

Four tools and a gift are given for those who choose to become involved in the function of healing guide of humanity, recognized as a commitment of their I AM manifested on earth.

The first tool is in the physical heart and allows us to capture the needs of the humans we meet and immediately give the subtle substance to the person in contact with us. The second tool is located in the genital system of the body and allows to be the master of its sexual energy, in order not to eroticize the relationships that are created for the accomplishment of the mission. The third tool is located in the intestines and can be compared to a truth detector, a sword that separates the good grain from the chaff. The fourth tool is a crown that rests on the top of the head. It is the attribute of our royalty, our absolute sovereignty and will be useful to us in the operational phase of our mission so that we do not lose clarity about our role, so that we do not give in to the temptation of earthly recognition.

As a bonus, a gift is offered to us by the beings who have lived the earthly lives of great mystics. These beings are gathered together to give us the spiritual skills they have used in their incarnation.

The guidance ends with information on the stage that the healing guides of humanity are currently experiencing: the stage of formation, the development of skills, the constitution of a human network parallel to the crystalline grid that surrounds the earth. If no date is given, it is suggested that a later step comes when we will take concrete action with humans who wish to do so to guide them to their I AM and help them heal from their amnesia as we heal ourselves every day.

Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

Thank you for being there, thank you for offering what each one of you is, to allow the spiritual world to give the information it needs to transmit to humanity.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy
And I swim in the movement of life

I propose to be the spokesman today for what the Spirit wants to communicate to humans, I feel the physical heart very present, I feel the pulsations of my blood in the heart, which intensifies the presence to myself.
I welcome the Archangel Michael who helps me to strengthen my anchoring, I welcome the Crystal Master who is behind me and strengthens my spine, invites me to a more vertical position, the sacrum very present. I say yes to the presence of the consciousness of the Earth, Mary, divine Mother who loves this collaboration with us, this cooperation with voluntary human consciences. I receive the love of Jesus my brother, I say yes to him, I follow his way, I follow his way.

I open in myself a space that expands to infinity, my field of consciousness becomes unlimited, my frequency rises and I join the assembly of 13 who watch over the experience of the Earth, who watch over the whole solar system.
The solar consciousness is there, it welcomes me, it welcomes us, it vibrates in our cells, it makes Christ live in each of us, it makes Christ live through the gathering that we form.
The Great Council of the Wise invites us to elevate ourselves further, to let our frequency rise higher, to join the Elohims, those spiritual beings who have been mandated to create the experience we live here, to organize the evolution of the Spirit, through our incarnation on this densified planet.
The Elohims welcome us and I feel in my body a very strong vibration in the back of my head, like supplies, shivers in the back of my head and I feel that I must deposit the human beliefs according to which we would not be able to meet the Elohim, to meet, the beings who presided over the creation of the consciousness of the Earth and humanity.
In the human formatting that we have, we are limited by a hierarchical vision of beings, of organizations. Here there is no hierarchy but a communion, a cooperation.
I feel pressure on my right temple and I feel that it is something that calls me, that is, a way of signalling that a being wants to talk to me, to say something to me, to give me instructions, information, teaching.

This being is linked to the cosmic Christ, to the Great Central Sun of the universe. He asks us through me to open up a space within us so that he can settle in, so that he can take his place. He tells us: “I am at the origin of the Christ you know on Earth, I am that same Christ but I am for the whole universe, the Christ you know is a child, a like me, you would say today, a clone of me adapted to your solar system, adapted to the Earth.
I invite you today to deploy yourself not only in the solar system but in all the galaxies you observe through your tools or simply through your human eyes. Each galaxy has a particular mission and I invite you to know this without asking you any further questions at this time.
It is about allowing your body to connect to all those galactic frequencies that are present in you, but that you ignore because your human consciousness is often closed to your spiritual reality.
And when you are open to your spiritual reality, you often still remain limited to your earthly condition, your solar condition, your condition related to the Milky Way and you do not allow yourself to spread your wings.
Go and meet the parts of you who live on other planes, the parts of you who are likely to help you, to guide you in the way to proceed to lead your earthly life”.
I feel that it is necessary to relax, I had gradually tightened my legs and I feel that it is necessary to relax my legs which are extremely heavy, extremely dense. I feel that there is like a ballast on the legs to be completely present on Earth, completely present here, in my body of flesh.
“It is indeed a question of being particularly firmly anchored to your human condition in order to be able to live the link with the galaxies, because my invitation does not consist in making you believe that you can escape from your earthly condition. On the contrary, my invitation is to give you more means to be the captain of the ship with which you travel on Earth. It is in a way a toolbox that you can receive here to be the healing guides of humanity, that your I AM has chosen to be by coming to incarnate in this period of humanity’s evolution.
And this is not your first trip as you know, whether on Earth or in other places in the universe because always you live, life does not stop. Life is a continuum that does not pause and when your physical body is not present on Earth, your soul, your I AM continues the experience from the subtle planes.
When you are present on Earth and are not aware of the other manifestations of your I AM, the fact remains that you are living, experiencing, acting, contributing to the expansion of the universe. If we can speak like that, because expansion would mean that there is a limit and that these limits are pushed back, but it is not so, no limit is there but for the human mind, we know, it is very complicated to integrate.
Do not worry about this, because as soon as your consciousness rises, you have other means than your cognitive system, your mind to understand what must be understood.

In any case, the transmission was such that I lost the thread at the beginning and it’s very good, they tell me, because it’s precisely a question of not putting control. You could say that somewhere along the line, I have the feeling that I have been a little drunk on words so that I no longer put any control over what I perceive. Ok then I do agree to let go of all control and I also agree not to check the earthly coherence of what is said, but to enter into heavenly coherence because that is what it is about.
I see a movement, one could say like a bubbling, like gas bubbles like a white cloud, like a cumulus for example. That’s it and it’s in motion, very soft, very cottony, very pleasant to be in this subtle substance.
I feel like a young child who is in a cozy place, I feel that I have to take the time to immerse myself in this particular atmosphere. It is a question of receiving a toolbox, I am very happy about that, because I did not make any effort to remember and it is the guide, so the great central sun that gives me the beginning of its subject.
I have a pain in my right ear, it’s just to tell me that he’s there, that I can trust him, trust me, we can trust each other.

“It is in this cottony atmosphere, a cosy atmosphere of total well-being, of harmony between the environment and ourselves, that we receive a toolbox that, as you know, on your Earth is filled with a certain number of instruments that allow you to do the DIY work that you have to do.
Well, the crafts you have to do to be the healing guides of humanity are of a subtle nature and not of a densified nature. It is not a question of using a hammer, a saw to awaken the memory of your brothers and sisters on Earth. As you know, the energy of peace is now installed, these are tools that can increase your capacity to receive and your capacity to transmit. These are tools that allow you to capture the inner state of the one you meet and immediately to know how to respond to his need, with love, kindness, relevance.
It is a tool that you are receiving at this moment, inside you, for those who desire it, you can feel it in your heart because the reception of your brother’s or sister’s inner state is done in your physical heart and in the same way, there is on one side a ventricle and on the other, the other ventricle”.
And if I understand correctly, we receive with the left ventricle and we emit with the right ventricle. It is very physical, very powerful in my heart, I feel this reception of the inner state of the other.
“The processing of information does not pass through your cognitive system, you receive inside your heart, a device likely to identify the need and immediately trigger the emission that will satisfy the need of the other, because you know it, all human needs can be summarized in a single need, absolute love, creator of yourself, creator of the universe. The creative principle, absolute love, is the relevant response to all human needs.
Thus the tool you receive is of extreme simplicity, you capture the need for love of the person you meet, your heart immediately acknowledges the need and within you, as soon as you are committed to your mission as the healer guide of humanity, immediately an emission of absolute love is triggered and you emit exactly the quantity, the quality of love that the brother and sister you meet needs”.

I ask our guide, the great central sun, to tell us what is the role of the mind. “The role of our mind is before and after the operation but not during the operation. Your mind has every reason to intervene in everything that precedes the capture of the need and the emission of the satisfaction of the need, it can intervene a posteriori to understand what happened because it will be important that you will be able to rationalize absolutely all your interventions but the time of the intervention is done independently of your cognitive system because this one is not adapted to the operation”.
I feel that there is something to deposit first before continuing, that is, I have just given my total inner agreement to the reception of this tool and its use for the accomplishment of the mission of healing guide in which my I AM is engaged by manifesting itself on Earth.

I now have the image of a vine leaf, so I imagine that the vine leaf uses the genitals because in the iconography of our civilization, it is supposed to hide the sex of Adam and Eve.
It frightens me, I welcome and recognize it, it has the right to exist and at the same time, I say to the part of me that is afraid, that it is invited to the top of me because that part does not have the responsibility to receive this information, it is the conscience with I, who has the responsibility to receive the information and to transmit it.
So he shows me something very black, very dense behind the genitals. In fact, if I have understood correctly, it is a tool that is supposed to help to totally control sexual energy.
“So that in your mission as a healing guide, there is no confusion in the relationships that unite you with those you meet because today, your genitality is still very active and it is sometimes very difficult for some of you to be the master of your sexual energy. You sometimes perceive impulses, attractions for beings you recognize in their souls and you are embarrassed to manage the soul to soul relationship.
You often translate it into a desire, a sexual impulse that is not always relevant to the bond to which you are invited with certain people and when you unite with a person when your mission was to cooperate with him from the point of view of your souls, then very often you suffer from having given in to the temptation of the genital instinct that has blinded you.
This is why if you wish you can receive here the tool of the sacred management of your sexuality. As you know, you have already been taught on the subject, it is not a question of renouncing the joy of union, it is a question of tasting the true joy without having to go through your animality anymore. There is no renunciation asked for, there is an invitation to a joy even greater than the one you know and we suggest that you receive this inner tool, which can be placed on the level of your genitalia, if you wish.
In fact, we are shown a place like a small pocket that would be the reservoir of sexual energy. It’s not in the sacrum, it’s much more towards the perineum, perhaps in the prostate for men, ovaries for women.
Here I feel that it is not so easy for me to accept this proposal even if intellectually it seduces, I feel that it requires me to recognize myself fully in the Woman-Spirit, in the Woman-Spirit that I AM and I commit myself to no longer identifying myself with the human woman.
In this small inner pocket where sexual energy is stored, if we accept to receive what is proposed to us then the equivalent of a gold coin will be deposited but it is not a gold coin, it is something brilliant. I would say that it is a diamond, a small diamond such as those set on a ring, it is very small but it is very, very powerful.
It is the information of the diamond, it is the information of our divinity. Okay, I feel it, I have a pain in my left ear. Everyone does what he wants in relation to this proposal to be the master of his sexual energy in order to be able to access joy, the joy of joy and to be protected from the sufferings that could be the consequence of having given in to the temptation to eroticize relationships that were foreseen of a spiritual nature.

Then it is recalled that committing to be a healing guide of humanity will provoke reactions in many of you. “You will be admired, you will be envied, you will be coveted and you will have to be fully aware of who you really are, of your importance, of the place you occupy, of the function that your I AM asks you to occupy to resist the temptations related to adulation”.
I see why we are given this management tool because it is true that so many spiritual guides have been bothered by this issue of sexuality and the veneration to which they are subjected and therefore of the eroticization that takes place in relationships. I find it very touching, it’s a little personal comment, to be helped so much and that’s why I say yes totally to this installation of the diamond in my genitalia to be able to be the master of my sexuality, of my sexual energy.
This is this tool given that the large central sun can carry out another installation, I feel that it takes a little time for me. I see a great rod, a great stick of light, a great stick of light that is stretched out to us, of course I see the sword of Christ, the sword that cuts, which is not Michael’s sword that overcomes the dragon.
On the contrary, the sword of Christ slices, it goes straight ahead, it is the discernment of the true and the false. “It is the tool given to us for the accomplishment of our mission as the healing guide of humanity because you are confronted, and this is already a reality, with the very great confusion in the information you receive. You should know today that the only being you can rely on to know the truth is yourself, because the information is transmitted to you by many humans who are sincere and well-intentioned but sometimes not. And those who give you false, untrue information are sometimes fathers, absolutely charming people, smiling kindly with you and full of good will. Yet they give you information that is contrary to the truth of absolute love.
Many people talk about the Spirit and propose rules to be observed, dogmas to be integrated, beliefs to be followed. This has been necessary for a long time in humanity but today you are sovereign beings. This way of living the Spirit no longer has any reason to be with the sword of Christ that is given to you here.
You have the necessary tool to feel the truth vibrate inside you, it is your belly, in your intestines that you can perceive the vibration of the truth. When your head says yes to an information, take care to hear in your intestines. The upper brain sometimes hears false things that it takes for granted, while the lower brain, your intestines, can never lie to you, can never tell you the opposite of the truth.
With the sword you accept here and now you have this possibility to amplify the intestinal sensation, you have the possibility to capture more easily what is happening in your belly and which tells you that the truth is there.
There is the truth of facts, there is the truth of feeling and there is the truth of the Spirit, when the truth is total. The three are aligned, when one of these three floors is not totally true then in your intestines, something twists, something knots. While when the three floors are entirely true, bright and transparent then in your intestines, something is totally vertical, like the sword of light that is given to you at this moment.
This is the third tool that is being given to you today and that you can use now if you have agreed to welcome it inside you, in your toolbox.

There is a fourth instrument that we want to entrust to you now. There is with the consciousness of the great central sun, the cosmic Christ, a whole assembly of prophets, as we find them in the Old Testament because there is Elijah, Daniel etc..
It is a crown that we are given, “the royal crown for each of you who has accepted to recognize the mission of your I AM, to guide humanity and to heal it from its amnesia. The crown of royalty, of sovereignty, this is not new to you, you will tell me, because for a long time you have been crowned king and queen, for a long time you have carried within you a crown, you even name it since you speak of your chakra crown.
The crown was there but often you didn’t know how to use it, it is given to you here as a tool, as an instrument.
They can see very well that I am a little doubtful and that I have no idea how to use a crown. They tell me “simply by wearing it because intellectually you all know that you have a crown, but how many times in your earthly experience do you really wear it?
How long in your days do you behave like a king or queen and at the same time how long do you behave like a subject? There we give you the crown, we confirm the crown, more exactly, so that you know how to use it and we give you a means to do so.
Consider that every decision you make throughout the day is to train yourself to use your crown in your personal life, first. Ask yourself the question when you start an action, whether you decide as a king, whether you decide as a queen or whether you decide as an obedient subject from an authority other than yourself?
The exercise of royalty requires that you choose to recognize yourself in your supreme authority, in your absolute sovereignty today. Your mission is still in its infancy, there are no serious consequences to the abandonment of your crown in your choices, in your actions, but tomorrow when you will have to enlighten, teach and heal the humans who will have recognized you then in the absence of your crown, in the absence of the sovereign’s posture, you will be trampled, you will be overthrown and you will suffer.
However, your I AM does not want you to suffer, does not want you to be overthrown, you will often be tempted to accede to the requests of people who will want you to take their responsibility in their place. If you act as a sovereign, you will be able to say no with love and kindness and you will be able to put them in contact with their I AM so that they recognize themselves as capable of taking their responsibilities. By doing so, you will be able to guide and enlighten many others.
On the other hand, if you agree to rush into substituting the responsibility of others, then you will abandon your position as sovereign and you will be overthrown by the person who has diverted you from your path, diverted from your own commitment.
The crown must weigh slightly on your head so that you remember its presence, so that you remember its usefulness, so that you remember your royalty.
For today, the toolbox that has been delivered is sufficiently stocked, other tools will come later. Understand that for the time being we are in the process of your training, we are in the process of preparing you because the time has not yet come for the full scale action for which you are present on Earth.

We are in the process of building skills, building trust, strengthening perceptions so that we can receive instructions by intuition, by inspiration. A little like we are doing now, but on a much larger scale, on a much larger scale, but it is also for this reason that all the people who accept to connect to their I AM, taking the support of these guides that are received now, all these people are strengthening their skills to capture information through subtle channels without going through the material tools that will probably, very soon, no longer be operational for many reasons, Internet networks for example.
So it is important to practice receiving information through subtle channels and it is important to learn to trust these signals that are emitted by our I AM, by subtle planes and that reach our human consciousness.

I feel a great joy inside me, I see a great river that is very alive, very full of energy and I feel that this river is filled with the movement of life.
I perceive a perfume of rose, in fact, I see the presence of Sainte-Thérèse de Lisieux who can also guide us, as well as Padre Pio, a small cuckoo for Myriam who is very close to him. There are many mystics who are there, because indeed, I am also thinking of Hildegard, many people who have lived on Earth and who have been great mystics and who are gathered there with us.
Everything they have experienced in their earthly incarnations is offered to us, that is, their capacities to capture the signals of the Spirit, their capacities are given to us.

A fifth tool that is there, given by all those mystics who had spectacular gifts. I am thinking of the gift of ubiquity, of blessing, of sacralizing, of seeing clearly, etc. All these mystics make a gift of their talents, as they lived them on Earth, to the great central sun, to the Elohims, to the prophets because they say “that the time has come to pass on these tools to the humans of today, because all humans who choose to be guides healers of humanity, to make Christ live on Earth need these tools, need these talents, need these gifts”.
These mystics who lived on Earth also recognize that they have often been reduced by physical suffering and that there is no longer any reason to be, that this time of suffering, of redemption through suffering, is over, that it was part of the plans of religion but that today it is no longer necessary.
There is no need to worry if we become more mystical, it will not be to suffer by the bruises, it really no longer needs to be lived, what Jesus lived, there is no longer any need to live it, he did it for us, so that we are free to live joy, as we see fit.

I see a huge bouquet of roses, I see phenomena of levitation, I see ubiquity, I see telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience. All this is linked to the first tool that was given to us, to capture the inner state of the other, it’s very organized.
This could be a reminder of a training plan, for example when organizing training and planning content with pedagogical progression. It is exactly the same thing, except that nothing is planned in advance, that everything depends on our evolution of consciousness and they actually send the tools as we are ready, that we have the possibility to welcome them, to make them live.

A number of humans on Earth are truly positioned today, as relays of the Spirit’s world and as a result, a network of light truly exists that is parallel to the crystal grid that surrounds the Earth.
The teams are in place and if you do not know yourself humanly, you know yourself intimately from the point of view of your I AM. The time will come to communicate formally, but for the moment this is not yet necessary.

I have the image of a very old woman bent over, a little beggarish, not very attractive. I have a headache, on the right, I could say that it is an image of myself, of my human condition. A little like that part of me that would have separated from the Spirit.
It reminds me of a tale with that woman who was a witch and made all the children who came to get the apples from her house stick in her apple tree because she didn’t want to give them away. The children were dying dry because they couldn’t get rid of themselves, being stuck in the apple tree, until the day she realized that this is absolutely not how she would be happy.
It is on the gift, the fact of giving, the economy of giving, that is really what consciences must prepare for today, but it will be the subject of another development.
I feel that I still need to take this old beggar, grimaceous, painful woman to the top of the mountain before I can finish. It is not a question of letting her die on Earth, it is a question of taking her into the world of the Spirit and there she is, standing upright and becoming a beautiful woman.
It is enough to bring my human condition into my spiritual nature for it to be regenerated, it is a very beautiful way to conclude. I see a radiant woman, I see Christ radiating in glory, the one I often see on the top of Mount Tabor between Elijah and Moses, the transfiguration.
It is a question of the transfiguration of human nature, which is true for me, is also true for all the people who listen, for the whole of humanity and therefore, indeed, it is proposed to us to finish this guidance with this physical sensation of transfiguration. It is proposed to us to live in our body the transfiguration, to feel our radiant body, our body of glory that is there, from our human body, just as Jesus experienced it from his human body, three times, since there was the transfiguration, the resurrection and the ascension.
When I say these words, I feel that a grace is given to me, I feel that I am receiving an absolutely immense manna, that I have the impression that time does not stop, there is an eternity that is there in my body too. It’s something infinite.
I give thanks for all that I have received, for all that we have received, I give thanks to all those who have been there live with me, all those who are also there, with their I AM live and delayed, I give thanks to the spiritual world of course.