audio – encounter with bacteria, viruses and insects

medmo 2019/07/03
medmo 2019/07/03

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

In recent days, I have had a lot to do with insects: tick bites, mosquitoes, flies and other unknown small animals have been all over my days. I thought that the insects seemed more agitated than usual, my devoured legs testifying to the ardour of an often unloved animal category.

Tonight’s guidance led us to meet the world of insects so that we could consider them in a friendly way. To go to this surprising invitation, we were prepared by first getting to know the world of bacteria and viruses. A pact of friendship with these two worlds, which are also often misunderstood, is proposed to us.

The spiritual world gives us a key to look at our environment and our body with other knowledge.

It must be said that the path that led us to these unprecedented encounters was through a teaching on holiness, given directly by the beings canonized by the churches.

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

By these words, I connect myself to what I AM from all eternity, by these words I intentionally unify myself, I make sure that I AM unites with my human condition, that my human condition rises to the top of the cone that I AM.
I invite my divine being to elevate the frequency of my human body, I open my consciousness to the divine presence, I place myself at the disposal of the world of the Spirit, of the beings who accompany humanity and the Earth in the experience it lives, in their ascension.

I welcome Archangel Michael who helps me to be a master, to welcome my power, to manage my personality.
I welcome the master Crystal who consolidates my spine, who fills my whole skeleton with his solidity and presence.
I am in connection with Mary, conscience of the Earth, divine Mother, she offers me her warmth, her love, her protection.
At my side, Jesus my brother, I am with this being who carried Christ in him so that we, here, can carry Christ in us, can make Christ live by absolute love, recognized in us.

I’ve been traversed by heat waves. I accept love in me, I let my cells vibrate on the frequency that I AM from all eternity, I make sure that my human condition is totally adapted to my highest frequency, to my divinity.
I feel that the void is made in me, a void that allows me to welcome the fragrances of the Spirit, the power of love, the creativity of the divine being that we all are and that I recognize being as well.
As always, I have the slight fear of not being able to hear, to receive, I doubt my ability and I take that part of me that doubts, to the top of the mountain on which I AM will fill the gaps. I lift all the parts of me that remain attached to the poverty of the human condition as it has been presented to us for centuries, I lift the parts of me that believe themselves poor so that they see their richness, their fullness.
I lift the parts of me that believe themselves inferior so that they can see their greatness, I lift the parts of me that believe themselves ignorant so that they can see the extent of my knowledge contained in my cells and not in my cognitive system.

I feel the crown chakra opening and I feel the violet light present with me, with all of us. May we, each one of us, where we are, according to who we are, welcome by our crown this violet light that elevates our consciousness, that opens our consciousness to the totality, to the immensity, to the infinite, to the eternity.
I see a field of roses, a huge field of fragrant, shimmering roses, many white roses, pink roses, with soft colors, then some more powerful roses in their colors: holiness, the roses here symbolize holiness.
Holiness consists in putting oneself at the service of your divinity. In fact, I am welcomed by an assembly of beings who have been declared saints by churches of all kinds:
“Holiness has been attributed to us because we have devoted a large part of our lives to working for the divinity.
Do not think that holiness corresponds to an ideal that would be presented to you as an ideal to be achieved. Holiness, you see, oh brothers and sisters who listen to us, holiness simply consists in saying yes to your I AM, to saying yes to the divine being that you are, to saying yes to the creator who wants to live in you, who wants to exercise his creativity, his talent as a creator.
Holiness consists in living love where other proposals are made to you, such as fear, hatred, anger, sadness. Holiness, you see, consists in saying yes to Christ who wants to live on Earth through humans, incarnate souls.
Holiness does not consist in renouncing your personality, holiness, be certain of that, holiness consists in saying yes to the divinity you contain. Many humans will ask you for charity, unlimited time, material wealth, under no circumstances give your time, your wealth, your goodness. This is not holiness, what is holiness is to give what you are, what you contain, what you know, what you experience to your divinity.
The time has come for those who so desire to behave like a Saint, to live holiness not in order to appear in the catalogue that the churches have constituted, because this is not very interesting. What is interesting in holiness is the impetus you give to your neighbor to walk beside you, to go in the same direction as you, to observe the intuition that is received, to follow the inspiration that is given by the plan of your divinity.
We who have been canonized as the term is used, we do not wish to be venerated because what has been achieved in our lives has been nothing more than the action inspired by our divinity, an action to which we have said yes, an action that has brought us joy, that has elevated us.
All that has been added around suffering, around flogging, has no reason to be, hold our joy and not those actions that led to wounds, to martyrs, because that is not holiness. What is holy is the way of joy, it is the way of love, it is the way of the Spirit to which you are invited today, without any sacrifice, if only to make sacred, all that you touch, all that you say, all that you do.

I feel that this teaching being given, we can move on to another stage of our ascension, to the elevation of our frequency and, in fact, I feel that my body is expanding more, that a greater place is being made within me.
Something human must be left there to be able to continue the ascent. I take a few moments to let the Spirit act, to let our I AM permeate our body, to invest our consciousness.

I now see white beings, their light is white, they are not human beings, they are always oblong shapes that I see, there is no face, there is the information of these beings that is there. I see 3 beings in conversation, 3 pure spirit beings, in conversation, forming a triangle. They move away so that we can be at the centre, we are told:
“Come to the center of this triangle to enter the beam of rays that we emit. We are stellar consciences, we are solar consciences.
So, the 3 solar beings I see, there are Arcturius, Antares and Sirius. It is not the stars I see but the consciousness of these stars. It impresses me a lot and it creates a sensation for me in the solar plexus. I feel that I have something at the solar plexus level to fully receive the radiation of Antares, Arcturius and Sirius.
These 3 beings propose to fill us, to give us everything we need, especially the recognition of ourselves because what we miss most, they say, is our own recognition. What leaves us in the shadow of ourselves is this belief that we have lost our dignity, our honour, our purity, our light, and they say:
“We are here today to give you back, if you consent, your dignity, your honour, your purity, your light. Open yourself to your dignity, to your honour, to your purity, to your light, nothing prevents you from receiving these essential qualities, constitutive of the divine being that you are. There is still a cap in the consciousness of your human dimension that closes the orifice that would allow you to receive the information that we transmit to you and that contains your dignity, your honour, your purity and your light.

This causes me a pendulum oscillation movement and I feel that my body is opening up to what is given, something loose, something opens up. The cap that blocked the hole that allows the reception, this cap has been removed, and what is given can therefore be welcomed here. And what is true here for me is also true for all those who are there, because we are all beings that represent the whole, symbolic beings of the whole archetypal beings that represent the whole of humanity.
Something is settling in me, activating the circulation of energy in me. That’s it, it confuses my cognitive system a little bit, I feel that my reasoning is not so easy so it gives my consciousness more possibilities to accept what is given.
Arcturius, Antares, Sirius radiate with all their fire, with all their light, and I feel that I have to pay attention to my sitting, to all the parts of my body that touch the seat on which I am sitting. Paying attention to my feet, to the intense warmth of my feet, I feel invited to let this energy flow through me and I feel my mind getting impatient, a little as if it were dissatisfied with what I receive, as if it felt that what is given is not good enough for it. Then I invite my mind to come with me, in the center of the triangle formed by these 3 solar consciences and I ask my mind if it wants to take a bath of mind with me. That is it, thanks to this operation, I unify myself, I totally accept the present moment and I stop any human evaluation of what was transmitted by the world of the Spirit.

The number 22 appears, I accept the number 22 without really trying to know what it is about, except that it reminds me of the number of Hebrew letters in the Sephiroth tree. There is something of Kabbalah there, and the fact of saying it opens something in me, a great openness.
I have the impression of welcoming a great V inside me, the lower tip of the V is, more or less, at the level of the navel and the V moves away by the shoulders to open itself totally to the world of the Spirit, to the scheme of the Spirit. I feel an intense bubbling of light that still comes through the crown.
Here, I feel that one step has been taken and another will begin because all of a sudden there was a black one, no light, the curtain closing, and I am asked if I want to continue my progress, I am asked if I want to continue the path as it began, and I say yes.

I am ready to continue the journey, guided by the forces of the Spirit, enlightened by infinite light, sustained by absolute love, by Christ incarnate in my flesh. I feel vibrations, like a rail that vibrates and starts from my third eye and calls for further progress.
I have to progress by following this vibrating rail, I am propelled, sucked, I don’t know, in any case, I am moved by the vibration of this rail which takes me into a whirlwind of light, a white tornado.
By reflex, I put my consciousness back on my feet and on my seat, I feel perfectly that, I feel my body expanding, entering the whirlwind of light, I am very hot, I see orange, brown, and I see very small beings working on the Earth.

I have the impression that I am in contact with bacteria, with the world of bacteria, of viruses that are at the service of life, at the service of humans. It is a question of going to meet these beings who have a place on the plane of the Spirit because they act in the infinitely small, they are themselves, infinitely small. It is mainly about bacteria, which is a world I do not know from a human point of view, but I see their work, especially in the intestines. I have the impression that we are being asked to make a friendship pact with the bacteria. It is said by the spiritual entity of bacteria (if you can call it that) that manifests itself by bacteria on Earth, and this bacterial entity tells us:
“We have a very bad reputation with humans, while our work is immense, our cooperation with you is limitless. We want to tell you how happy we are to work for you, how happy we are to help you in many of the operations you do, without your thoughts getting involved. We can say in a way that we replace your thought, where your thought does not have to intervene in the biological processes specific to your body.
We intervene at the request of your I AM, we intervene in cooperation with your Spirit, we ourselves are Spirit, as you can see at this moment when we speak to you from the highest planes of the universe, from the most subtle frequency at which you find what you are from all eternity.

I see like red spheres, translucent and bright as a gooseberry but much more transparent. I am given to see as clusters of small red spheres, very pretty, small cells in fact. These are bacteria that come to take place where we need them for digestion in particular, but not only. “Bacteria act in many functions of your body, your flesh.
And so, it is proposed here to us to say yes to the friendship between bacteria and humanity.
“You often accuse bacteria of being responsible for your illnesses, you might as well call us for your healings because if you identify us to trigger some difficulties in your body, some fevers, some pains, you might as well call us to solve the problems you encounter. There are among us beneficial bacteria, healing bacteria.

It makes me very warm and, above all, it opens up a perspective that I hadn’t really thought about, even if I knew these things, a little intellectually, I hadn’t seen how we could have a pact of love with the world of bacteria. We are offered a practical exercise by bacteria. They say:
“You can, if you wish, with all the little problems you have with your body, ask us to intervene to take action. We would be so happy to move from this disparaged place to the more envied place of healing bacteria and no longer of harmful, diseased bacteria. You can stop worrying that we will be inside you.
There is an assimilation between bacteria and microbes and I think the word most often used is “microbes” but the exact word is “bacteria” but I don’t know if there is a difference between the two.

And so, the other family that awaits us are viruses. The viruses that cultivate their existence in order to be able to intervene at our service. They sacrifice themselves when it is necessary to trigger in us a healing process that appears to humans as a disease, but in reality, “it is a process of healing, of transformation, of strengthening your defenses, because when a virus sacrifices itself to come into you, it immediately triggers in you a mobilization of your healing power. We are intervening to strengthen you, but you have the vision of your weakening and you do not see that your weakening is there for you to mobilize your forces.
So they are not at all like spherical shapes, I see them as very small sticks, a third of a basic match, but it’s more like ice, it’s a little frosty, it’s white. And they come to be placed in our body as we need them, and a certain number of them, indeed, can provoke a defensive reaction from the body.
When they come into the body of a human being, they are like “imprisoned” in a certain way, they are not in their favourable biotope, they are in a prison environment and they invite us to know that it is to serve us that they accept to be locked up as they do.
And, in the same way that it has been proposed to us to make a pact, to have a pact of friendship with bacteria, it is proposed to us to have a pact of friendship with viruses. And I see it as a kind of hierarchy in viruses. There are the basic viruses with which we do not have too much confrontation, it is rather a friendly cohabitation, then intermediate viruses that can cause disease and there are viruses that are higher, more severe, which, when they come into the body of a human being, they, we can say, take care of a very serious problem and causealso very serious effects. But it is important to know that this serious problem caused by our presence is intended to awaken the conscience of the one who hosts us.
I see a blue light like a steel blue beam, night blue, bright. I am a little stunned by these considerations.

I feel that here I am in front of a world that is opening up before me, of perspectives that are opening up and that I had not considered, the power to have control over this: to have control over our relationship with viruses and bacteria, to no longer suffer them but to invite them to act with us when we need these beings. It is said that in fact, there is a link with the intelligences of nature:
“What is related to the intelligences of nature is your garden, the woods, the rivers, the whole mineral and vegetable world, animal is concerned by the intelligences of nature. There, just as there are the intelligences of nature, there is the world of the infinitely small with bacteria and viruses.
And just as you can cooperate with elves, undines, fairies, dragons, you can also cooperate with bacteria and viruses. There is a close parallel between the intelligences of nature and the viral and bacteriological world. It is about recognizing the intelligence of bacteria and the intelligence of viruses.
They are not predators who attack coldly for no reason, they are intelligent beings who are totally at the service of human beings. Another look at the disease will have to be taken soon, but it is still a little early. But even when we talk about our action, the world of bacteria and viruses, it opens new doors to understanding the cooperation between the human world and the world of the infinitely small, the world of the organic, where bacteria and viruses live. They are also to be linked to insects.

I am also offered to look at them with friendship. I am amazed at the power they have to cause lesions, pimples, itching, disease. But they are also at our service. Nothing to do with bacteria and viruses and yet it is said: “The insect world is very active at the moment. There is an upsurge in the action of the insect world”, and that’s what I feel, I feel faced with something great, in the insect world. I was shown, indeed, a collection of insects in a meadow as if it was important that each insect be recognized, listed and preserved.
“Humans have destroyed the world of insects a lot, believing that this world was responsible for many miseries, many difficulties and especially with your agriculture. You have adopted a predatory behaviour with insects, which is why those who remain today are pushed to adopt a somewhat warlike, somewhat offensive attitude.
It is possible for you to look at this offensive of this insect world as a manifestation of a call, as an alert given to humanity by the living world. It is in fact the etheric body of the Earth that is activated and causes living organisms to be agitated. There is a certain agitation that may seem to you to be irritation. This is the case with insects and it could announce, if you do not change human behaviour, if you continue to be predators with insects, then it is the world of bacteria and viruses that will come knocking at your door, not necessarily in a friendly way, but in a way that will wake you up. That is why we propose that you enter into a friendship pact with bacteria and viruses today, just as you can enter into a friendship pact with insects.
It’s all very surprising. I have a better understanding of why insects are so present in my life these days. And I have a better understanding of my perception of this turmoil in the insect world. And there, I see above my head, in the energy, in the world of the Spirit, a crown of insects. There are bees who are really there to tell us that the insect world is no less noble than man.
It itches over my head and I feel that we must each receive a crown of bees over our heads to be crowned by the world of insects and thus accept our cohabitation on Earth with the world of insects, those who remain, because many have disappeared from the surface.
There, something is slipping out of my beliefs, out of my old patterns. I was shown these insect hotels that now exist to honour insects and recognize and invite them. There are really many new perspectives opening up, it seems to me, for the consciousness of humans with these three worlds that are being presented to us tonight.

We are offered to open our mouths, in energy, but we can also do it physically, we can leave our mouth open without being afraid. It means letting exchanges take place with the living world, if our mouth is open then we no longer protect ourselves and it is really about that, to no longer protect ourselves from the world of bacteria, the world of viruses, the world of insects but to be in partnership with the three worlds.
Bees really propose to be at our service to teach us how to live with insects, our bees who are our friends, the ambassadors of the Andromeda galaxy and those bees who are there to teach us how to live the world of tomorrow, the bees offer to be our guides to cooperate with the insect world.

All of a sudden, it makes me realize what I do to protect myself from insects, quite often, and I think that if I have to give up doing all this, it’s really a big change for me. And I hear a fly flapping its wings because it is certainly dying, and I would very much like to be guided, to cooperate with the insects so that I don’t have to get rid of them, to kill them, to feel safe.
So, I ask the bees to kindly guide me in this cooperation to move towards holiness, indeed. I am told that the three solar consciences that were there: Arcturius, Antares and Sirius tell me that we have received something, like a “club blow” on the head, something that is a little revolutionary for human consciousness. We are told:
“There is no need to make rules to resemble an ideal from which you could be saints, because what we have transmitted today could give rise to a dogma that you would try to apply. This is not the purpose of this transmission at all.
The objective of this transmission is that you can look at how to partner with worlds that you believe are hostile. What seems hostile to you today is in reality, a help that is given to you, and that is what we invite you to initiate in your consciousness, a new vision is to initiate in your consciousness.
Above all, do not erect, do not enact rules to try to resemble the spiritual being that we must be, because that would be the opposite of the holiness on which we have taught you. It’s just a question mark where you were certain. It’s just a matter of looking at it differently and then seeing what you feel, what you want to experience. Do not rush to a ready-made rule, on the contrary, let yourself be able to transform in yourself what can be transformed.
Do not decide anything mentally, let the experience happen and live it with simplicity and joy, otherwise you will make a new religion: the religion of insects, the religion of viruses, the religion of bacteria, and that would be absolutely no fun from where we are.

I feel that the 3 beings are closing their dialogue, freeing us and I ask if there is anything else, if there is another action to be taken, another information to be received and I am told: that’s all for tonight.
I thank, I thank for all that has been given, for the perspectives that have just been opened, I also thank the people who are there, who have been there and who will be there. Thank you.