audio – to be the masters of duality

medmo 2019/07/05
medmo 2019/07/05

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Serenity tonight for live guidance. Yesterday’s technical concerns were once again the manifestation outside me of my inner conflict hidden from my conscience. I started my professional life in 1984 as a journalist in a local radio station about 30 kilometres from where I now live. This professional activity was at the time, an opportunity to assert myself, to get out of a deep boredom that would have led me to illness if I AM had not presented me with this opportunity. This profession was the place where I woke up and survived, and at the same time the beginning of my family disobedience leading to breakdowns that would allow me to become more myself

35 years later, I find myself in a similar situation: becoming more what I AM by going through a certain disobedience to human formatting. All the joy of being in the service of I AM, I had buried out of my conscience, my fear of possible ruptures inherent in my disobedience to social codes. The awareness of this inner conflict has allowed me to reposition myself, to re-engage myself for I AM AM who will guide me in my human relationships.

Guidance has led us to observe duality as it was desired by the world of the Spirit, that is, by us as well. Sandwiched between ultrasound and infrasound, we gradually reinforced duality. There, we are given the opportunity to return to our status as creators, decision-makers and no longer suffer the effects of duality.

With this tool, we were asked to keep our personal solar rays towards the Jacques Cœur de Bourges hotel where a chest holding the “secret of human life” would be stored. The specific spiritual role of France in the world was recalled and we were asked for help so that the thoughts of the inhabitants of France would be open to the reality of the Spirit. At the same time, it was proposed that we also help the country’s leaders to be faithful servants of the people, of the country’s global consciousness. A highly political work carried out by the ways of the Spirit, in the name of Christ, for unconditional Love. The joy of the spiritual world that guided us was wonderful to perceive.

Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

I give thanks to I AM who constantly enlightens me, gives me as far as I can the information I need to move forward. I give thanks for the light, I give thanks for love, I give thanks for the divine presence always active as soon as my consciousness opens to it. I give thanks for the human brotherhood that is being built today so that love can live on Earth.
I give thanks to the Archangel Michael who is there, who offers me his presence so that I may be anchored, master of my existence. I give thanks to the Crystal Master who consolidates my spine, which allows me to maintain myself in an upright position.
I give thanks to Mary, Divine Mother, conscience of the Earth and I reaffirm to her my desire to be her partner in her growth, in my growth, in our combined growth.
I give thanks to Jesus, my brother, the one who constantly supports me, in all circumstances.
I give thanks to the Great Council of the Wise who helps me to climb to the top of the mountain of which I am the shepherdess. On this summit, I can welcome the whole of me, all the human parts that need to be approved, strengthened and nourished.
I give thanks to the planets, to the stellar consciences that always accompany humanity, transmitting through their bodies the energies of the Spirit’s plan.

I am connected to the Stromboli volcano that we were talking about these days and I see inside this volcano a black chimney, a large black cylinder. It is a symbolic image that shows me how this volcano is connected to the centre of the Earth and how the centre of the Earth can manifest itself on the periphery of the Earth, how the sacred fire that lives inside our planet can manifest itself outside, make itself visible to our fleshly eyes.
I feel a very great warmth invading me that comes from my inner fire, which manifests itself on the periphery of me, on the skin and invites me to say yes totally to the sacred fire that lives in me. For those who are there, I make the same invitation, to say yes to the sacred fire within each one, to recognize oneself in this sacred fire, to find oneself in this sacred fire, the fire of the origin, the fire of the subtle substance requires a few moments of silence.
I am told that these moments of silence are asked of me so that I can say if I have confidence, silence is asked of me to strengthen my confidence. It is true that silence in these moments of connection especially when I know that other people hear me, silence can sometimes be a source of concern for me. It is more comfortable to have something to say than to let silence happen and obviously tonight I am asked to share with those who are there, a moment of silence, a moment of unity in itself, a moment to return to oneself, a moment when it is a question of you being only with yourself because it is the way to be totally present in human fraternity, to be in touch with your brothers and sisters.

Indeed, you must first establish the connection with yourself in your world. Quite often you rush into the relationship with others in order to save yourself the responsibility of simply being with yourself. When we say this we do not make any reproach, no evaluation, we see how much you offer your energy to others even before you have even nourished yourself by your I AM and what is proposed to you here, at this moment is well to receive the sacred food of your I AM.
What is proposed to you here, there now, is to open your channels to receive information about who you are from all eternity, the sacred food is given to you by yourself because you are your own food provider. Ask, receive what is given, receive and feed yourself, if you wish.
When we invite you, we do not oblige you because in all circumstances, we respect the master that you are. We will invite you in a few moments to rise higher in vibration, to rise in your own frequency but for that, you need to feed on the heavenly manna that your I AM is making available to you at this moment.

I see a green meadow, a sunny green field with a few flowers here and there, a rural setting that encourages joyful walking, freedom, lightness, carefree. I am asked to walk quietly through this meadow, the image given to me is that of a pond I know well, which is right next to where I live and I am asked to go to this peaceful place.
I like it with the people who visit me there and they show me a symbolic image of the Grail, of the emerald cup that collected Christ’s blood according to what the legend says, according to what the symbol says. When I am in contact with this, I welcome a fragrance, a delicious scent of rose and my body swings back and forth slightly, very gently like a rocking motion. I feel that the world of the Spirit is rocking us, after having nourished us to help us to rise in vibration, to help us to go higher in our consciousness of ourselves, where there is no limit to the reception of information.

As often these days, I see the ruby color, the ruby pearls that are there, it is the energy of the ruby that is given to us. As I don’t know much about stones, I don’t know what ruby means, but it is very present at the moment.
It must be related to a planet and a galaxy. Saying this changes the movement of my body so my mind gets impatient but I know it sometimes takes a little time for us to climb a little higher together, to the top of the cone that we are, to be in our royalty, to be in our sovereignty.
And now we are welcomed by Melchisedek, the one who very often guides, who is accompanied by the stellar consciousness of Arcturius. They are both there, they ask me to place myself between them and each of us can do the same thing, to place ourselves between Melchisedech and Arcturius, two beings who are devoted to accompany the evolution of humanity’s consciousness. They make me make a whirlwind movement, a circular movement that is likely to disconnect my mind.
In fact, there is a need to turn my head somehow, so that there is no more interference with the mind at all. He has the right to be there because there is no reason why he should be excluded, everything is good in us, everything is good to take with us on the plane of the Spirit. On the other hand, it is good that the mind has no activity, it can be a witness, it can understand, it can store information but it will not interfere with what is proposed to us to see and hear.

There, so I feel like I’m in a cable car, there’s no underneath, it’s in the void, it’s not a feeling I really appreciate on an earthly level. I understand why my mind shouldn’t interfere, okay, I feel safe. There, my body expands but my consciousness rises, rises, rises.
Then I see cubes of colour, we pass and we continue, I see a snow-covered mountain, I see a cloud through which we pass and we arrive in a place where there is nothing, where the substance is so subtle that for the perception of here and now it makes me say that there is nothing.
I feel that this subtle substance is very powerful, very dense in its subtlety, it is extremely present. This is extremely present information and I can say that it is there, I feel that we are at the information of the root of humanity, which gave birth to humanity.
There is an egg that will give birth to humanity, there are many beings who are there, of course the Elohims who presided over this creation, there are also many other beings who come from all the galaxies who have come together so that humanity can be created, so that human experience with the Earth, with the solar system can be born.

What is proposed to us is to feel, if we so wish, the infinite love of all those who have desired this experience of offering free will, the possibility of choosing to forget, the possibility of remembering, the possibility of evolving from our own decisions. and this creation was intended for love. So it is proposed to us to welcome the densification in which we are, in this egg that will hatch and give birth to humanity.
We are offered to accept all the love of those who have desired and it is important to see that we are among those who have desired because we are both in the egg and at the same time we are around. Each of us is there in his most subtle consciousness filled with the desire of this experience of the egg of humanity that is proposed to us to breathe, to feel that we are both in the egg and around the egg, rich in this ardent desire of the experience of humanity, of the Earth.
It is proposed that we also feel the joy of launching this experience. I am offered to hear the song of joy so I offer my inner listening, I feel as if my ear is expanding to hear the music of the spheres.
For this purpose, I must deposit a certain number of my human references because the music of the spheres has nothing to do with human music, it is about extremely acute vibrations, beyond ultrasounds and infrasounds. It is a question here of relating to ultrasound and infrasound which are not picked up by the human ear but which are effective.
I feel like a subtle plate above my head that would be the platform-shaped ultrasound above me and in the same way below my feet, the infrasound and I am in between. I am in the field that is constituted by these two polarities ultrasound and infrasound. It is very unknown to me and yet it is very important that I accept this information.
It’s beyond the possible spectrum for human ears, it’s related to tinnitus for people with tinnitus. It is something that can be totally cured by ultrasound and infrasound.
It hurts my head, I think it’s related to a fear, in fact to be sprayed by infrasound and ultrasound because I know the power of these sounds. There, again I feel the ear canal on the right, I say yes to ultrasound, I accept that it acts in my body, I say yes to infrasound, I accept that it acts in my body and accepting that for me, just as you who listen and if you accept it for yourself, we offer to all humanity the benefit of the action of this field created by the presence of infrasound and ultrasound.
We are in between the two, we are in this field created by these two sounds, I understand that in fact, ultrasound and infrasound are anchored and this is what has made it possible to organize duality.
It is the separation that we have conceived, the duality proper to the earthly experience and therefore to the human experience and therefore by welcoming what has allowed the creation of duality, we can also free ourselves from it.

We can overcome this duality, we can get out of this field created by the infrasounds and ultrasounds in which we are sandwiched, in a way.
It is very nice to feel it, I feel that here it is, it is possible thanks to the synthesis that we can make of ultrasounds and infrasounds, it is possible to achieve unity, to extract oneself from the duality that has been created by sound. It’s very impressive because I feel that it’s gigantic what’s being done and since there are still enough of us, even if it’s not huge, it’s still quite important.
There is something that can really be done together, the spiritual world is delighted. I see that I come out of the sandwich, I extract myself from the sandwich and now I can look at duality, I can look at this field created by the juxtaposition of infrasound and ultrasound.
I am the master of that, we are the masters of that duality, we are the managers of that duality. There is a sweet melody that is sung, something comforting because it is a birth, a new birth. That is to say, after this emergence of the egg in duality, humanity through you has just emerged from the confinement in duality.

Confinement was not decided at the time of creation, confinement took place as you experienced it, as you amnesia, as you forgot your divinity, as you closed your consciousness in energy, in information. Here you are out of duality, here we are in a position to be the managers of this duality, this means that you no longer have the obligation to be locked into duality.
It is said that “for some time now, for a number of days in your human calendar, we have been giving you the tools you will need for the coming times. It is as if we are delivering the different tools you need and the time has not yet come to use them, but the time is coming. And it is important that those who are present and who are willing to contribute to the elevation of human consciousness, willing to cooperate with the Earth in ascension, it is important that those who are there, are equipped with these tools that will be absolutely necessary for you in the coming times.
Do not worry if you do not have in your usual consciousness the memory of all its tools, your toolbox is not in your brain, is not in your cognitive system, is not in your neural connections. Your toolbox is in your soul, it is at the disposal of your owngovernance, of your IE and it is essential that it not be mentalized, that it not be the subject of your analysis, that it not be the subject of an inventory.
On the contrary, it is good that you do not treat the information of these tools with human means, which you must reserve for your purely human activities, your garden, your work, the information you receive, which you transmit to other humans.
But as for your toolbox as a healing guide of humanity, it should not be memorized with the means you usually use in your social life.

Here I feel that something is coming up and here I need to repeat that the tool that has been given to us today, the tool that allows us to be the master of duality, not to be locked in duality, to be the great organizer of duality and not to be inside duality: it is to regain the awareness of the place we had when we surrounded the egg, the egg of humanity in which we are also.
And so here, it is simply proposed to activate the memory of this place which is also outside. “Certainly you are inside humanity but you are also outside, you are the great organizers at the same time as you are the experimenters. It is something fundamental, and you have the possibility to behave for a long time if you wish as a puppet, as a puppet trapped in duality but you can also behave as a creator, as a divine being who organizes all the experiences in the universe.
Access to your divinity is a reality, you can no longer doubt this because every day we bring you additional elements to revive your memory, reactivate the truth about your identity.
It takes a little while to integrate what has just been said, to consolidate in our cells what has just been given, a little while to say a total yes to this information and allow it to live in us.

Now I would like to say that while I am receiving this information from the heavenly plan, I am also in connection with those who are there live, those who are present and regularly I have a name, a face.
So from this divine plan we are gathered both in the egg, which humanity gives birth to, and at the same time in this magnificent assembly of divine beings which has ardently desired the experience of duality and it is very beautiful to constantly feel the cohabitation of these two assemblies, which are only one in reality.
I have the image of a small bush, a little dry, there are thorns and leaves, I don’t dare to get too close, it’s a bush not very welcoming, it’s in a place where it’s hot, dry. It’s not very engaging to go there, obviously right away, it connects me to Moses and the burning bush.
Again, I have a perfume that has just reached me, I would say jasmine. It allows me to raise my consciousness, to open it to another field, obviously jasmine takes me right back to Tunisia, especially to Sidibousaïd near Tunis, with its blue doors.
It is the connection to Saint Louis that is coming, this king of France who has been canonized and who is said to have ended his life in Tunisia. I see a huge character who also connects me to Emmanuel Macron and in a general way to those who led France, to the function of the country’s leadership.
There is a need, I think to help this function, it is not so much the man, although obviously the one who occupies this function can be helped, but it is the function that needs to be invested by Christ.
Saint-Louis was a passionate of Christ and that is what he promoted and it is not Christ in the sense of religion of course, only Christ as the incarnation of solar consciousness, the incarnation of unconditional love and therefore this is the function, for the moment, of the President of the Republic, the King of France. The function of the planet Jupiter is very present.

We are talking about the function of the president of this nation, who has a decisive role in the evolution of humanity. “Your nation France has a decisive role in the evolution of humanity, its spiritual role is important, the land of lights so has been named your country. At the time, it was a question of talking about intellectual enlightenment, the beauty of thought, the plasticity of thought, as it has developed in your country. But as you know, thought is the reflection of the Spirit and to the extent that thought has developed particularly in your country, nourished by the 18th and 19th centuries, we must draw a parallel with the development of the Spirit today. Thought in France has reached a mechanized threshold, thought is totally governed by matter and it must be helped to emerge from this crystallization.
To put Christ in the place of crystallization, to put Christ and not crystallization, to put truth, life, solar consciousness in this French thought so that it may emerge as you do, you have emerged from duality. So that it may emerge from this confinement in the materialistic mechanical vision in which it is confined.

I do not yet know if it is by acting on the thinking of the people or by acting on the one who represents them that we can act. So first of all, the thought of the people because the representative of the person who has held the office behaves, in fact, in coherence with who you are collectively and for the leader to act with Christ, the French human thought must be fertilized by Christ.
I was shown a small cabin with a door to open, a chest in the Jacques-Coeur hotel in Bourges. This is where we can, with our conscience, bring Christ’s information to the French people.
It’s very strange, I do see the effect it has, I see as if we were each other’s suns and all of a sudden our rays converge on this alchemical chest. As if a secret had been deposited there, that of life, of the true nature of life. This chest was kept secret, this chest was hidden and it is necessary to help in its opening, in its discovery.
It must be given to the French people, which reminds me of Fatima, of what Mary had said to the children and which was kept secret by the Pope. It is of the same order in fact, it is a secret that some have kept so that the people are not in full possession of their means, it is a secret that gives sovereignty back to everyone, it is a secret that must no longer be secret and therefore it is just a matter of being full of love for this place, for this information.
There is just to be present and once humans say yes to the opening of this secret then we open the possibility to the spiritual world, to do what is necessary so that the consciousness of the French is fertilized by this information.
Any French citizen who so wishes will be able to say yes to this information and there is no need to fear that the media will obstruct it. It is not at all possible to stop the wave of truth that will break out, as soon as we say yes to the release of this secret, as soon as we say yes to the disclosure of information.
No more secrets must be kept, every human being has the right to the truth and that is what is proposed to us to organize, to allow there, tonight, by offering our presence at this Jacques Coeur hotel in Bourges and at this chest that holds the information.
It is now proposed to us to establish a link between this information on the secret of life that must be given to all the inhabitants of France, it is not nationality, it is the fact of being present on this territory. To make the link between this information and the person, the function of the president, and it is the presence of Saint Louis that blesses this link that is established between the people and their leader.
The people’s consciousness rises and the leader bows to the people’s desire. That is it, the leader must bow to the people’s desire, but as long as the people behave as children, then the leader behaves like a parent and all of a sudden, it is proposed that the people behave as masters and that the president be the servant of his masters.

It is very beautiful what is being done, there is so much love to give to all those beings who propose to be in this function and who are obviously blinded by the role, but who are especially deafened by our own deafness.
If we become clairaudiant then the president will be clairaudiant, if we become clairvoyant then the president will become clairvoyant because in fact he is the synthesis of our collective consciousness.
I feel Melchisedech, Arcturius extremely relieved, it was a delicate operation, they show me a surgery done under a microscope and it is of the same order. Something was very delicate to do because it was in order to be able to do this operation, you had to be free of any evaluation by your thought, of any consideration of your opinions because it is not a question of making a judgment on those who govern our country. It is truly a question of entering into action, through the Spirit, and for this to happen, you must be yourself the Christ without any judgment, pure unconditional love for those whom we propose to relieve.

I feel that there is a great joy in the spiritual world, it is as if it were a celebration, it is true that we are not far from July 14, which is the national holiday. There is something as if there were a preparation for this national holiday, a special preparation for this celebration that has enthroned the French people in their spiritual function for the world.
What has been done for ourselves has also been done collectively, what has been done for France has obviously been done for the entire world population, but France’s role is important. You must be careful with the calendar because important dates are placed on your earth calendar there soon, now.
I give thanks first of all to the humans who are there with me, who have been there, who will listen. I give thanks because I feel that being gathered has had a very important impact and that this assembly has made it possible for the requested action to take place.
So thank you, thank you to the spiritual world for having clearly guided our steps in what we had to do today.