audio – Archangel Michael offers himself to humanity

medmo 2019/07/20
medmo 2019/07/20

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Back home and alone for this guidance which takes us quite quickly to Mont Saint-Michel to get in touch with Archangel Michael. He reminds us of his mission of monitoring and acting on humanity’s experience with the Earth. He also informs us that the time has come for a choice to be made for humans. Either we choose the way of matter cut off from its spiritual source, or we choose the way of the Spirit to make matter and humanity reign. In the first case, Archangel Michael will withdraw from the sphere of the Earth to let humanity manage its experience through thought. In the second case, the Archangel will “sign” with us a new contract to help us with our experience.

Obviously, those who listen to this guidance will rather choose the second way, but it is likely that a majority of humans will rather be tempted by the first way. There is no question of arguing to convince, says the Archangel, who invites us instead to strengthen the coherence of our behaviour with our vision of ourselves and the world. An image of a white flower in umbel can serve as a visual support to stimulate awareness of the help provided by the archangel in our daily lives.

After this exchange with the Archangel, we are guided towards Melchisedek who proposes to strengthen our faith and gives us a daily exercise of introspection to carry out. The result is a consolidation of each being who desires it and a personal help offered by Melchisedech multiplied.

An covenant ark between the Archangel and Melchisedek is built, superimposed on the covenant ark between humans and the Spirit.

In receiving this guidance Lorène and Adrien drew what the words they heard inspired them. Just after the guidance David went to his garden to photograph an umbel. Below the images are the links to the website of the artists I thank.

The umbel of Lorène BIHOREL
Michaël archangel  of Adrien BADEDJI
An umbel from the garden of David POCHARD

The websites of each of the illustrators of this guidance:
Lorène :
Adrien :
David :

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

Here I am reunited with I AM. Here I am back, where I live, where I AM has asked me to take responsibility for a place on Earth to live unity there, to make it a Heavenly Jerusalem, as in many other places on Earth, wherever humans desire to live in connection with the Spirit, with their I AM, with their spiritual reality.

I welcome here the intelligences of nature: elves, elves, elves, fairies, undines, dragons, all the beings whose names I don’t know but who live in this place with me, who contribute to the life of the plant world, to the life of water, to the life of the air, to the life of fire, to the life of the earth, to the life of the different elements.
I also welcome the power of Archangel Michael. I feel its warmth, I feel its fire, I feel its straightness and I benefit from its presence to increase my mastery, to consolidate my own presence.
I welcome, in front of him, and therefore behind me, the Crystal Master who invites me to straighten my spine, to feel the solidity of my skeleton, to see the strength of my structure. The Crystal Master is present to help welcome the body of tomorrow, the body of tomorrow of which the crystal vibrates in him, of which the crystal is the component.
I welcome Mary, conscience of the earth, divine Mother. I receive his love, his power, his energy, his protection.
I welcome Jesus, my brother, my friend, my companion, who carried Christ in his flesh so that we here present may also carry Christ in our flesh in ourselves, in our assemblies.
Through these presences, I am in contact with the Spirit, our source. Through these presences that help to anchor, that contribute to the consciousness of ourselves in the present moment, we can easily extend our consciousness, benefit from its elasticity, and thus join the planes of ourselves that vibrate on high frequencies.
The Great Council of the Wise, which watches over the experience of the solar system, blesses us, gives us its approval so that we may ascend to the top of ourselves, and thus be impregnated with our own Spirit, our own source, so that our clairvoyance and our clairaudience may be activated. So that we may receive all information likely to enlighten us, to guide us, to inspire us so that Absolute Love may live on Earth, so that the light of Christ may be a reality within humanity.

I feel a strong habitual heat that generally signals to me the increase in frequency, that signals to me the divine active presence in my cells, real in my flesh.
The images are scrolling, there are flowers, there are paths, there are dunes, there are animals, there are humans. I go through all these images, I let them pass through my consciousness and I know that in doing so, I rise, I lift myself up, I prepare myself for the encounter with the spiritual Beings who await us to inform us, to guide us, to form us in what we have to achieve for the opening of humanity’s consciousness, for the advent of the human species, resulting from what we are today.
I see a branch of a plant, the leaves are very cut out, it is an acanthus, a plant often represented in Romanesque churches, a plant with a sacred dimension. The acanthus is intended to link the human and divine planes. The energy of the acanthus helps us at this moment to establish unity within us, to ensure that our spiritual nature and our human condition are one, are unified.
We are offered access to what is not visible to our fleshly eyes. It is proposed to us to enter the so-called occult world, which today is enlightened for many people, for all those who accept to see.
It is proposed to us to hear what is not audible by our human hearing, but which is now accessible to all humans who want to hear the murmurs of the Spirit. All these words are said so that our clairvoyance and our clairaudience, here at this moment, may increase and so that we may have confidence in our perceptions, we may develop our intuition, we may more easily accept the inspiration of the Spirit.

They take me directly to Mont Saint-Michel. It is proposed that we connect with this particular place, with this rock, on which a sacred monument has been erected. Archangel Michael, of course, is present in this place, present in this place.
It is the whole image of Mont Saint-Michel that is presented to me, the rock, the church, the statue that dominates it. This small place is full of sacred information. There is a particular energy in the hollow of the rock.
I was shown a golden sphere that would be in the center of the ground surface of the rock of Mount. It is said that the monks of the past, the religious of the past knew the sacred dimension of the place and that they decided to erect a monument in honour of the sacred, in honour of the Divine, in honour of the Archangel.
Archangel Michael was thus honored, was thus recognized as the spiritual Being missioned to watch over humanity, to accompany humanity. And the spiritual world is asking us tonight to connect more strongly with this spiritual entity, Archangel Michael, so often welcomed to help us in our mastery and power that today is invited into our consciousness to help it, to strengthen it.
In fact, I feel that we are being asked whether we agree to continue the alliance pact that existed until now with him. The Archangel has been given to us, offered to us, to help our human consciousness to evolve with the Earth. In a way, its mission could end there if we decide to do so. And, in the same way, if we decide to do so, its mission can continue.
We are therefore asked, if we humans wish to continue the alliance with the Archangel, if we wish to continue the experience of humanity with a view to evolution. We are asked if we wish to continue exercising our free will on Earth in the density we know it today and in the density it will have tomorrow.
Density that will be less, density that will vibrate more strongly and will therefore invite us to opt for a new consciousness of ourselves, for a new frequency. The Archangel is ready to continue the mission that the spiritual world has entrusted to him with humanity and with the Earth.

He says:
“O my beloved ones, I have been with you since humanity wanted to experience freedom, in connection with the Earth, the planet that has accepted to densify itself more and more to the hardness you know in the mineral world. I have had great joy in accompanying you and I will have great joy in continuing my mission if you wish.
The help I give to everyone depends on the welcome you give me, because under no circumstances can I impose myself, I can only say yes when you invite me to act within you, to act with you, this is true on the individual level and it is also true on the collective level.
I, Archangel Michael, have a very close link with your solar consciousness, with Christ, with the solar star that enlightens you, warms you, loves you unconditionally.
I am also in close contact with the Great Sun Council, with the central sun of the universe. I take my instructions from this place, from this frequency, and I take my instructions from you, O beloved ones, from you who are responsible for your existence, for your experiences. Where you have arrived, it is therefore possible for you to make a choice for yourself. This choice presents you with two paths: that of matter, matter dissociated from the Spirit, and a large majority of humans see life today. That is the first way.
There is a second way, the way of the recognized Spirit, the way of the Spirit whose law will be imposed on the matter by your decision to recognize yourself in your source, in the Spirit that you are.
The conscience of humanity has, in fact, the possibility of opting for one of these two paths. The way of matter alone, governed by thought, governed by itself, by matter itself or by the way of the Spirit who reigns over matter, the way of Love that reigns in humanity.
Depending on what the human consciousness as a whole, in its totality, chooses, I will be able to stay with you or leave. You have understood it, you who are listening today, if humanity chooses the path of matter then I, a spiritual Being, will not be able to remain in the sphere of the Earth.
If humanity chooses the path of the Spirit and you desire it, I can continue to help the humans of the Earth in the realization of their experiences, in the evolution of their consciousness, in the evolution of collective structures, which your heart will create by remembering the Spirit that you are. It is very likely that you who are listening will have no hesitation on the path to take and I am happy to be able to speak to you as I am doing at this time.
Remember, O beloved ones, that many people on Earth have forgotten the Spirit or put it aside, not seeing how to integrate it into their daily actions, into their human choices. You who wish to choose the way of the Spirit cannot convince your brothers and sisters of the reality of the Spirit in their lives.
On the other hand, you who do me the honour of hearing me today, you can strengthen your awareness of the Spirit, make it a priority in your lives, you can, if you wish, live your life according to the Spirit, according to Love the Creator Principle, according to your I AM.
It is not a question of speaking of the Spirit to those who are deaf to its reality, it is not a question of showing the Spirit to those who are blind to its presence, it is a question of you, O beloved, acting constantly according to the Spirit. And if I introduce myself to you tonight, if I speak to you now, it is because I propose to myself, if you choose this path of matter governed by the Spirit yourself, I propose to help you, I propose to give you permanently, if you wish, my presence.
Certainly, my presence was already permanent, but perhaps you did not know how to welcome into yourself, how you could use who I am to live your daily life according to the Spirit. And today, I have come to propose to you to be more present in your consciousness, to be more active in you to facilitate your unity, the coherence of your actions with the consciousness you have of yourself.

I feel that I have to talk a little bit about myself, that the Archangel asks me to testify to what I feel. And I feel, indeed, something very powerful in the solar plexus and the heart, and I feel that I have to evacuate one human posture, another.
I must rise within myself to feel more finely the way in which the Archangel proposes to help humans, to help us, we who listen to his offer, his proposal.
I see delicate white flowers, very fine, one could say, for example, gypsophila, these very small very delicate white flowers or yarrow yarrow, very small very fine flowers. And I feel that it is through this image of flowers that Archangel Michael proposes to strengthen his presence in us, so that we act more consistently with our consciousness as spiritual Beings in our daily lives, in our human lives.
These small white flowers, everyone can take the small white flower that suits them, as well as the hemlock, the wild carrot, all these flowers that can form an umbel, but if you look at the flower in detail, it is very small.
And these white flowers are the vector for strengthening the presence of Archangel Michael in us, if we so desire. It seems to me that it would be possible to have an image of these flowers, either if we draw it, or if we photograph it, or if we find it somewhere to reproduce it, but an image of these flowers to have in front of our eyes permanently the reminder of the presence of the Archangel. In fact, it is indeed the umbel of white flowers, the umbel of Archangel Michael.

I feel that it raises my frequency to accept this proposal to strengthen the presence of the Archangel through an image of a white umbel.
And the Archangel said:
“O beloved ones, it is a simple matter, indeed, to strengthen our alliance, the umbel of white flowers will allow me, if you refer to it, to recall my proposal to act more intimately with each of those who desire it.
I remind you how important it is that, from now on, you who recognize yourself as a Spirit Being manifested on Earth, increase your coherence, that you are in agreement with yourself, in agreement with your conscience, with the memory of the spiritual Being that you are.
It is a question, you see, of being faithful to yourself, faithful to your I AM, in all the acts of your life. You see, it is not a question of conceiving a spiritual ideal, oh, no, it has been experienced too often and has been the object of many misguided ideas, because there is no ideal and dogma.
You see, to be yourself, there is always listening to what you feel, listening to your joy, listening to your truth. The white flower that I invite you to have with you, in your consciousness or under your fleshly eyes, if necessary, this white flower can be the vector of your inspiration when you do not know how to manifest your I AM faithfully, in your human form.
If it were to happen that many humans forget the Spirit they are, and choose the way of matter without Spirit, you have nothing to fear because, as you know, the Earth itself has made the choice to take over the management of its body, has made the choice to rise vibrately, and you, who choose the way of the Spirit, will also rise vibrately at the same time as it.
At the same time, the density of the Earth will remain at the disposal of those who strive to see only matter so that they can continue their experiments. Do not try to conceive of these parallel paths that will exist on Earth with your rational human share, for at this stage of your evolution, at this stage of your mental understanding, you cannot accept that two parallel and coherent realities can coexist on Earth.
So, listen to what I am telling you, which is intended to remove all fear and build great self-confidence, hear this and choose in all serenity the path that suits you, the one that corresponds to you, the one that allows you to fully exercise your free will, the one that puts you in joy”.
I realize that last night, the guidance also put Archangel Michael in the foreground and that tonight he is there again. So I can assume that the current period invites us to be very strongly connected with the Michaelic forces, with the Archangel Michael, who also plays an important step in his own evolution, through the mission he has to be connected to humanity and to the Earth.
In any case, I feel a great joy of his closeness, a great gratitude towards him, towards his Being, towards what he is. And, as far as I am concerned, the choice to live the Spirit on Earth, in my human condition, has been made.
My commitment to pursue, in the consciousness of the Spirit that I am, the human experience so that the law of the Spirit may reign over matter. Having made this choice, I feel that I can rise even higher and I am given to see on a more cosmic, less earthly plane of consciousness, a little higher than the solar system, I am given to see the Earth, humanity.
I am given to see the impact of what is happening on Earth in the galaxy, in the Milky Way, and the impact of what is happening in the Milky Way on other galaxies, because it is reminded that nothing is separate, that what is happening in a specific place in the universe affects the whole universe. I actually see it as a kind of gear, you could say nesting dolls, something that fits together, a certain solidarity between different places, between different places in the universe.

I now feel that I am welcomed by Melchisedek, the galactic initiate, the one who proposes to guide us in what we do, in the actions that are to be carried out for human consciousness, for the Earth.
He means to me that he is happy with the meeting that has taken place between representatives of humanity and Archangel Michael. He says that nothing is played out on the face of the earth in the conscience of humanity, that there is certainly a truth, the truth of the Spirit from which all created things proceed, but that, nevertheless, the possibility of oblivion is always present within humanity.
He asks us not to judge the decisions that will be made by humans. It asks us to remain focused on ourselves, to remain focused on our own coherence, which is the most important thing in this period when choices will be made within humanity, in a concrete, visible, operational way and much faster than you think.
“What is important is that everyone is interested in their own responsibility. What is essential is that each human being looks at himself, without judging his neighbour. You have already been told how important it is not to evaluate the Beings who are at your side. I like to remind you how important it is that you do your introspection every day to look at your level of satisfaction with yourself.
When your I AM is not satisfied, there is a shadow in you, a squeak and it is important that every day you proceed with your introspection to identify if a shadow or a squeak is to be noted.
It is essential that you have the courage to look at the end of each day, at all the actions you have taken, at all the choices you have made and that you feel if this is consistent with your I AM, with what you are from all eternity, with the mission you have to accomplish, with the commitment you have made by coming to participate in human experience in this period of evolution, in this period of transformation.
Introspection is a kind of hygiene for all Beings who recognize themselves as Spirit, remember that they have chosen to come to guide, enlighten, teach, heal their brothers and sisters of humanity. It may seem very simple to you to proceed with daily introspection, listening to the squeaking, looking for the possible shadow inside you, but it is important you know it.
The way of the I AM is not a complicated way, the way of your mind often requires exploits, constraints, efforts. There, there is no effort to make, there is just to choose for yourself the way of joy and so, every squeak inside you will come to signal that the joy is not there, every shadow inside you will come to indicate that the joy is not total.
Choose the way of joy and listen to yourself if joy is there. This is the action to which you are invited today if you so wish in order to strengthen unity and coherence within you. Archangel Michael has offered you his presence and you can accept it permanently.
I, Melchisedek, invite you to listen to yourselves, to your depth, to your heart. I invite you to ensure that you maintain the state of joy as much as you can.
This has been said to you many times now and even, if you seem to forget this fact, remember that the wounds of the past no longer have to be looked at with the attention you gave them. It is simply enough that today, you decide to act for your I AM, so that immediately all the pains, all the wounds, all the sufferings disappear, not because they would be denied, repressed, but simply because I AM heals. I AM abolishes all slavery, all attachments, I AM raises you, I AM blesses you permanently, I AM feeds you, gives you everything you need and that you still seek from humans.
Dear Masters, remember, that all your human quests find their answer in I AM. Dear Masters, dare to rely on what you are from all eternity. Dare to exist for your Being, for your essence and not for this densified form, for this personality that you needed to become a human being and to realize that in reality you are Spirit. Be true, be spirits, be your truth, be your I AM.

I feel that we are receiving a blessing from Melchisedek, I feel that we are receiving something that is likely to increase our Faith, our trust in I AM, our awareness of the Spirit that we are.
I feel that each of us is surrounded by very subtle protection, one could say a soap bubble, it has this iridescent appearance and it is very subtle and at the same time, extremely protective for our body, for all our subtle bodies. There is something that strengthens us there, gives us confidence, Faith, something that strengthens our coherence, that strengthens our unity and that is given to us.
I see every Human Being who chooses to remember that he is a Spirit and who chooses to live for the Spirit, to be surrounded by this iridescent bubble, which helps him to maintain the state of joy.
I see at the level of the ears, I feel as if the ears are turning inwards. The ears listen to the heart, like ducts that take the ear canal to the heart and I feel that it is for introspection.
And I feel that it’s the same for the eyes, in fact, it’s as if there’s an optical device that allows our eyes to see inside. And it is this introspection that is facilitated by this bubble that is offered to us.
And I do see humans in this bubble who have an optical device that allows them to look inside, a hearing device that allows them to listen inside. There is the heart but, in fact, there is this possibility of listening from the toes to the hairline. It’s about seeing and hearing what’s going on inside.
And every time something creaks, every time a shadow is discovered, rely on I AM, ask for healing from I AM, ask for harmony from I AM, ask for joy from I AM, ask for the satisfaction of our human needs from I AM.
No human need is satisfied by the horizontality of the material. All your needs can be satisfied by the Spirit, and this is the only level that allows a real satisfaction of the identified needs.

There’s a hell of a team around Melchisedek. It is as if Melchisedek had delegated one trainer per person, there is one trainer per person, really. What is said of the guardian angel is not angels who are with us, it is Melchisedek who multiplies and proposes to help each human being, just as Archangel Michael proposes to help us on the level of the Earth, Melchisedek proposes to help us on the level of the Spirit, on the highest level of ourselves.
There is a beautiful alliance between Melchisedek and Archangel Michael. It is the image of the Ark of the Covenant. Melchisedek is one of the pillars of the alliance and Archangel Michael is the other pillar. And so there is an ark that is created between these 2 Beings and also between these two2 realities of ourselves, our earthly reality and our spiritual reality. Knowing that the earthly reality is also spiritual and Archangel Michael attests it.
I see a path lined with plants, green vegetation, a path that passes horizontally in front of me, it is a path that goes from right to left. And I see carriages passing by on this road that indicate to me that we are there in a state of royalty.
The new man is truly capable of being born today. The King Man, the Man Spirit, the Spirit manifested as human, in the consciousness of his unity, all this can live today.
My head is spinning a little, I feel that there is still something rising. I see a great column of light that opens to infinity. This great column blends into infinity, spreads into infinity and I see photons, multiple photons, clouds of light particles, agglomerates, light particles, and I see that everything vibrates, that the Earth vibrates, it is in a vibratory mode and my body too.
I also feel that my mind is anxious for this guidance to end, as if my mind were totally dissatisfied that I could experience what bothers it a lot. So I suggest that he be there, a witness and I inform him that he will have, as I evolve, the opportunity to access the understanding that he lacks today and that makes him impatient. It soothes a lot that I can say that and because of that, I feel joy and I have the illustration of what squeaking and shadows are. That’s exactly how I felt, it creaked and there was a shadow. And it was the dissatisfaction of my mind that I had left on the side of the road instead of taking care to take it with me.

There, I feel like a sphere of light with a central point and the sphere dilutes itself in the universe, spreads in the universe. Total expansion of the body, infinite expansion with a center that is my anchor here on Earth.
I feel the presence of Christ and I am in total joy, in harmony. I feel the presence of Archangel Michael, the presence of Melchisedek. I feel the ark and I feel that I am experiencing there, at this moment, the synthesis of all that has been transmitted.
I also feel that the guidance is complete. I give thanks, I give thanks to the spiritual Beings, Melchisedek, Archangel Michael in particular but obviously Jesus, Mary, Master Crystal.
I give thanks to all the Beings, all the planets of the solar system, all the stellar consciences that have worked with us. I also give thanks to all the humans who are there, who contributed to this guidance taking place. Thank you very much.