audio – Jesus’s teaching

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

“We are ready”: this is the message received at the beginning of this guidance to inform us that the shape changes related to the increase in frequency are imminent and that we are ready to live them.

Two essential qualities are necessary for us to live change calmly: detachment from form and trust in the unknown. To acquire these skills, humans who so wish can rely on the help of Archangel Michael and Melchizedek, as proposed in the previous day’s guidance.

Then Jesus came to talk to us, to teach us. He begins by telling us how much he is there to give what he is to humans. He then tells us about Christ who wants to live on Earth through us. Jesus gives us some keys to do this so that we can fulfill the mission that our I AM have chosen. Witnessing to truth and joy by letting ourselves be inspired by the Spirit is the first means at our disposal, accepting not to always be understood is another means, finishing the human works in progress to be able to go further in the pure commitment of Love is also a key that Jesus helps us to use.

Happy to have been heard, Jesus took his place in the subtle plane of the earth and increased his gifts tenfold.

At the end of the guidance, the listeners receive a shower of golden white light that materializes the change of consciousness brought by the teaching and reception of Jesus’ gift. This shower is designed to prepare for changes in the shape of the body. To inscribe transformation within the human consciousness, it is requested that the auditors of this guidance be the custodians of the teaching received so that it may live on earth.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

In me, I unite Spirit and matter,
In me, I unite Divinity and humanity,
In me, I unite the subtle and the dense.

Unity is made, I AM is present and I invite him to take all the place in my consciousness because I am an authority of consciousness and decision is voluntary to be totally at the service of the Spirit, to be totally at the disposal of what I AM from all eternity.

I welcome Archangel Michael, to help me in my anchoring, to promote awareness of my power, to facilitate the control of my personality.
I welcome the Crystal Master who helps me to vibrate on his frequency and thus allow my body to be more vibrant, allow my body to live with its fifth dimension.
I welcome Mary, consciousness of the Earth, divine mother, I receive her infinite love.
I welcome Jesus as my brother, my friend, my traveling companion. I know that it facilitates my encounter with the plan of the Spirit and I know that it shows me the way to incarnate Christ in my cells, in my flesh.

I ask the spiritual world from now on to show me, to indicate to me, all that there is to be done here and now to contribute to the advent of love on Earth, to participate in the blossoming of I AM consciousness within humanity.
I feel that I am helped to reach the top of myself, the top of the cone that I AM, the top of the mountain, where I can watch over all the human parts of me, love them, welcome them, see their perfection, the subtleties to serve the plan of the Spirit.
I feel the presence of the Great Council of the Wise Men who watch over the solar system and I receive from these thirteen wise men the encouragement I need to rise higher, to go further in my divine frequency, in my reality as a cosmic Christ.

I find myself in an entirely white space that may seem empty to me. I find myself alone, under my own responsibility, on a high frequency. Usually on this frequency level, I am accompanied by spiritual beings who surround me, who guide me, whereas today, I am under my own responsibility, we are each of us, under our own responsibility.
The heat seizes me, especially the upper body, the head, the back. I have fire on my cheeks which means that the Spirit raises my frequency. That from my earthly human place, I can have a high consciousness of myself, of the world around me, of my spiritual nature and thus see and hear what corresponds to the actions I have to carry out, that we have to carry out so that love lives within humanity. So I’m ready, we’re ready.
I see a small plant, a small plant, it looks like an Indian carnation about and I feel that I am like this flower, very small but that manages to live when the conditions are not very favourable, when it is dry, when it is hot. And I know that this flower is also a help to prevent the disease from the vegetables next to it.
The heat seizes me, especially the upper body, the head, the back. I have fire on my cheeks which means that the Spirit raises my frequency. That from my earthly human place, I can have a high consciousness of myself, of the world around me, of my spiritual nature and thus see and hear what corresponds to the actions I have to carry out, that we have to carry out so that love lives within humanity. So I’m ready, we’re ready.
I see a small plant, a small plant, it looks like an Indian carnation about and I feel that I am like this flower, very small but that manages to live when the conditions are not very favourable, when it is dry, when it is hot. And I know that this flower is also a help to prevent the disease from the vegetables next to it.
His name calls out to me, carnation of India as a little eye, India as a country of the Spirit. A country where the Spirit and matter are hardly dissociated, where the evidence of the spiritual nature is imposed on the consciousness without the need to decide it.
There, other flowers appear red this time, more in the shape of a Hemerocallus, a lily. These flowers surround me and I am always alone in this space where I am told that I am ready, that we are ready for action, that we are ready to propel the information of the Spirit into the consciousness of humans.

I need to deposit something of my humanity to go further. Something that keeps me, that still makes me identify with the human being whose appearance I have taken on, whose appearance I AM has taken on to live the experience of freedom in density. I welcome this time of silence because I know that it is fruitful, that it is favourable to the seed that the Spirit deposits in me so that I can see, so that I can hear.
I am asked to assume this silence, I who fear silence when I am live as I am today. And then I am told, “accept this silence, let the hearts of your brothers and sisters take the time to calm down, to open up and welcome. Just as you too need this time to calm down, open your heart and welcome”.
I always see plants and there are branches of grapes, grape leaves, the foliage of the grape of the vine, the vine. Now I see wheat ears all that we have around us, right now in our countryside, in our fields, in our gardens, all this is very present. And I feel that the spiritual world wants to show me something of the Earth, its abundance, its generosity.
He told me, “You have been shown a panorama of where you live now, here on Earth, where you live now on Earth. This panorama presents images of what you know as your usual environment. Your eyes know these images, your body is used to the sensations linked to these plants that live with you on Earth.
Soon other images will appear, other forms will emerge, other realities will form your daily life. What remains constant is the love of the Earth for its children, for its inhabitants. What remains constant is the generosity, the abundance in which you live. This is not going to change.
It is important that you prepare for the changes because you are ready for the change. Certainly your information circuits, your media, do not stop talking to you about the climatic loads that they believe are causing changes on the Earth’s surface. This is true.
As you can see, climate change is causing transformations in the plant world, in the animal world. Your science today, which excludes the Spirit and observes only matter, constantly tells you about the human behaviours that have generated the increase in temperature on Earth, that have generated the upheaval in the climates you observe. This is true and at the same time it is not totally true.
This is true because your behaviour of looting, unconsciousness, extraction of blood from the Earth, air pollution, water consumption, indeed your behaviour has been such as to weaken the body of the Earth.
At the same time this is not true because regardless of your behavior, the Earth continues its evolution, continues its ascent. The Earth transforms its body, which will soon no longer be made of stone but of crystal, will be much more vibrant, much more subtle than the one you know today, just like you.
If we come back once again to this information that we have discussed with you many times, it is to tell you how necessary it is for you to recognize yourself as a Spirit, how important it is for you to stop seeing yourself as you see yourself in your mirrors in your densified form.
Because this form, if it is still a reality today, at a certain level is already dead, outdated, dissolved. And the new form, that of your crystal body, your vibratory body is already there, is already a reality. You cannot yet see it with your fleshly eyes and yet you can live it as soon as you rise in your frequency, as soon as you open yourself in your consciousness to what you are from all eternity.
The Earth is currently undergoing profound changes, transformations of its structure. It does this at first on the subtle level, just as you do, you make the change on your body in the subtle level before it translates into density. The same is true for the Earth.
Your transformations take place in parallel, your transmutations take place simultaneously. You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to do these transformations. Because they do not have to be decided by your thought, they do not have to be calculated, planned. These transformations are made as soon as you say yes to your I AM, as soon as you recognize yourself in your spiritual nature, as soon as you agree to be fully what you have always been.

One of the important elements to consider for you now is the attachment to the forms of the past. That’s why we showed you this panorama of images of the Earth as you know it. That is why you have been shown this panorama of images of the Earth as you know it. Yes, the beauty of the Earth is destined to change, yes, you will have access to another form of beauty, another magnificence.
It is then that it will be proposed to you by your intuition, by the inspiration of your I AM, not to turn around in order not to regret what you have known. Detachment, in fact, is one of the qualities offered to you.
Remember in what has been given to you, there is this help from Archangel Michael and Melchisedek. This assistance has been offered to you, announced. In this help that has been offered to you you can receive the strength of detachment from the forms of the past. Have you noticed, oh beloved, how much humans are afraid of the unknown, how much humans fear experiences they have never experienced? How much do humans fear shapes they’ve never seen before?
From that too you can free yourself, from that too you can be free. Because the help that is offered to you, allows you, if you wish, to be in total confidence in your I AM, in the direction taken for your evolution. To detach you from known forms, to have confidence in the unknown, here are the two skills, the two qualities, the two aspects that Archangel Michael and Master Melchisedech propose to help you acquire.
By opening your consciousness at this moment, you can receive this immense capacity to be detached from ancient forms. You can receive this wonderful opportunity to trust your I AM, to have faith in the direction you are taking to be fully Man-Woman-Spirit, to be fully Spirit in your human condition.
Time has just come to learn to detach yourself, to have the joy of detaching yourself from everything that no longer corresponds to your inner reality, to your Christian truth. Time has just had the courage to take the steps that lead you to yourself in your highest form.
Certainly, you do not know what you will find along this path that is taking shape for you. But you know how to feel the joy of the rightness of your step. You know how to feel the serenity of the certainty of your motivation, of the need to move forward.

I feel the presence of Jesus extremely strong who places at our disposal the experience that he himself lived. I feel that our brother is there with us and that he tells us that his skills in detachment and trust are at our disposal. He reminds us how much he has sometimes hesitated, how much he has sometimes feared making mistakes. And he tells us that he knows today that Christ’s inspiration in him has given him full satisfaction in each of the choices he has made.
“No, I am not dead, I am alive, well alive with you right now. Not in a body of flesh like the one I knew when I was Jesus. I am alive all around the Earth. The body that is mine today is subtle, pure information and can give itself as much as necessary to each of you my brothers and sisters if you need it.
What I have experienced in my flesh, I put at your disposal. What I have known on Earth, I share with each of you. What I am today, I offer you for your life.

The more I give, the bigger I get,
The more I offer, the stronger I am,
The more I love, the more love I have to give,
The more my light is given, the more luminous I am.

I am happy to be heard sometimes from those who live with me on Earth. I have so much to give and so few humans today are ready to receive the gifts I have for them. I tell you the truth, oh, my brothers, my sisters, I can give, give and give and give again.
Open, open your hands to receive what I have to offer you. Open your hearts to receive the love I have to give you. Open your consciences to receive the fruits of my experiences. Open your consciences in order to be enlightened by the light that I AM”.

I feel his immense presence, I feel the abundance of his power, his goodness.

“I still want to talk to you about Christ, this awareness that I have been given to bring to the Earth. This power of love that I have been given to bring to life in the midst of humanity.
My brother Buddha was also among the beings who contributed to the advent of love on Earth. Others after me have also brought love. Others will bring as you bring today.
Christ is the solar consciousness, the consciousness of the star that brings you its light and warmth and beyond the consciousness of the Great Central Sun of the universe. Christ is nothing more than this absolute, unconditional love, this love that loves, that recognizes the Spirit in all creations, in all creatures.

Christ is the truth of what you feel,
the truth of who you are,
truth of what you’re doing,
truth of what you think,
truth in all aspects of yourself.

To be a Christ as I have been given to be in the person of Jesus, you must choose the truth, live the truth. This see you is not an obligation, it is a help. Thanks to your choice of truth at all times you are helped to be in your verticality, in your honesty, in your rectitude, in your beauty.
Truth is the most precious help you can receive because in truth, you see what you lack and immediately receive.
In truth you observe what needs to be realigned and you receive the strength of alignment.
Truly you see your weakness and immediately you receive the infinite power of the Father, the creator that you are.

Oh my beloved ones, oh my friends, oh my brothers, my sisters, how happy I am to be heard today. More than ever Christ wants to live on earth today, more than ever in your assemblies Christ can be present if you wish, if you decide.
The time has come, no longer to lock Christ in stone walls but on the contrary to make him live in full light in your fields, in your paths, in all the places where humans meet. It is not necessary to read the sacred texts as has been done in past centuries. No, it is simply necessary to bear witness to your truth, to your joy in knowing that you are Spirit, to your enthusiasm for love.
Do not look for a pre-established form when you go into the world, when you meet your friends, no, on the contrary, leave all the latitude to your I AM so that it inspires you the way, the art of telling your truth.
Speeches are sleepy, philosophies are out of reach for most humans. The major theories are suspicious, impractical and obviously not practiced.

Testify about yourself today,
Testify to your reality today,
Witness your joy in what you are living, there, now, as the world is,
Testify that your ideal is nothing more than your reality and thus Christ will live.

I taught a lot when I was on Earth, I used analogies, parables, stories that I told, very few understood. It will be the same for you today, despite the sincerity of your testimonies, despite the beauty of your truth, despite the authenticity of your words, very few will immediately understand. It will often take them a while to digest to realize the richness of what they have heard from you.
Keep saying despite everything, don’t get tired of testifying. The path will be made, little by little, as the Earth grows, your bodies grow, your consciences open.
Those who were by my side, my closest friends of yesteryear, sometimes they themselves did not understand, they themselves were concerned about concerns related to their lives, their families, their beliefs, their money, the power to which they aspired. You who are closest to me today, look, look at where you stand. Look if you have concerns that are ready to turn away from your mission, look at it sincerely.
Choose from the bottom of your heart, from within, choose your priorities. Choose to put your intelligence, your energy, where it seems appropriate to you to do so.
Do not let the light blind you, while the shadow would hold you back. Evaluate within yourself, feel deeply within yourself what you still have to do in your human life in order to freely elevate yourself to the Spirit that you are. It is not a question of you abandoning your responsibility on a human level to commit yourself to the Spirit by fleeing from what you have to do.
For some of you, there are indeed human works to be completed, to be completed in order to be able to travel joyfully towards the being of the Spirit that you are from all eternity.
Your commitment for love must not be a way to escape your commitment to incarnate as a human on Earth. At the same time, it is necessary to detach yourself from all the earthly forms in which you have existed to manifest your I AM. The border is sometimes fragile, the perception of your truth is sometimes demanding.

Call me, whenever you need, because I have at heart see you, to help you to be a complete human being so that you may be an accomplished human Spirit, so that you may be able to give all that you are to the way of the Spirit that allows you to be your I AM.
Call me and I will help you to discern, to recognize the good grain and the chaff. Remember that you can complete the human portrait of yourself while living the Spirit. There is not really to separate your two natures, there is to see what remains to be done for your incarnation, for the total acceptance of your incarnation. That from this incarnation you may incarnate the absolute Spirit that you are.

I feel very warm again. And I feel that Jesus is less present than he said what he had to say, that he is still there but further away, more globally, less personally.
I want to thank him for his kindness, his presence, his transmission, his offer to help each of us who desires it. And I feel that his presence is growing not with me but on Earth in general. I feel that being heard allows him to increase his power tenfold, to give very greatly all that he is. The image given to me is that of doves flying all around the Earth representing it, melting it into life, bringing peace and serenity.

I have very, very hot head all over my body again. My body undergoes a rotation, a rotational movement and I feel that this rotation is intended to facilitate the digestion of what has been received, what has been heard, what has been given. Something about integration. My body by this heat will be able to adapt to the frequency with which it vibrates now. And I feel that it is precisely the moment not to remain attached to the form of the past, to trust this unknown person, perceptions that I do not know, forms that I do not know. And I accept to no longer resemble what I knew about myself, I accept to go towards the new of myself, towards the future of myself.

Here, I feel that the top of my skull opens completely and that I receive an energy from the Great Central Sun of the universe. I feel particularly under my eyes, at the birth of the nose, something that is given, something that I receive, that we receive.
It is a white, golden white light that takes place throughout the body, settles down, mixes with the cells and gradually allows the body to become more vibrant, less dense, in accordance with the consciousness we have of ourselves, of who we are in the present moment, of the hope.
I’m being sent back to dinosaurs, they’re really bugs I don’t know at all. I’m too old to have had any information about dinosaurs. Today’s children have more than people of my generation. And there indeed I am shown forms, ancient forms, incarnated consciences on ancient modalities. And what I understand is that I am asked to see that there is a difference between the body of dinosaurs and the body of today’s man, and yet all this is incarnate consciousness and that there will be as much difference between our body today and the body that we are preparing to have tomorrow. Come on, I dare say tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
I am also referred to the Atlanteans, to this human consciousness embodied in the Atlantean species of which we have few traces, at least not many, according to official materialist science. And I am also told that there is a great difference between the body of the Atlanteans and the human body today. And that there is the same difference between the bodies of today’s humans and tomorrow’s bodies.
I see the top of tomorrow’s body as something that is very spiky, like a thistle flower, a crown with very prominent tips that allow us to receive the forces of the Spirit with much, much precision.

I feel that this stage of the guidance is intended to harmonize the old and the future, therefore to harmonize the present. I feel that it is a question of making bridges between the past and the future and that the way is to be here, now in the reception of what is given.
It seems to me that it is now time to give this information to humans. Those who are there, those who are currently gathered, are the vectors for receiving information. There is no need to gather physically, there is no need to gather visibly, your gathering in Spirit is enough. And it is said that the people gathered here tonight, there, at this moment, are the support for the inscription of change in human consciousness.
It is said that we who listen, who receive and who will listen off-line are those who constitute the necessary form for recording what has been given of the information that has been offered.
That is and I feel that there is something fluid and the image I have been given is that of milk, of nourishing milk. Milk that nourishes the new body that will come from today’s reality. Milk and honey that evoke paradise in Genesis. Somewhere in the Bible, I don’t know if it’s actually in Genesis.

That’s it, I feel like the guidance is coming to an end. Of course I want to thank Jesus again, to offer myself to Christ so that he may live on Earth through me, through us.
I thank the whole spiritual world for helping us to receive this evening and I also thank all the humans who are there.