audio – Humanity fertilized by Christ

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

I am with my friend Myriam to welcome today’s guidance. It is very quickly a question of humanity represented in the form of an egg ready to be fertilized by Christ. Indeed, it is a matter for the spiritual world to help us to give birth to ourselves in our new species. The solar consciousness comes to take place in us so that we can transform our body, so that we can bring forth the Spirit-man, the Spirit-man.

This gestation process is accompanied by an acceleration of time, the “grafting” of a fifth dimension, the entry into our solar life in partnership with the earth which is approaching its solar form.

For this operation, Jesus is present and places at our disposal his personal experience of the vibratory body, especially when he lived the transfiguration, resurrection and ascension. Similarly, the presence of the Crystal Master is very strong, and is explained by the fact that he offers us the frequency of the crystalline body that will be the body of tomorrow.

At the same time, doubts and fears are active for the two humans who are present, and make our consciousness not fully available for the fertilization that is taking place. Once these resistances have been stated, the frequency can rise to the point where we are proposed to enter the centre of the sun. There, we discover the central nucleus of the sun. We still need time to really go to the centre, where the sun’s central point is. A kind of black hole is shown to us and the formula given is: “in the center, there is God”. It turns out that this central point is undefinable, multifaceted and that in reality it is ABSOLUTE. The absolute is present at the centre of the nucleus of each of our cells, as it is at the centre of the sun. By recognizing the point of the absolute in us, we facilitate the fertilization of our humanity through Christ, we are at the center of the Cross, where our brother Jesus awaits us. It is about the realization, the accomplishment of our mission on earth.

The guidance ends with a connection with the energy of the Incas and the power of Machu-Picchu.

Inspired drawing of Elodie Lagouy

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

The guidance is about to begin. We will receive the instructions that the spiritual world gives us to act, so that the Spirit can live in matter according to its laws, the laws of the Spirit so that Love can live in the heart of humanity.
In this moment I connect myself to what I AM from all eternity, I unify my human dimension and my spiritual nature. I place myself at the service of Christ incarnate in my flesh, of Christ whom Jesus carried in him and who invites us, today, to make him live as he himself made him live on Earth.
I connect myself to Archangel Michael so that he may give me his power, his mastery and I may make them my own.
I connect myself to the Crystal Master who brings to life in me, in my spine, in my skeleton, the body of tomorrow’s human being, the body with a fifth dimension.
I connect myself to Mary Consciousness of the Earth, Divine Mother.
I connect myself to Jesus, my friend, my brother who paved the way for us to follow today, to realize what he himself achieved.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

I accept that my frequency increases, I make sure that my consciousness opens to the Spirit that I AM. I ask I AM to raise my frequency so that I receive by clearness and clairvoyance the information necessary for the accomplishment of my mission today.
I associate the people present with the verbal channel I make available to the world. I associate all those who, on a voluntary basis, also place themselves at the disposal of Love, at the disposal of the Spirit.
And I feel in my body, a great opening in my heart, in the solar plexus. I feel the flow of the Spirit pouring into me like a stream flowing inside me, without damaging anything, totally respecting all the components of my humanity. I welcome this stream with serenity, with placidity.
I feel an immense joy to be there, at the service, because I know that making myself available to I AM is what fills me to the highest degree, what satisfies me to the maximum. Certainly what I achieve in my human dimension is very pleasant and satisfying, but all this only makes sense if I remember the Spirit that I AM. If I remember the divine being that I AM, my sovereignty, my choice of Spirit, to be there on Earth for the experience of freedom, in duality.
At our side, I feel a circle of angels, archangels, spiritual beings, masters of light who surround us, who support us, who encourage us to hear and see, to mobilize ourselves to work, to act on Earth. She tells us, how much she needs to be conscious of themselves, of being conscious of their love, of being conscious of their light.
How much it is necessary for it to enter into cooperation, to enter into partnership with those beings awakened to our nature that we are, with those voluntary beings that we are, so that together, Earth and humanity, we ascend to the form linked to our evolution, to the path that we travel, so that love lives in us and with the Earth.
I feel the presence of the whole solar system, the different planets that make it up. I feel the presence of the one who presides over the great council of the wise, who watches over the evolution of the solar system and I feel that by resonance phenomenon, he invites us to live Christ. He is himself a carrier of solar consciousness and I see between my heart, my solar plexus and this being who is there with us, I see energy exchanges.
I feel exchanges of radiation, I feel that the breath that is mine is in harmony with what it emits, with what radiates from it.
I say yes, to its radiance, I say yes, to the resonance that is proposed to me with the solar consciousness. Together we can say yes, so that Christ may live on Earth at this moment.

And I see that by saying this, I have the feeling of a fertilization of Christ in the egg of humanity. I see an ovoid form that would represent an egg that signifies by humanity the possibility of being fertilized by the sun, by the solar consciousness.
And I see the radiance of the one who presides over the great council of the wise, to penetrate this egg, to fertilize this egg so that humanity, here today, can give birth to the solar being it has chosen to embody on earth.
We are asked at this moment to participate in this fertilization, to be fertilized ourselves so that all humanity may be pregnant with its solar dimension, its christic dimension and so that humanity may bring forth the Spirit-Man whom it has planned to bring forth through its chosen experience on Earth.

I feel my body carrying a new life, carrying a new embryo. I feel that my entire bust, my entire trunk, is the bearer of this new life. In particular, I feel all my foundation, my basin filled with this new life, this solar life, this seed of Christ that it is my responsibility to make mature, grow, then be born.
By being a few of us together to receive this seed, whether we are male or female, it doesn’t matter. By being a few of us together, we allow the whole of humanity, the egg of humanity to be fertilized.

There is a wonderful gathering of spiritual beings around us. This presence causes shivers, tremors on my skin. I am impressed by this presence that tells me how important this moment is, how sacred this moment is.
I have the impression that on this day are gathered the greatest spiritual beings in the universe, the great galactic councils seem to be gathered to formalize this fertilization, to bless this fertilization that takes place in full light, in full consciousness with voluntary beings who accept to receive in them the information of Christ so that it grows, that it lives.

We are told, “for some time, you will have the experience of gestation, the experience of motherhood. Each one in your belly, in your body, will give of his flesh to be able to transform yourself into tomorrow’s humans, into solar humans, into humans from the centre of the cross, resulting from the encounter between what you are from all eternity, Christ, and your human manifestation.
The Trinity is here a reality for you, for each of you, your divine being, your human being and Christ solar consciousness, consciousness of your solar system, which itself is manifested consciousness of the great central sun of the universe.

I always feel surrounded by a magnificent assembly of very strong vibrating beings. The top of my head also vibrates. I especially feel the importance of this moment. It seems to me that today we are entering into the sign of Leo and that this entry into the lion manifests our alliance with our solar consciousness.

Myriam: I feel very hot in my stomach as if there were fire, my skin as if it were alive, as if there were something running on it. It’s very strange and the head, I feel like it’s expanding. And since just now, I mean, the cradle of humanity and I have a vision of these great luminous, very luminous beings who accompany the Earth, as if they made it move, turn, but it is they who bring the movement, who accompany it, who support it, who impel it.
They help us considerably to go into the movement, to accept the movement because it is accelerating. That’s what I see from what you’re saying, that one of the effects of fertilization is indeed the acceleration of the Earth’s movement. We could say about its rotation on itself but also about its course around the sun. “There is an acceleration of movement that has already been perceptible for some time with what you call the acceleration of time, the concentration of time, the densification of the timeline. Because the line will become a point, the line will be reduced to a For the moment you access your highest frequencies in a punctual, dotted way. But tomorrow you will have the opportunity to stay on this high frequency more and more often, for longer and longer without your body being stirred, without your body being pushed.
Understand well that this fertilization is intended for you to give birth to yourself, to your new form, to your new body, to your new way of being incarnated.

It is said that the fertilization of humanity through Christ, through solar consciousness, is successful. The small number you are today is more than enough for the whole of human consciousness, for the whole of humanity to be pregnant with itself, with its future body. May it itself be the cradle of humanity. Humanity is its own cradle. The egg of humanity is the cradle in which the child will come to take place.

Myriam: I mean, it’s something very important. It’s a moment, I don’t know if I can find the right words, but sacred is the closest thing to it.

“You are entering your solar life, you were in your earthly life, here you are now, with the Earth entering your solar life. The timing is indeed important as you just said.

I feel that I am strongly accompanied by the four that I quote constantly when I connect to receive the guides, namely Archangel Michael who is always the great watchman of humanity, the consciousness of the Earth is very present, Mary, our mother who also wants to accompany us so that we are born to ourselves in the new solar form that will be ours and that will also be hers. It ensures that our partnership with it, the consciousness of the Earth, and with us, the human consciousness, is maintained.
I obviously feel very strongly the presence of Jesus who experienced this experience of bodily change three times, of what we know of his history: at the moment of the transfiguration, when he appears to his friends, at the side of Elijah and Moses, in his glorious body, in his vibratory body.
At the moment of resurrection when he returns as it is said, from the underworld to reappear in his body of light to Mary Magdalene and then to those of his friends who are able to see him. The third experience is that of ascension when he uses his body of glory to settle in the subtle sphere of the Earth and pursue his mission with us his brothers and sisters. He is very present to transmit to us this competence to be born from our body of flesh, our subtle body in these three stages that have been mentioned here.
And of course there is the Crystal Master, whose presence I increasingly understand from the beginning of these guides, because he is the architect of our future body, he is the designer, the builder of our solar body, of our vibratory body that some traditions call Merkabah and that I am asked to call body of glory, solar body, vibratory body.
These four entities, these four beings are there as close as possible to us, I can feel their presence in the room where we are, practically as if I could touch them, which is really possible with my subtle perception. I can feel them in a very close, very close relationship.
I can feel how there is resistance. Something that says yes and at the same time remains concerned about the human aspects. For example, what my mind uses to distract is the doubt that I pushed the right button to make this show happen. I know that I have done it and at the same time my devil is using my mind so that I am not 100% present in the alchemy that has taken place, in the realization that is being made. My mind is not yet totally in agreement, my devil is not yet totally in agreement that I should be 100% dedicated to the operation that took place.
To say this causes a great movement in me, a great fear. For in reality behind this intervention of my devil, through my mind, I realize that there is a very great fear of this transformation that I ardently desire, but which, at the same level as my desire, is accompanied by a great fear.
So I ask I AM to treat the part of me that is afraid. I entrust this part of me that is afraid to the Spirit, to my highest frequency, to absolute love. My fear in reality is that I will not fully accomplish what I have to do, it lies in the fact that I could miss the mission I AM has chosen on this Earth. My fear is to conceive that my human dimension would put obstacles in the wheels of the divine will that I have at heart to receive here in human consciousness in order to accomplish it.
So I say, today, again to I AM, may your will be done. Inspire me to do what you want to do. I say to my own divinity, invest my whole body, invest my whole personality so that in every second of my earthly existence, I may be the vector of your will, the actress of your decisions, the consenting agent of your action.
I feel that in order to be totally appeased, I must deposit here and now, any notion of ideal, recognize the perfection of what is and deposit everything that my ideal, my thought draws and would like me to believe as being superior to the reality I live, to the reality of what I do, to the reality of my action. I deposit everything ideal for the benefit of the perception, the invitation of I AM in the present moment.
I deposit all forms of dogma based on theories, beliefs, and conditioning in order to master what I AM in the present moment, in order to maintain unity between what I AM from all eternity and what I am in my human form.
I feel that by speaking in this way of myself, of my personal dimension, I am giving substance to this fertilization that has just taken place, I am giving my being so that the gestation of Christ in humanity can be realized.

Myriam: So I have the root chakra which is completely concentrated, densified. And when you talked about your devil, I had had the image for a while and I felt strongly the presence of Jesus but I didn’t dare talk about it because, it’s actually something personal that’s happening and I didn’t really know if I had the place to talk about it.
And I realized it was my devil who didn’t actually want it. I saw that Jesus was handing me a crown with a ruby that was clearly visible. And he told me that it was not his place to put the crown on my head and he handed it to me so that I could take responsibility for the queen I am and crown myself. From there, the root chakra became denser, there was a concentration at the root chakra.

In fact, through your testimony, I understand that we are all invited, we who are listening to this guidance, to see where we put a reserve in the realization of this fertilization.
It says, “Through your personal testimonies you invite your brothers and sisters who are listening to your words to see in them what is hindering the total realization of this gestation. Because it is quite obvious that 100% of humans have a barrier to change. It is part of what constitutes incarnation, it is part of the parameters of incarnation, of duality.
And it is not by denying the brake that you achieve unity, it is on the contrary by meeting resistance, by meeting everyone for you, because nothing can be generalized, everything is extremely personalized and depends on the unique being that you are. It is by encountering the obstacle to your Christian fertilization that you most help humanity to be totally fertilized.

I feel a very great heat invading me, I feel that what is being said here is veryImportant and I feel the presence of those who are listening at this moment and who individually have the courage to go and look at what is opposed to the total fertilization of Christ in their bodies. This is in contrast to pregnancy, which will make it possible to be born in our new form, to pregnancy, which will make it possible to bring forth the new human species.
And I feel the presence of Mother, of the Mother, the companion of Sri Aurobindo who has worked so hard for us to know, for us to be here today, fertilized by Christ, ready to give birth to our new being.

There is always a lot, a lot of solar consciousness. And I feel that here, in this moment we can enter the heart of the sun. Our body has raised its vibrations enough for us to enter the centre of the sun. It is obviously in the centre of the solar consciousness. And we can say in a way that we can dare to enter the heart of the sun.
That’s it, our consciousness can enter the nucleus of the sun. There is something very powerful about the sun’s nucleus. I can’t tell if it’s very dense or if it’s empty. It is a vibration, it is such powerful information that I can only stay on the periphery for the moment.
It forms a kind of sphere and I stay on the periphery, I can only embrace this little sphere on the periphery of the solar nucleus and I can’t penetrate inside yet, there’s something that’s not yet released in me. I believe a fear of exploding, a fear of imploding.

Myriam: It’s the same thing, a fear of disintegration.

That’s it, that’s it, we are proposed to stay for a while, embracing this nucleus, embracing it to take the time to harmonize with this vibration.
Here the nucleus relaxes, expands a little, in fact, adapts a little bit to it too. His kindness, his generosity, his love makes him say, “OK, I make sure you can get inside me”.
There, and then all of a sudden, serenely, quietly, my consciousness can enter the hard core of the sun. You can’t say hard core, because it’s very subtle. It is at the same time subtle and strong, it is difficult to say that it is only subtle, it is also something very hard and at the same time it is subtle. My mind there, it can’t handle this, so we’ll accept it.

Myriam: it feels like condensed vibrations.

It reminds me of the magnet, which is really very dense, it’s metallic. This attracts and at the same time, this attraction force is not visible.
That’s it and I want to be glued to the center of the sun and now I see a very small dot, a tiny dot that is the central dot, in the nucleus. I could say it’s black, dark. Oh yes, it’s what you might call a black hole. That is to say, a point that is an information vacuum. It is information that is in something that is empty, so to speak. In the center there is nothing. There’s just one point. In fact, it is said to me, “at the centre is God”. Actually, it’s very strange to say it for me.

Myriam: In fact, what came to me was this little dot that holds everything together, the big one.

In fact, what I understand is that this point, we can observe it, approach it, touch it since it is in the center of the nucleus in which we have entered and at the same time, we can absolutely not enter it. It is the point of the absolute and it is at the same time dark, light, multiform, it is everything.
It’s a tiny little dot of nothing at all but it is everything. It is the absolute that is present in all cell nuclei. That is to say, in all our cells, there is a replica of this absolute. And this is what will allow us, by getting to know it, to shape our new body. I’m a little dizzy.
It is in this sense that my consciousness entered the nucleus of the sun, went to meet this central point, this point of the absolute. It is thanks to this that my consciousness can allow my body to be totally fertilized by the solar consciousness, recognizing that there is in each of the nuclei of my cells, this point of absolute that is present.
In the nucleus of the cell, there is the DNA which is the program of the Spirit combined with matter and which makes us unique beings, specific beings.
And at the heart of this cell nucleus is this information of the absolute. So we could say somewhere that our body is a manifestation of the absolute.

Myriam: I have a feeling of peace or joy, I don’t know if it’s the same thing.

The word that comes to me is realization. Jesus said: “There is here at this moment the possibility for each of you to be at the center of the cross as I was once. A center of the cross that does not require your suffering, the death of your body, but perhaps the death of your beliefs, the death of your conditioning, the death of oblivion. I am waiting for you here, I am with you in the center of the cross. I invite you to blossom in the center of the cross. I invite you to be this absolute that you have just encountered because it is true, it is a reality, you are manifestations of the absolute. As soon as you enter the center of the cross you can assume to be absolute beings.

And I see that there comes again this little fear that I didn’t do the right technical move. This means that there is still resistance, there is still fear of not having done the right thing, of not deserving to be at the centre of the cross. As long as I went with pain, I could tell myself that I was ultimately paying what I had to pay to get there. There, to go like that, directly, what a claim, my mind says. So I told him, what is pretentious is to believe that it is through human effort that I achieve realization. What is humble is to remember that I am a Spirit and to let myself be guided by him to reach the centre of the cross, to touch through my conscience this absolute which is shown to me at this moment.

I have the image of a golden sun at the centre of the cross, like a gold plate decorated with rays representing a sun.
It’s strange, I’m connected again to the Incan energy, which is very strange because it’s an energy I don’t know much about. However, here it is the link with the sun that causes it and always the place in Machu Picchu where I let it settle, because I feel that it is it that can help in the development of this gestation that has been discussed since the beginning.

We are thanked for having accepted this fertilization, for having accepted to have this exploration of what resists the birth of the man of tomorrow.
So I also have to thank all these magnificent, splendid beings who have accompanied us.
I want to thank you for the joy felt, for the trust placed by the spiritual world in us humans.
And I also want to thank the people who are there, who contributed, who participated and who have the patience to hear my own comments, my brakes. I also know that by naming my brakes, that your brakes are also looked at.