audio – The revolution

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

This morning I am with my friend Myriam to receive the guidance under the sign of joy.

Transmission begins with encouragement to humans who wish to act in favour of raising human consciousness. It is reminded that for all the volunteers, as soon as the choice of the Love of SELF is chosen, everything is ready in us to accomplish the mission that the spiritual being has chosen.

Very quickly it was shown to me that humans who volunteer to contribute to the elevation of consciousness form a crown placed above humanity. This crown receives from the spiritual world the information and energies necessary for the transformation of consciousness, for the presence of Christ on earth. However, a number of people are still reluctant to listen to their I AM and take their place in the crown. Fear, attachment and doubts are the roots of these resistances, while I AM invites you to spread your wings.

The people of the crown receive help from great spiritual beings who ask us to make the memory of their spiritual nature flow over the mass of humanity. It is a matter of making humans remember the Spirit they are.

As memory returns, I am able to see that human consciousness has two levels: at the base, the level of the infinite space of the Spirit, and above, the level of human concerns. The two levels are constantly interacting, the Spirit responding to the needs of the human plane.

It is then that it is possible to experience two sensations simultaneously: hunger for the Spirit and satiety, since the Spirit constantly nourishes.

As the crown works, the human mass loses its compact and uniform appearance, in favour of an individualization of the members of Humanity. It is then that humanity is able to deploy itself all around the earth, in order to help it, to cooperate with its evolution.

More than ever, action is required, knowing that action itself is a source of rest and regeneration.

The action carried out this morning by the Crown constitutes, for the spiritual world, a true revolution, a revolution that is accomplished in joy and simplicity.

Inspired drawing of Elodie Lagouy

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am at the disposal of what I AM from all eternity. I offer my body, my personality, my I, my conscience, my soul, to the Spirit, to Christ who wants to live on Earth through us.

I want to start by expressing my joy at being here, at this moment, in this place. My joy in feeling the life that circulates in me, the Spirit who lives in my flesh, my joy in feeling the freedom that I exercise by deciding to be at the service, to obey the authority that I AM, for I am both the authority through the Spirit and obedience through my conscience placed at Christ’s disposal.
My joy is great to have the trust of my I AM, the trust of the Spirit’s plan, the trust of those who listen to these guides.
I give thanks for all this, for all this trust and I invite my personality to be confident too with the choices I make, with the voice I hear, with the images I see.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

With these words, I install in myself the sacred. I unite the profane and the sacred. I bring together the human form and the Spirit who created it. I place myself at the disposal of the angelic, archangelic world, Beings of Light, stellar consciences who work for the smooth running of humanity’s experiences with the consciousness of the Earth, with the planet Earth.
I receive the help of Archangel Michael, in front of me, who offers me his power, the control of my personality.
I receive behind me the high frequency of the Crystal Master who makes my vibratory physical body, resulting from my densified body, live in me.
I welcome in me the presence of Mary, conscience of the Earth, divine Mother and I also welcome the precious presence of Jesus my brother, the one who opens the way for me, for us who recognize him, precursor of Christ, installer of Christ on Earth.
I climb to the top of the mountain for which I am responsible here on Earth. Inner mountain on which I can look after the herd that symbolizes my personality and its different aspects, that symbolizes my body, these different organs, these different functions.
I accept in myself peace, that of harmony between the Spirit and the flesh, between the Spirit and psychology. Harmony is there, favourable to my open consciousness, favourable to the free space for the reception of information resulting from our clairvoyance and our clairaudience.

I feel the importance of the presence of all those who listen to these words so that the Spirit can guide humans on Earth. Your presence is greeted by the world of the Spirit. Your contribution to the evolution of human consciousness is a source of gratitude for the Beings of Light who are accompanying us at this moment.
I have been given the opportunity to see the Assembly of Human Volunteers to bring Christ to life on Earth. I am given to see this magnificent Assembly of humans who do not know each other physically, but who recognize each other by their vibrations, by their frequencies, by their souls, which are all familiar to each other. I am given to see this Assembly as a golden crown that is placed above the body of all humanity.
All those Beings spread over the surface of the planet who have said yes to make Christ live in their daily lives, in their choice of every moment. All those Beings who give their lives the meaning that comes from the Spirit, from Absolute Love, from the Creator Principle.
All these Beings are united by the heart, by the soul, by the choice freely decided to serve, to be there for the opening of the consciousness of all humanity, as these members are touched by divine grace, by the power of love, by the beauty of the creative principle.
The crown that these volunteers currently form radiates throughout humanity. The fertilization by Christ, which took place in the hours preceding it, is given to all humanity.
I have seen that all the planets of the solar system, that many solar consciences, many of the suns of the different galaxies, are above this crown that we form to intensify our radiation, to strengthen the emission of what we are to all humanity.
The whole of humanity forms a body, a massive body, a solid body, a body that is sometimes hermetic, sometimes permeable. It is shown how many revolutions there are to do in this body so that it can receive love as it is, Christ as it is.

Melchisedek says:
“There have been so many conditioning, there have been so many beliefs that have taken root as humanity has cut itself off from the consciousness of the Spirit, from the divine consciousness within it. There have been so many legends invented to make up for the lack of meaning in your lives.
There have been so many wars organized out of fear of lack, lack of matter, lack of power, lack of energy. Wars are always the expression of the separation of humans from the Spirit.
There are therefore so many revolutions to do in human consciousness that it may sometimes seem like an unreachable summit to you, that it may seem like an impossible task to accomplish. When you are in this belief of a task too difficult to accomplish for you, Christ’s volunteers, for you, for you, providers of your Beings for the evolution of consciousness, remember that it is then, because you identify yourself with the human and that you fail to recognize yourself in your divinity.
It is then because you believe that you are alone, cut off from the world of the Spirit and that you do not integrate, that the suns of the universe, that the sun that illuminates the Earth constantly comes to give you so that you yourselves may be transmitters of golden light, of absolute love, of truth.
There are so many revolutions to do and you are so rich in love, so rich in the Spirit, that you can trust in your abilities, in your possibilities. We invite you to feel competent for this task that your I AM have scrupulously chosen by coming, at this moment in the history of humanity, to incarnate you.
Everything you have acquired during your different experiences, whether in this life or in other lives, in other planes, all this is united in you, in your body, in your personality, in the whole of your Being and can simply be used as soon as you say yes to the choice of your I AM to act for consciousness, for the installation of love in your societies.
For, you see, as you know, it is love that will be your law. It will be the end of the rules that you compose with your thoughts, the laws that you enact with your morals, resulting from your fears, resulting from ignorance in you. It will be the end of all this because, from now on, it is through love that you will live all your relationships, all your organizations.
You believe that, probably, there is still a long way to go before we reach this transformation that we are announcing to you. And yet! However, be assured that everything is already present in yourself.
You believe that, probably, there is still a long way to go before we reach this transformation that we are announcing to you. And yet! However, be assured that everything is already present in yourself.
The way you relate to yourself is exactly the way you create relationships with others. Therefore, as soon as you set up love to govern your relationships with you, you immediately work for love to be set up to govern human relationships. It is very simple, isn’t it, it’s not complicated. It is enough in every moment of your life to say inside:

I choose Love
Love for myself
Love for my body
Love for my temperament
Love for my personality
Love for my story
Love for what I am from all eternity and the perfection of what he has organized.

It is simple. I Melchisedek invite you to ask yourself about the benefits that you still have to refuse to put love as a law in your relationship with yourself. I invite you to ask yourself about the good reasons you still have to be critical of yourself and therefore of your brothers and sisters.
Because any criticism made to the outside world is only an echo of a criticism addressed to you. It is so simple, and I exhort you to simplicity, I exhort you to the way of joy, to the way of love for yourself, not to deny what is unsatisfactory, but, on the contrary, to the choice to clearly see what it is your responsibility to transform in order to be fully in joy, fully in love, fully in the approval of the Master that you are”.

I feel that what has just been said is a step for this guidance today, to enable us to heal what needs to be healed in our relationship to ourselves and to allow this crown above humanity to be more effective, more efficient, more operational in the emission of our frequency, love, light, insight, clairaudience, in the activation of the memory of the Spirit that humanity is.
Indeed, the image I am given to see is the parts that were hermetic, that were watertight, the parts of the human mass that were watertight and on which what we emit flowed. These parts crack a little and these parts receive the nectar that we emit by our assembly, through Christ who lives in this crown that we form

Myriam: At first I had a vision of humans standing up, like antennas in fact. And then I had a pain and I still have it a little bit. A strong pain in the kidneys, in the pelvis, it feels like a belt, as if I were cut in half.
What I am told is that the bottom still belongs to the mass of humanity, while the top belongs to the crown, and so does many of us, and that it is up to us to decide to be totally in the crown, to be in that group of volunteers who are there for Christ to live on Earth.
That this is not a betrayal of human fraternity, but, on the contrary, a luminous way of serving human fraternity, of being useful to human fraternity, of healing human fraternity. That there is no claim to be within the crown because it is only the right expression of the choice of I AM, of the choice of the spiritual Being that we are, it is only an obedience to the spiritual decision to be on Earth at this particular period of transition, of revolution of humanity.
Myriam: My heart has accelerated and I no longer feel the pain, it is no longer present. I have like a whirlwind in my stomach, a wormhole that raises.

It is said that you represent, that here you embody, that you carry in yourself, it is much more than your own history, you also accept to embody all the resistance of humans to be part of this crown, to be part of this group of volunteers, this army of knights of light, because there is belief, that by being in this crown, you would abandon some humans to whom you are attached.
It is not so, it is even the opposite. As soon as you agree to hoist yourself into the crown, to be in your place, in the place that your I AM has chosen, that you occupy if you wish, that you agree to rely on him, then you serve the humans you love.
You have the opportunity to continue to love the people you meet with with affection. Love is never forbidden, whatever its form. Nevertheless, it is proposed that you accept to love on a higher frequency than affection, to love on the frequency of Christ, to love unconditionally and not conditionally.
And this is sometimes quite complicated for humans who are particularly attached to the affection they have for their fellow human beings, for many reasons. Reasons that are no longer effective as soon as you increase your frequency. When you accept to live on your high frequency, on your I AM frequency, on the frequency of Christ living on Earth, then you love your neighbours in a total way, in a free way, in a joyful way, without any more suffering.
Have you noticed that the affection you have for your neighbour can sometimes affect you? Hear these words: Affection affects you! This makes a lot of sense. While in the love to which you are invited in your own crown, in the crown of humanity, love is only joy, freedom, movement, peace and harmony.
It’s time to spread your wings. It is time, you see, to no longer be narrow, to reach your true scope, for time has just come out of the nest, not to be the fearful bird that you once were. It is time to take off and fully occupy the space you need to act, to work, to accomplish.

It is always a question of this crown and I see that the Stressors of the Great Galactic Council, in any case, the great initiates, the great Masters of the universe, put themselves in a circle around humanity which is presented to me as a mass, as a half-sphere, and the crown is placed above this half-sphere.
I don’t see individuals, I see elements that make up this crown. Each element is golden, everything is always in motion, nothing is fixed, nothing is frozen. And, because it is action for love, action for the opening of consciences, action for every human being to remember who he is.
The concern of the crown is this: the concern of the volunteers for Christ is essentially centered on the desire that each human being recognize who he is, recognize his beauty, recognize his power. In this crown we activate the memory of the Spirit who are humans, who is humanity.
What these Beings, these great Masters who surround us ask us to do is to make the information of memory flow on the human mass. It is said:
“Let each one remember the Spirit that he is, his I AM. May each one welcome in his consciousness the spiritual expression of himself, the spiritual essence of himself. Essence and expression are only one.
d. I feel that what is given by these great Beings who surround us, who are giants, who are very protective, who are extremely benevolent, of incredible purity. They are Christ, they are solar consciences, Christ who are all the expression of the great central sun, the manifestation of the great central sun. It causes a kind of dizziness in me.

Myriam: Yes, dizziness too and I have a bigger heart. I have the impression that it takes up all the space in the chest area. And, I saw the Earth with lights that light up as I went along, something that bursts out and makes a light every time.

Yes, because a huge space is opening up. An unlimited space opens up within each of us, as soon as this memory of the Spirit becomes a reality. That is, in our body of limited appearance, there is an unlimited space: that of the Spirit that we are. And it is this feeling that we transmit to humanity.
And, what I can see is that in human consciousness, there are now 2 floors. There is the floor, one could say, of the ordinary consciousness, full of material, family and professional concerns, which occupy a large part of the consciousness.
And, there is another floor that is the one of this infinite space that has just opened. And what we are told is that, at first, some humans may not realize the existence of this stage of infinite space, because their concern will remain on the stage of normal human life.
Nevertheless, the floor of infinite space is a reality within them. And it is said that, during the sleep of humans, infinite space will fertilize the space of human concerns. In other words, with a very great gentleness, a very great love, the infinite space will come to offer itself to the floor of concerns. And, when they wake up, many humans will see unexpected solutions to their concerns, to their questions. Many humans will find answers to concerns, problems that have been unresolved for a long time. This will be done during sleep. This will be done through the action of the I AM of each person. Your action at this time allows this.
You are, in a way, achieving a feat. The most difficult feat to achieve on Earth, that of placing in human consciousness the memory of who it is.

Myriam: So now I’m stuck on the ground. I don’t know if it’s the consciousness that unfolds and it’s going very, very fast. I am stretched very quickly upwards while being taped. That’s strong!

I have the feeling that this day is very important, that this day marks a turning point in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness. I feel an infinite joy, it’s completely crazy, I tell myself it’s like, well, “that’s why I’m here”.
I have been thinking for several weeks now, feeling that I am approaching what makes sense in my human existence, and then, all of a sudden, I say to myself: Here, this is it, I am contributing to what I have come to do, I am contributing to what we, a certain number of humans, have come to do.
In a way, this marks a starting point for the continuation of what we had to achieve. But we could not really start our action without the operation that is being carried out.
These two floors, and strangely enough, I see this floor from the infinite space on the ground floor and the human concerns floor on the first floor. It is the basis of the consciousness that is being informed of the Spirit and it is in the surface that human concerns are found.
And I see that what is emerging is that the stage of human preoccupations is much smaller than the stage of infinite space, because, by definition, it is infinite, and that, little by little, thanks to the action we are taking, this stage will decrease, decrease, reduce and the stage of infinite space will be much more present in human consciousness. One day, the floor of human concerns will be on the ground floor, on the plane of infinite space. Then at that moment, you can say: Unity is established, unification is successful!
The third eye, in my case, is very active, it stings me in the third eye, because I know that I am seeing something that is not yet active, that is not a reality in the present moment. I am perceiving something that is of the order of the future, of the future, and yet already a reality. Melchisedek said to me:
“There, you know that your action is possible to succeed. You know that your mission has the possibility of succeeding, that this work of unification of the human with the Spirit, of matter with the subtle, you now know, thanks to the image we send you, that it can succeed.
“Do not lose, be absolutely filled with confidence in the Spirit who will come constantly to give you everything you need to exercise the mission of the crown above humanity. The “top above” has no hierarchical meaning, does not mean a higher value under any circumstances. The “top above” corresponds for you, instead of your crown, above your root. The same is true.
But what would your crown be if you didn’t have the root? What would be the presence of Christ’s volunteers if there was not the human mass to be fertilized with light and love? Your mission allows you to recognize yourself. Your mission allows you to evolve, to grow, to make your soul, the Spirit that you are, grow. And that is what is important.
You may be tempted by discouragement. You may be tempted by the desire to turn around and return to your human concerns and deny the infinite space of the unconditional love of the Spirit. You may experience all this.
Each time, you will receive the help of Archangel Michael, of myself Melchisedek, if you ask us. Your request is a sign of your humility. Your insistence on returning to the material vision of life is the manifestation of what you call “pride”. While your request is an act of humility.
Ask humbly, not by submitting, but, on the contrary, by fully exercising your freedom, by being a Master, the Master humbly asks. The cut man strives to look for solutions in the material that are not there.

I feel that the operation continues, that is, that the Beings who surround us, these giants of white light, invite us to consolidate this installation that is being made, from the space of the Spirit, from the infinite space in human consciousness, at the base of human consciousness.
And what I see now is that there is a connection as if there are wires connecting the pillar floor in fact, the human concerns floor and the infinite space floor, as if it were a house on stilts.
Human concerns are in a way a house on stilts and the pillars are rooted in infinite space. And, these pillars are tubes that conduct energy. I don’t know if it’s an energy that rises from infinite space to human concerns and if there is a return.
Absolutely, there’s a round trip and a return trip. Human concerns also emit an energy that goes towards infinite space. He gives her back in love. It is the famous answer to questions, after the night, after the moment of sleep, where the I am asleep so that the I AM can act in the body, in the earthly being.

Myriam: Actually, the process was going on, I was stuck on the ground and then it stopped. It’s like I’m curled up inside myself, during the process. This something that was curled up, unfolded, opened up, and then it keeps going very fast and then it just calmed down. As if, at the same time as it was unfolding, there was information coming down and landing inside.
In fact, what I see is that the angelic world also forms a crown above the crown that we form and that the angelic world keeps us in contact in the consciousness of that crown that we form above the human mass.
I feel something strong in the solar plexus. I feel a hollow in my stomach. In fact, what I am told is: “Humanity is hungry. Finally, humanity is hungry. From this hunger for the Spirit that had disappeared from her, so busy nibbling on matter, consuming matter, the human consciousness had forgotten that its true hunger is that of the Spirit. But we can also say that we are talking about the end of humanity “END”, in the sense that it is the end of a very reduced awareness of what humanity is”.
And so, it is now a much more open awareness of what humanity is that is settling there today: 23 July 2019. I am in absolutely incredible joy. I didn’t know I had an appointment and here I am, I’m at the appointment but I didn’t know he was there. I see the appointment by living it.

I am glad to see humanity that will be hungry for the Spirit, thirsty for the Spirit, because the infinite source is there to quench thirst, because manna is given permanently, so that satiety can be perceived, so that humanity can be satisfied. It is said that “hunger and satiety will be there permanently, simultaneously, that is, despite satiety, i. e. the satisfaction of need, there will still be hunger because the two will coexist. It is a state that your mind cannot really understand. Being hungry and satisfied. To experience satiety and hunger simultaneously. We are not talking about the desire to eat, but about true hunger, the permanent need to welcome the energy in you and, at the same time, the feeling that the Spirit totally fills you. This is what we are inaugurating today, with you. »

Myriam; There I saw a relaxation. There was a certain tension in my body during the process and there was a relaxation in my body, a fairly gentle movement.

I also have another image that is given to me, that of the human mass that was a half-sphere with the cut of the half-sphere down and rounded up and the crown that we form placed on the dome. And, I saw this human mass quite inert, without movement. And now I see the base of this half-sphere moving. This mass, which was quite compact, is beginning to take on different aspects and the different human beings are beginning to individualize, and it is more and more, as I say it.
The whole sphere is composed of distinct Beings who are in motion. And, there is a perfect harmony. On the other hand, the colour is still grey while the crown is golden. The world of colours has not yet arrived in the half-sphere of humanity. And there are always those immense White Beings that surround the whole that we form, half-sphere and crown. And, in fact, below the half-sphere that is formed by humanity, there is its complement, another half-sphere whose dome is down and which represents the Earth, the planet, and I see currents, I see waves.
It is not a compact Earth, it is an Energy Earth composed of currents of different colors. And now the human mass, which is no longer so massive but is really a moving half-sphere, every human being who composes this sphere is a living Being. And each Being sets in motion, but still remains in its place. It remains a sphere, but I feel that there is a desire in this half-sphere, there is a desire to deploy, to expand, to fly somewhere.
And little by little, I see that this half-sphere is widening, becoming more subtle, more vibrant and each being becomes transparent and this half-sphere surrounds the Earth, which has once again become a sphere and this Earth, which is made up of currents of energy, currents of colours, waves of energy and colours. And so the humanity that was in half sphere above this Earth, this humanity now forms an entire sphere around the Earth. I don’t know if I’m clear, but I see the image clearly. And the crown that we are remains above the whole with the Beings of Light that keep us above because the process is not finished, I am told.
“We invite you to accompany this change of humanity until the end of the stage we are currently living with you.
I have a little headache. Suddenly, I feel pressure on my forehead so it is my mind that wants to resist a little, with the belief that I have not described sufficiently well what is shown to me, what I see. So I’ll start again.
I see, in the centre, the Earth in spherical form composed of colours and energy. Around the Earth, I see humans who are transparent, translucent. And I see each human being well individually but connected to the others around the Earth but very subtle. You could say they’re crystal balls. Each human is like a crystal ball but not at all dense in energy.
Humanity abounds above the Earth, nothing is dense, everything is in energy and in the subtle and humanity is harmonizing, settling in this new form around the Earth.
And we who are the crown are sometimes at one pole, above the North Pole for example. A crown that is slightly above that is formed by Earth and humanity and then, from time to time, we deploy and we are around the equator, then we tighten up and we go to the South Pole. All this under the impulse of the great Beings of Light who accompany us.
That is what we are doing and we are continuing our work, we are continuing to activate memory, we are continuing to provide food to satisfy humanity’s need for energy, we are continuing to satisfy humanity. It is not us who do it, it passes through us. It is these Beings of Light who offer, through us, this manna and we agree to be the channel, to be the funnel in a way, through which this energy of love, light, purity, harmony is poured.
It’s really a day of revolution. There is a kind of breathing that takes place in the different places we occupy. The crown around the North Pole, the crown around the Equator, the crown around the South Pole, the crown around the Equator, the crown around the North Pole. There are these three stages that form a continuity, a permanent movement. I feel that the image is moving away.

I feel that the work, the work is done: the revolution has taken place. I feel that the crown we are forming needs to come together. We could say, in a way, that the whole Earth and humanity lives its life and that we have remained at the centre of these great White Beings who managed us during this operation and they want, they want to offer us something, they want to consolidate us in who we are.
They say that this step has been brilliantly achieved, wonderfully achieved and that they are happy with our collaboration. They say that they see our action today as an extraordinary, magnificent step. It requires me to give something up, I’m afraid of pride, I’m afraid of identification with the savior. So that’s not what this is about. This is the soldier’s mission that is accomplished, nothing else.
“You are neither the General nor the Dictator, you are in the place that is yours in this crown. You do not have to fear this identification that you fear and that was, in fact, once a reality for you, as for many others, as you know. The challenge of this experience is to avoid the traps you have fallen into in the past, whether in this life or in other earthly orplanetary, stellar”.
It is asked that we accept the gratitude of these Beings and that we be consolidated because, what has just been done, gives us the opportunity to have new capacities, to have new skills. We may be requisitioned very soon for further actions. But, in order to be able to accomplish these future actions, we need to receive the equipment now.

We are given a package of some kind. There is gratitude to receive and there is the package to continue the mission. So I do have the image of a backpack that we are given to continue. But in reality, of course, this is not a burden. I feel that I need to transform the idea of the backpack, the pack in the form of a backpack. And now I see a golden tray, with light, with lanterns, with lanterns. What is the story of Aladdin called, the little light of Aladdin? I think everyone who knows Aladdin will have understood.
This kind of magic light is a tray that is filled with these lights, these lanterns and which are offered to us all. It is the package to continue the action that our I AM want to accomplish on Earth.
It is said that the appointment is made, but the appointment is not for tomorrow, the appointment is for now, the appointment is permanent because there is a need for continuity in the action that is being carried out. It is said: “Do not think that this guidance completed, you will be at rest. You will only rest if you continue your action. Rest will come from the continuation of your action. Rest within humanity, in human consciousness is a time when you stop doing. There is an alternation of work and rest. There, in your current frequency, rest comes when you accomplish. It is when you do not accomplish that you feel tired. So, rest comes from the continuation of your action. I find it very pretty, a little personal comment.

But, it is so beautiful to see that. To say that rest comes when we are aligned, when we are in the action of our I AM. And sleeping is a modality of the action of your I AM, because when you sleep you receive from your I AM the impulses you will need when you wake up for your action.
The knight’s rest consists in working. At night and during the day, you are able to work, without ever experiencing fatigue, without ever knowing the need for respite. On the contrary, the more you act in the name of the Spirit, the more you act for your I AM, the more you are asking to do more, to continue the action.
It says: “the revolution is complete”. Now that the mission letter has just been given to us, I see that the crown we are forming will reach all of humanity. That is, we do not need to remain in this crown configuration at all times. On the other hand, we may regularly be requisitioned in another way, in a formal way, but here it is important that all of you, as much as you are, as all of you, members of the crown, should take your place in the heart of humanity. Your place is in humanity, whether in the crown or around the sphere.
It is very beautiful to see us regain our status as ordinary humans within humanity. There is a car honking its horn, which is very rare here because I live in a place where there is no traffic. And there, as if by chance, there is a car honking like a wedding, like a greeting to the bride.

Myriam: I feel a great joy in fact that comes to me and to the outside. It surrounds me and it’s inside.

My heart is wide open. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such joy. I truly believe that this is the first time in my earthly life that I have felt such joy, a joy that is of a quality I did not know. I have the impression of a joy of absolute accuracy, of perfect alignment, of the right place. I feel that we are greeted by the great White Beings who have accompanied us. They say:
“That is accomplished, the revolution has taken place, in yourselves, in humanity, for the Earth.
There is really a new birth that is possible now. And the strange thing is that I have the feeling, I am optimistic for humanity. Until then, I thought to myself, it’s a lot to do and then, all of a sudden, I say to myself: “But yes, it’s possible, it’s possible, it’s really possible. It’s beautiful, I’m very happy.
I give thanks, I am grateful, I am joy. There, the little crack of the house that tells me that it’s done, it’s great, I have my little earth markers. I want to laugh, actually, I want to joke, I want to dance. Well, that’s not true because it’s not my expression, but there’s something that wants to dance inside me.
I would like to thank all the people who are listening, live or recorded. Anyone who listens to this guidance, I thank them deeply. I am infinitely grateful to all the listeners of this guidance. It’s wonderful, it’s happening, the action is starting and something is on the way. The revolution is not July 14 this year, it was July 23, thank you.