audio – Matter and spirit together

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

For several days now, I have been receiving testimonies from people clearly committed to their soul mission, involved in contributing to the raising of humanity’s consciousness, who have told me of incomprehensible resistance for them. There is a kind of paradox between the powerful action carried out in collaboration with the spiritual world to raise our consciousness, and this feeling of discouragement, a kind of lethargy that seizes some of us, while others seem to experience the joy of the transformation in progress.

Today’s guidance is clearly an answer, a considerable help in confronting our resistance to the accomplishment of the mission, our obstacles to the changes underway.

Once again the teaching is precise and operational and totally embodied. Indeed, I start the guidance at the time I say with a certain agitation around me: tractor noises in the distance, cows mooing in the meadow next to the garden, unusual presence of stirring cats near me. All this tells me that I have to listen to the noise and agitation in me. I manage to find the quiet space and I receive with fluidity the teaching of the day devoted obviously to the management of the part in us that does not agree with our commitment to I AM and tends to withdraw into the shadows. We then receive the necessary help to meet the old injury that governs this behaviour.

Colourful and inspired drawing of Élodie LAGOUY

It is then that I am interrupted by an “ode to joy” of synthesis, a bell that rings and indicates to me that I have visitors. So I have to interrupt the reception of the information to welcome my neighbours who came to offer me the blackberries from their garden.

Then I take back the guidance and have to face my mind which really feels that I am not spiritual at all. For my inner devil, it is clear that my thought is at the origin of all the words I utter, that my thought and imagination are the authors of what I claim to be a conduit. My devil is all the stronger because the day’s guidance includes information that was at the centre of the conversations I had the day before. Which of the chicken and egg started first? Is it human thought that is at the origin of everything that crosses my consciousness and gives its color to what is channeled? On the other hand, do the Spirit, I AM, guide me, through conversations and concrete situations, to enter into the subjects necessary to raise my consciousness, before giving me an explicit teaching that confirms the experience?

Even if my mind this morning has generated doubts that are particularly powerful, “I”, as master and sovereign, decides that the Spirit precedes all forms, all thoughts, that I AM guides all lived situations, mobilizes in all possible ways to help me to be its faithful manifestation.

I therefore dare here to confirm the authenticity of the channeled information, the reality of the transmission by the spiritual world of the guidance received.

Once again my personal experience is put at the service of the path of each human being. I was very happy after this meditation to receive the testimony of several people who felt helped by what we experienced, each in our own way, in our own singularity.

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

With these words, I connect myself to my I AM. I establish the Unity within me. I make sure that my human form is the perfect expression of my divine nature. I place my conscience at the disposal of the Spirit, of what I AM from all eternity, in order to receive here and now all the information necessary for the accomplishment of my mission.
I associate with my own unification the unification of all the people who are present at the moment, who are listening, live or recorded, to the comments that are being transmitted here. Space is made in me, availability is established and I can thus receive the help of Archangel Michael who offers me his power, who offers me his determination, who offers me what he offers to all humanity: his presence, to ensure the realization of the experience of free will in duality, in density.
I welcome the presence of the Crystal Master who gives my body strength and transparency, who allows me to vibrate on the frequency of my vibratory body.
I welcome the presence of Mary, Divine Mother, conscience of the Earth, with whom we must strengthen our cooperation, to intensify the loving relationship that unites us.
I welcome Jesus, my brother, my friend, the one who opens the way, the one who puts at our disposal all the experiences he has lived on Earth, in his human form, so that Christ, solar consciousness, may live among us.

I connect myself to what I AM, to the infinite space at the base of my consciousness so that every human and material concern may be treated by the Spirit and so that I may be fully available to receive.
The noises from the outside are only the manifestation of my inner noise. It is simply a question of calming what is happening inside so that the outside is also calmed immediately. It is the law, it is the rule with which we can deal to act on the world, to act on our environment. We are the tool with which action can be carried out.
The fears linked to thought, history and erroneous beliefs can all be appeased, transformed into security as soon as inside us we welcome the Spirit, we let ourselves be nourished by him.
At this particular time, volunteers to bring the Spirit to life on Earth are beginning to mobilize, to gather, to gather, to assemble in order to transmit to all humanity the information of love, the information of Christ, the information of light.
In this period, the confrontation with what in us is opposed to the divine will, to the accomplishment of the mission, these forces stand up in order to strengthen our own will, to ensure that our human will is the exact replica of our divine will, the exact manifestation of our divine will, by the deliberate choice of the Master that we are, by a firm and irrevocable decision of our I, the authority to guide our incarnation, our existence.
The time of confrontation is the indication that you are entering the era of transformation. This time of confrontation with yourselves, with what would have you believe that you are a human, banal, unimportant, without scope, when in reality, you are divine Masters, creators, faithful manifestation of the absolute.
This confrontation with this reduced image of yourself is only there for you to decide that the truth of your identity can triumph. This confrontation is there for you to put the power inside you, in your intestines, in your heart. This confrontation invites you to deeply feel what you are from all eternity, what lives within you and what is beyond form and appearance. This confrontation must not destroy you, on the contrary, it is there to serve you. Jesus said:”Remember, when I went into the desert to consolidate the presence of Christ that the Baptist had placed in me, I too was confronted with the forces within me that opposed the obvious reality of the Father within my flesh, the creator in the man I was.
The temptations that were often recounted were a reality, it was nothing more than highlighting the parts of me that opposed the accomplishment of my mission, that made me doubt the possibility that I had in me, to realize what the presence of Christ in my flesh required me to accomplish.
What I did, you can do and much more. What I have done, allows you to go further because what has been done is no longer necessary. Even if you too are confronted with the same stages as those I have experienced, you are given the opportunity to experience them in a mitigated way, in a gentle way, in order to be able to benefit from the lessons I have experienced through these experiences, from doubt, from fear, from temptation.
Certainly, you also live them in order to be able to acquire the strength necessary for your greater commitment, in the purpose of your I AM, in the project of your mission during this incarnation, during this existence”.

I have the image of a waterfall descending from a rock, a very beautiful waterfall, like the one I saw in the Tamerza mountains of Tunisia. Very beautiful waterfall that gives a rather enchanting image, enchanting movement of life, joy, Source that circulates in each of us, in me.
Jesus’ message allows us to go further in raising our frequency this morning. I thank him for being there, active, kind, generous, in support of what we do. And I let the spiritual world with I AM raise the frequency in my body, the frequency of the human form that I AM has borrowed to act in the experience of the union between the Earth and humanity.
I feel something growing in my rib cage, in the solar plexus. I know that I just have to let it go, to have confidence and I feel that a space opens up at the top of my skull that makes me perceive my expanded body, that while being well anchored in my density, I perceive my body diluted in infinity.
Here on Earth, in my body of flesh, I am a central point of a sphere that stretches to infinity and it is from this feeling that I am in relationship with the Spiritual Beings who teach us, who guide us, who are mandated by the Great Central Sun of the universe to enlighten us, to indicate to us the transformations that are to be made today and thus continue the path of evolution of the consciousness of humanity.

I am given to see in the consciousness of humanity a dark place. I see that this image is symbolic, not a reality, as if there were humans in a dark forest who were gathered together to be protected from the light, to cut themselves off from the benefits of the Spirit, from the benefits of light. This image is nothing more than the manifestation of what exists in each of us and is nothing more than the part of us that wants to protect itself from the light, that wants to say no to the forces of the Spirit.
This part exists in each of us, even in the most mystical of you, I am told. There is in every human being, a remote place that is not very visible to light seekers but very perceptible to those who are interested in matter, profit, power, war. And this image, in fact, is the visible manifestation of the aggregation of all these parts that exist in every human being and it is presented to me as a group of humans who are entrenched in a dark forest protected from the light.
We who are present here are asked to hear these words, to consider that it is a part of us that is entrenched, protected from the light in a dark forest within us and that it is not by acting on a group of humans outside us that we are powerful but by acting on the part of us entrenched in the dark forest, within us, that we are powerful.
And now I feel that I am being guided by Melchisedek who says:
“What do you want to do? What would you like us to do together for thisdark part, for this dark forest that shelters the part of you that refuses light? I invite you not to get rid of this part too quickly, but rather to listen to what it has to say to you, but rather to hear the arguments it opposes to the reception of light and love, to the benefits of the Spirit, for this part was formed from subtle perceptions you had, from experiences on which you drew conclusions and which led you to lock yourself in a bunker, to shelter under a great umbrella of the emanations of the Spirit.
Listen, feel, welcome this part of you, do not deny it, because the negation of this part is a fertilizer for it to grow, for it to occupy all the space. That is why by looking at it, by hearing it, by questioning it, you can on the contrary bring the information likely to thwart the hardness that has settled in you and that refuses sweetness, that refuses love.
The protection you have put on sensitive parts of yourself can indeed be removed, provided that this sensitive part and perceived as fragile is nourished, or transformed. Not by a decision of your mind but by the infinite love you can give yourself.
These sensitive and fragile parts were formed as soon as you gave up your power to others, when you were a child, but also when you were older and then you were unable to be a Master. This part that has hardened, that has entrenched itself in the darkness of the bunker, of the rough forest, this part is nothing more than the manifestation of your fear of being subjected to the authority of others, of another human, instead of being in the joy of the authority of your I AM, recognized and accepted.

Of course, I have to do the transformation process at the same time as I state it and I sometimes need a little time to listen to what is happening in me, to take care of that part of me that has hardened every time I have given up my power, every time I have preferred the illusory security provided by the so-called protection of another institution, a human being, a thought, a superstition, instead of being the manager of the situations I was experiencing myself.
The simple fact of saying it shows me a parade of images, I don’t need to see them precisely, I know that they are all similar in the structure, that is, each time, they are situations where I have preferred not to take my responsibility and to rely on the choice of others, on the external choice, betting on greater security, a greater momentary peace and minimizing the injury that I granted myself by submitting out of fear, cowardice. And I feel that I must also not judge myself, admit with humility these behaviors, these choices of the past and which will be able to occur again in the rest of my life because nothing is ever settled, everything is always in transformation for the consolidation of Mastery, for the pursuit of the fulfillment of Christ in me.
There, I look at this parade of situations and I see the abandonment of my responsibility, the abandonment of my authority, the handing over of my keys to others than myself. I accept this and I feel the presence of Melchisedek, of Archangel Michael who show me every time how I can maintain my position as Master, how I can not rely on others but keep control of situations.

I feel that above my head, a particular energy is poured into me to give security to this part that had hardened. What was hard is getting softer, what was frozen is getting moving again. I feel that light can penetrate into this dark shelter where this part of me had placed itself, had taken refuge.
I feel that something inside me is flowing again, I feel it in my stomach particularly and I feel the presence of all those who are listening and who are making the same transformation at the same time as me. And I am grateful for this meeting that is taking place and that allows this magnificent transformation and that is intended to reduce the strength of the resistance that we both put up against the accomplishment of our mission.
“Dare to be Masters, dare to keep your supreme authority in all circumstances, dare to consider yourself as sovereigns”. This is the message of Archangel Michael.

We hear the doorbell ring. Marie-Odile says: “So as you can see, I’m live at home and someone is ringing, which never happens. So I’m going to see who’s there and I’ll take over the guidance later.

Here, I’ll take the guidance from where I left it. In fact, I have no idea how I’m going to do it, because my neighbours came to bring me a basket of blackberries, very dark, very black, from their garden. So I think the dark part inside me, very ripe, was highlighted this morning.
And maybe, I don’t know if you can hear the sounds live, but cows are also moaning this morning, you can also hear the birds, a tractor noise. That’s why I felt that there was a lot of noise inside me and that there was a need to calm something, to calm something down. Anyway, if you stayed on the line, thank you. I don’t really know what to tell you, except thank you for staying here.

This allows me to reiterate how much the action with the Spirit is part of a completely banal, ordinary daily life. There is absolutely no need, in my opinion, to do extraordinary things to live the spiritual dimension of our Being, the spiritual nature of our Being. It is between the picking of green beans and the watering of tomatoes that this meditation takes place and things are done with the same intensity, whether in the garden or in the plane of the Spirit. It is a great joy for me to experience both actions with such presence and importance.
The silence is returning and I feel that, indeed, another vibratory quality has been installed. What was to be done for this dark part was done. And I also believe I can say that this incursion of the ordinary world into the sacred space that I have created is of great importance, because it is increasingly said that the volunteers of Christ, the volunteers of light, are no longer led to separate the sacred from the profane, the ordinary from the extraordinary, it is the lot of Unity to live simultaneously hunger and satiety, as explained yesterday.
It is a question of simultaneously living the Spirit and the human, the divine and the human, the Spirit and the material. It is a question of being able to speak openly about the sacred experience within each human being. There are no more secrets about the sacred. Secret and sacred have nothing to do with each other anymore. The sacred must flood the profane with light and that is what is shown to me here.
The dark forest that was there earlier no longer exists. It’s a clearing. There are still trees but they are trees well spaced from each other where light has its place. It’s a wood, then a clearing, then another wood. But a wood that is not tight, a wood where we can move, see clearly, where the ground vegetation can grow. It is the image that is given of the mix between the profane and the sacred, the assembly of the profane and the sacred.
One could say that trees, the planting of wood could be the profane, while light is the sacred and so there is a combination of the two. And then perhaps also, in what has just happened, what I can see is the goodness of humans who are not necessarily in a process of consciousness or a spiritual process similar to mine, but who for all that, overflow with kindness, generosity, natural love.
And here, it is my neighbours who have this loving, benevolent, beneficent attitude. It is their way of living the Spirit, of living love. We are asked to open our eyes to these different ways of living the Spirit, of living love.
Some humans practice an art listed among the arts you know, painting, drawing, speech, music, sculpture, all kinds of arts that express the sacred through hands, through the human being. It is necessary to look at artistic practice as a manifestation of the sacred.
It is necessary to look at human love for one’s neighbour as a practice of the Spirit in ordinary life. The exercise that Melchisedek and Archangel Michael are asking us to do today is an exercise that consists in identifying around us all the observable ways of practicing the Spirit through ordinary gestures, through attitudes that are not listed as “spiritual”, but that nevertheless manifest love, manifest Christ, without this being said, without this being made official.
It is said that the time will come to put Christ’s name on these practices, but that for the time being, we who agree to volunteer so that light may live on Earth, can already rejoice in the observation of all these practices which are not named as such, but which are indeed a reality, an action of the absolute love of the profane world in humanity on Earth.

I am always amazed to see how concrete events, real-life situations are real lessons about the posture to be held, about the conduct to have to accomplish my mission. And there, I suppose you hear the cows because the sound is very loud and precisely for me, the presence of the cows is really very much linked to my childhood, to my conditions of incarnation since I grew up on a farm where there were cows and that the cows were the main concern of my family, my parents.
I feel that this presence today invites me to see also that the Spirit was able to develop in these conditions, that the consciousness of Christ developed in this world which seemed to me, when I was a child, very dull and not very interesting. I see that in order to be able to totally liberate the part of me that was hardened, I must also totally reconcile myself with these conditions of incarnation and I suppose that if I live this now, it concerns all those who are listening and who are interested in pursuing the transformation.
To fully accept my conditions of incarnation, not to find them weak, vulgar, not to find them violent, not to judge them but to recognize it as a choice of I AM and to rejoice in it. Certainly, these conditions of incarnation have caused me to put in place protections, hardenings, withdrawals, withdrawals, but today I can see all the benefits brought by what I experienced in the past.
I can free the little girl inside me who has protected herself, who has hardened, who has closed herself and tell her that today, authority is no longer outside but inside me and I can commit myself to being with her, loving, caring. I feel that it is a question of eradicating fear, the fear I knew as a child, the fear of the dark, the fear of the cold, the fear of danger, even when it did not exist, the fear of injustice, the fear of anger, violence, all fears, the fear of disease, the fear of suffering, all fears can be seen.
And I see that this is an upper floor in the care we need. My mind is very dissatisfied with the way this guidance is going. My mind believes that it is completely disordered, that it is not good enough, that it is not high enough, that it is not “spiritual” enough. My mind tells me, frankly, that it’s a little too ordinary and Melchisedek tells me:
“On the contrary, it is exactly this point of junction between the Spirit and the human that we, on the plane of the Spirit, want you to live, that you watch because rising in the air can be interesting and very often necessary, but this only makes sense if you regularly return to the Earth, you return to human realities and you act on your own Earth, on your own inner garden”.

I am told that I am far from suspecting the importance of this guidance. I am told that by this very small aspect in the eyes of my mind, by this very human aspect, there is an immense care that is being taken. A care that does not only apply to you who listen but to the whole of humanity, because everything you experience here is for the benefit of all humans.
What you are experiencing today, humans will experience tomorrow. The transformation that took place in the days before, through the guidance in your subtle bodies, leads here today to the concrete reality of your life. And then I hear a song, a song sung by the Spiritual Beings who accompany us.
One could say that Melchisedek is a little bit the choir conductor, the conductor and there is a great joy that manifests itself in these Beings of the spiritual plane. They say that we have taken great care for humanity, that we have, through this confrontation with the dark part of ourselves, released an energy that was blocked in the astral plane of the Earth. In the astral body of the planet Earth, in the astral body of humanity, there was a very dark, very dense cloud.
“And we who see the Earth can attest, from a high plane of consciousness, that the astral body of the Earth, the astral body of humanity, is now of a very beautiful light, of a very great fluidity.

Maybe you hear two birds singing: there are crows in the distance that remind you of alchemy and there is a tiny little bird, maybe a swallow, I have many swallows at home. And I feel that we must consolidate what has just been done, that we must strengthen the form, strengthen the information and that it is in us that we are asked to feel the fluidity of our astral body, the transparency of our astral body, the luminosity of our astral body.
The sentence that can be said for this is: I AM LIGHT. And when I say these words, I feel a much more fluid flow of energy around me. By attesting myself that I am light, I proceed to the final cleaning of my astral body for today. And I see something under my feet or around my feet that is settling.
That’s it, the image given to me is an ovoid shape around my body, quite wide, which is indeed filled with light, transparency and fluidity.

I feel that this guidance is coming to an end. I have the impression, how to say, I could almost say that it was as if it hadn’t really started, but that it didn’t really end either, and that at the same time, I feel that everything is done.
Anyway, thank you, you who are listening, for being here. I believe that one more step has been taken in the commissioning of what I AM, by offering this episode of interruption of guidance and by offering the very concrete situation.