audio – Earth and human contract

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

As I begin the presentation text of this guidance, I have an emotion, my eyes fogged up without really knowing how to explain why. This day of August 15th has been making me dizzy for several weeks and I “watched” myself not to be waiting for something. I simply felt that Mary would manifest herself to humans to encourage them to continue the path they have been following with her since the planet Earth was loaned to them for the experience of free will.

From the very first moments of the guidance, in the phase of centering and anchoring, I am inspired to express my gratitude to the Earth and I feel that this gratitude is not only mine, but that of all humans who recognize the spiritual being that our planet IS. Moreover, throughout this guidance, I have the impression that, as a backdrop to my consciousness, I find myself in the presence of all the humans I know, as if a gallery of portraits constituted the backdrop of what I experience, each one being very specific and unique.With our high frequency, we are then invited to descend into our depths to meet our basic structure, the seeds of our life. There, the new vehicle “built” yesterday appears: a crystalline structure arranged like molecules with the presence of the flower of life, diamond in the center. Our human vehicle is a miniature replica of the current structure of the earth.

The bowels of the Earth, the sacred temple
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

Little by little, each human volunteer can establish a personal link with the earth, based on our respective diamonds. This is how the new contract between the planet and its human inhabitants was established. The earth now lives with its crystal structure in the heart of diamonds and, endowed with a similar structure, we are invited to re-engage in union with it by putting love in the foreground.The contract renewed on the basis of Love is then blessed by the Great Central Sun of the universe which subtly sweeps away with its breath the established bond in order to consolidate it. This allows the process to continue completely and to achieve the perfect positioning of our structure.

Drawing of Aurélie LANDAIS

We are still being helped to find peace within us when tensions, doubts and discouragement take hold of our “I”, our conscience. A state called “warrior’s rest” is lived and inscribed in us so that we have it at our disposal if necessary. The key to access it is: “Yes to I AM”.

Finally, a message of unconditional love from Mary, conscience of the Earth, Divine Mother, which exhorts us to no longer perceive ourselves as unsatisfied children by her mother of flesh so that we can finally recognize the woman in her divinity. I feel a great joy in transmitting this message and today I hear even more acutely the message I have given myself with my human identity: “Mary, oh say the meaning up high! ». On this Assumption Day, I honour Mary, I offer her my voice to tell humans what she has to say….

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Note: the drawings and paintings published are made live, while listening to the guidance. Thank you to the generous artists.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

It is Thursday, August 15, 2019, the day of the Assumption and I thank you for being present to participate in receiving the information that we will gather together from the spiritual world. Information that will enlighten us, guide us, inform us of what we need to do so that love can live on Earth, so that human consciences can rise, remember their spiritual nature buried since incarnations and replaced by a material vision of creation.
I invite those who are there, to open their consciousness to the present moment, to their I AM, just as I open my consciousness to what I AM. I place the human person here present at the disposal of the Spirit.

I am what I am,
I am a divine presence,
I am love,
I am light,
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

My heart opens to love, my consciousness opens to light, my body is the receptacle of energy, of this subtle substance that composes me before I am present in the density.
I dedicate myself entirely to the present moment and to the decision I have taken to be the receptacle of the information issued by I AM and the spiritual beings that surround it. The decision I made to receive information from our I AM gathered together, accompanied by the spiritual beings around us.

I feel tingling on the top of my head, I feel a great opening in me, which allows me to welcome in front of me, there now, the Crystal Master present behind me in the south and I accept to receive from him the frequencies he emits and to bring myself in harmony with his frequencies. I accept by resonance phenomenon to be in harmony with the Crystal Master.
To the east, to my right, my brother Jesus, my companion, our friend, our companion, our human guide. I greet him, I give him thanks for his permanent action, for the gift of him, for his soul always alive in the sphere of the Earth, for his daily gift of love, light, energy, heavenly food.
I welcome Archangel Michael to the north, facing me, I receive his power. The fire of his heart meets the fire of my heart. His glory comes to illuminate the place where I am, where he is present. His majesty comes to make me grow, to increase my scope. I welcome the peace it gives me by allowing me to strengthen the posture of master that I AM asking me to adopt in all circumstances in my life.
Mary is there, to my left very close to me, completing this cross at the centre of which I am placed by the presence of the beings who come to help us to raise our frequency, to open our consciousness.
“Oh Mary Divine Mother, conscience of the Earth we celebrate you today, we celebrate the spiritual being that you are and I want here, on behalf of all humans who wish to give you thanks, to greet you.
I also want to tell you how determined I am to continue with you, the experience we are living together. You, on the way to becoming sun, you in the process of bodily transformation, I want to tell you that I want to continue to accompany you and that I agree that my own body with you, can continue to live.
The period of transformation we are living through, I offer it to you. I say a total yes to these profound transformations that are underway and that will allow us to continue the path of transformation, of elevation towards the love that we have shared for so long. I give you thanks, oh divine mother, for being always present, always loving. I am happy that you have chosen to continue your journey and invite us to continue with you.
May your will be done divinely and I say it, your will encourages us to take responsibility for our own evolution, in this, too, be thanked.

I feel that after having spoken these words, something in me is open, I feel my body as if it were a well, the contours of a well and while I usually have the feeling of elevation there, it seems to me that my consciousness is rising but to go in depth to see what is to be seen. It is the visit that goes to depth but this visit is only possible with a high consciousness, only with a high frequency.
So the feeling of descent is not the result of a descent of consciousness but on the contrary a possibility given by the high consciousness to go to see the depth, to go to see the heart of the Earth, to go to see inside you what is deeply present, active, powerful.
I accept to be accompanied by I AM in its high frequencies, towards the depth. While I feared to see something dark, in reality when I let myself be led by I AM in its high frequency, I reach after this dive into the depths of a totally luminous, spherical, very vast space where it is a question of the germ of life, we are talking about seeds that have been sown, we are talking about old programs that have been installed and that are relevant today to update, discover and update.
It is a question here of going to meet our own structure, the structure of the Earth, the essential framework of the Earth and humanity. It is a question of skeletons for both the Earth and humanity. It is about seeing the skeleton in the deep nature and not in the form it has taken.
I was shown a crystal architecture that, I don’t know how to say, that’s how atoms are represented with bars and balls, so it forms a sphere. Every human is a sphere, there is a subtle substance around it but it is not the structure that interests us. It is still the flower of life in volume.
Everything is structured according to a sacred geometry and that is what is shown to us and we can see that the structure of humans is absolutely identical to that of the Earth. In fact, in what I am given to see, there is an immense structure that is that of the Earth and there is a replica of that structure in every human being that is there.
It is absolutely impossible to stabilize the image to see a number, I understand that there I am given to see the whole of humanity. It is not a fixed number, it is the whole of humanity since it was manifested, since it was created, if we can talk about time.
It is more of a plan of consciousness than a chronology. There is something that requires us to be in harmony between the structure of the Earth and the structure of humanity. There is, then, really there, I feel a very strong feeling in my heart, I feel that it is a question of going after the inner diamond of the Earth, as it is a question of going after the diamond in each of us, of our earth vehicle. When I say go get it, it’s not about picking it up, it’s about resonating with that diamond.
It is a question of establishing a link, one could say telepathic, between the diamond of the Earth and the diamond that we each contain. A little like we see in science fiction films, this link that is established, this ray of energy that occurs when two beings are in communion, in relationship.
It is about inviting ourselves individually to establish our own link, being in the consciousness of the inner diamond within ourselves and the inner diamond within the Earth. We are on pure information and not at all on the visible and so it is a question of bringing the frequency of the Earth and the frequency of ourselves, human beings in harmony, in agreement.
This is what is happening so that, says the Earth, “my own changes and your changes are constantly being granted and you have only joy in the transformations that are taking place. You are constantly guided and for all the beings who have decided to be in their mission as healer guides of humanity to accompany the evolution that we live together, for all of them, the changes are made gently, the programs are now set up so that when the time comes, my body and your body are perfectly in harmony, in possibility of relationship, in joy of being together as it is the case at this moment.
I know that a number of you sometimes have some difficulty accepting these changes. I want to tell you, oh my children, that it is not the elements of the future that cause you problems but the elements of the past.
The forms of the past are more and more heavy for you who had a high consciousness of yourself and it is when you retain these forms of the past that sometimes itthere are clashes between these and the new forms and this is what causes you some problems of digestion, balance, physical balance, some problems of sensation, explosion.
Do not think that it is the new elements that cause you problems because your soul, your I AM, has been calling them for a long time and you are largely ready to welcome them. What creates fatigue, worry, anxiety, is your rooting in the past form.
That is why I come to you today, the day you celebrate my ascension to help you in your own ascension. How good it is for me to have a few children gathered around me to hear what I have to say, to receive my love, to welcome my light, to know that it is good to know you are loving, to know you are open to your deep structure, totally similar to my own structure.
Oh my children, I tell you from the depths of my heart, I desire that we continue together the journey we have begun to make, I wish that the contract that unites us be honoured so that the forces of the Spirit may be nourished by what we experience, what we live together.
The program contains the transformation that you and I are experiencing right now. This program has been asleep for a few years, the time for human experiences, the time for the worship of matter to come to an end. But today here is this term and here is the moment to update the program which is the fruit of the consciousness you have reached, which is the fruit of your recognition of the meaning of your presence with me in the solar system, in the universe. This program is ready to be launched in yourself.
The recognition of the diamond that you carry within you, your crystalline structure is the starting point of the new form that your I AM invite you to live in human consciousness, on the plane of consciousness where we are gathered, where we are together. Each of you can say yes to his diamond, to his crystal structure in full consciousness that he then says yes to the meaning of the presence of his I AM on Earth.
I know that a number of you are seized by fear, fear of change, fear of not knowing, fear of being seduced by the charms of the past. I tell you the truth, oh my children, as soon as you say yes, then you automatically receive the necessary guidance to let your I AM do its work in your body of flesh and your crystalline body which today are but one, thanks to the diamond recognized inside you”.

I feel that something inside me is happening physically because I say yes, totally without restriction to the recognition of the I AM program installed in my body. I say yes to the recognition of the diamond, to the crystal body installed in the body as we see it with today’s human consciousness. I say yes to the superposition of the two structures, to the activation of the new forms in parallel with the continuation of the old structure. I say yes, to the help given by I AM, by Mary, by Jesus, by the Crystal Master, by the Archangel Michael, by the Great Council of Suns. I say yes to receiving everything I need to experience the superposition of these two structures simultaneously, in joy. Activate the new structure whenever necessary and have the courage to leave the old structure so that the new structure can live.
My whole body is expanded, I only feel the diamond inside me. I say yes, I perceive the radiation from the human form throughout the universe. I perceive the unlimited nature of my body, I perceive that I AM information is transmitted throughout the universe. I feel that the structure is consolidating and I feel that the link with the Earth is intensifying.
I feel that through us a new relationship is being established between the Earth and humanity. Through us, a team of volunteers who act for ourselves and for our new structure and who recognize the new structure of the Earth, there is an opportunity to act so that humanity’s relationship with the Earth is transformed. While profit, the exploitation of the riches of the Earth was the basis of the relationship between humans and their mother, today, we gathered here today, we can ensure that humanity’s relationship with the Earth is based on Love, the mutual, mutual recognition of the spiritual being that it is and that we are.
I see the Great Sun Council intervening, which is sweeping this link, this line of energy that connects the diamond of each human being with the diamond of the Earth. First of all, the operation must be carried out at the individual level. I see that for us who are here, a small group of people, I see how the energy line that connects the Earth’s diamond and everyone’s diamond becomes brighter, bluer, iridescent. So this line of energy, like a tube but without hard substance, is densified. Each one is in its crystalline structure, the diamond inside and it is through the diamond that the link is established.
And the Great Council of Suns sweeps these links away to intensify their lights, to make them more transparent. And so they are coloured with a light and charming blue substance. It’s not a human blue. When I say a color, it is what I feel humanly when I see blue, but in reality, I don’t say I see blue. I know that something has the same effect as when I see blue. It’s not at all as dense, as easy to describe as when I see it in the material.
Now I am told that I am talking a little too much, I have to go back to the operation that is being done and it is the great central sun of the universe, the consciousness of the cosmic, magnificent Christ, that surrounds the whole that we form Earth and humans connected by the line of light, energy, love and thus it encompasses us in an immense space that is light.
There is no source of light, we are in the light, we are the light. We are, we can say, welcomed into the great central sun of the universe. The whole that we form Earth and humanity is invited into the great central sun of the universe.

That’s it, I feel I need a little, an adaptation to live it. In any case, to leave the belief that I will not be able to come to the great central sun of the universe. And then I see, this impression, these waves of heat that we sometimes see above a brazier, above a toaster, above an intense heat source. We are in these waves of heat, we are truly in the great central sun of the universe with the consciousness of the Earth and the human being assembled, gathered, associated again.
And the great central sun leads us back to the experience that has been desired, organized to unite the Earth and humanity, to unite the consciousness of the Earth and create a human consciousness that can have this planet to experience choosing love. Indeed, to the extent that each of us was able to decide whether we chose to change our relationship with the consciousness of the Earth, with the planet, by putting love in the forefront sincerely in our actions, not only in our thoughts or words, in our actions. This has been done at the level of the Spirit and therefore it is necessary to have confidence in the inspiration of the Spirit in us, so that our choice as human beings is honored by our behaviors.
To the extent that we have made this choice, there is, we can say, a new episode that can begin now. It is very moving to see the blessing of the great central sun on our collaboration, consciousness of the Earth, human consciousness, on the marriage that was celebrated long ago between the consciousness of the Earth and human consciousness. A marriage that was renewed there with a different level of consciousness.
“The experiment continues if you wish, but with other bases since your own base has been modified, your structure has been changed. The common experience between Earth and humanity can therefore continue on these new foundations. And the great central sun blesses this new union, this confirmed marriage, which attests that consciousness has changed sufficiently so that the experience can be renewed, not identically but with the new parameters. Parameters that were foreseen in the initial program and that you have managed to update, through awareness, clairvoyance, and love, chosen as a priority.

Jesus’ intervention which says, “I know that some of you think that there are too few humans on Earth who have reached this stage of consciousness for this new union between the Earth and the human race to be lived with love as a priority. I know you believe that. In reality, know that the number of humans does not need to be high because what counts is the power ofinformation in the relationship between humans and the Earth. By that I mean that when you say today, powerfully, that you recognize yourself from your diamond and establish with Earth your mother the link at the level of her diamond, that you say you are committed to putting love in the foreground in everything you experience with her, with your brothers and sisters, the power of your information is likely to colour everything that is experienced by humanity as a whole with the Earth.
This is where the power of the Spirit acts, this is where your function as a healing guide is exercised first at the level of the Spirit, first at the subtle level and then visible in the density, visible in the manifestation. Indeed, if you refer to the statistical studies of which you are very familiar today and from which you make mathematical and logical deductions, you would be too few in number to influence what must be changed, to initiate the change necessary for this new union between humans and the Earth.
But here, the power of the Spirit cannot be equated, in probability, in calculations however sophisticated they may be. The power of the Spirit is far greater than the number of humans combined. Your activated diamond connected to the Earth’s diamond acts in a spectacular way, I can attest to this from where I am because I can see your vibratory bodies in perfect harmony with the Earth’s vibratory body. It is enough for a few to live this experience and say yes to it, so that the whole of humanity can then be converted.

I see like sails, little flags flying, which are oil blue. I feel that this is an operation that is being carried out. It’s actually above the Earth and humans, it floats above. I feel that it is also to transform our beliefs, our mathematical points of reference.
There is a spiritual mathematics. It’s the presence of Pythagoras, it’s not the first time I’ve picked up Pythagoras, but then again, it’s very present. He says, “that there is mathematical reasoning specific to the Spirit and that the mathematics we practice on Earth is a pale reflection of sacred mathematics. For in the mathematics of the Earth, there are missing dimensions that are present in the mathematics of the Spirit. Some mathematicians sometimes manage to channel the sacred dimension of mathematics.
I give you the information that you can get rid of your usual mathematical landmarks to let your channel receive the mathematics of the Spirit. For by accepting the change in your perception of yourself, by accepting to see yourself from your inner diamond, you open up the possibility of capturing information from you Spirit, from your I AM.
You are therefore opening yourself to new sciences that integrate the Spirit, that give way to the Spirit and that erase science based solely on the observation of matter without energy, without Spirit. Even those of you who do not have the mathematical mind, can be inspired by these new mathematics because they are the basis of the new architecture with which you will rebuild life on Earth.
The power of crystal, the radiation of crystal have not been highlighted by the calculations of human science today, of materialistic science today. In tomorrow’s mathematics, however, this crystalline radiation will be taken into account. New equations will be at your disposal for your constructions because builders will soon be born on Earth, builders who will be inspired to build according to the laws of the Spirit, according to the power of the flower of life, according to the radiance of crystal. All this is already underway for the new episode of the marriage of Earth and humanity. There is really a new beginning being made today.I feel that there is an integration phase here, at least for me it is necessary because I have heard information that challenges my rational representations.
“You have already been told that your way of thinking, your cognitive system will change. Today in particular, you receive within you data that will allow these changes in the way you see, understand, think and develop new ideas. There is a fifth dimension in addition to the three you know and time is your fourth dimension.
You can if you want to receive this data that your I AM proposes that you integrate into your neurons, into the convolutions of your brain. Your body has a very wide possibility to welcome all this because your structure, your crystalline skeleton is now perfectly installed in you. Your diamond in the center of you is perfectly consolidated. In any case, its installation is consolidated, its positioning is perfect.

There, something is pouring into us. And if we say yes, then everything is done by I AM who is the master in his house while we say yes.
In fact, that is the key, when we feel difficulties, fatigue, repeat to I AM, yes you are master at home. I, human, human, human, invite the master that you are to rule in your palace. I offer my body of flesh, its organs, its tissues to I AM, master at home.
It vibrates very, very loudly on the top of my head for me, it’s like having a bathing cap. It takes the head like a bathing cap, right down to the forehead and all that vibrates, tingles. I don’t want to change my state at all, I want to stay that way. There’s something eternal about this state. And so, I inscribe this state in my consciousness, I inscribe this moment of eternity in my consciousness.
It is there, it is an eternity, it is therefore eternal and I can access this state of eternity from my human consciousness when I want it, when I need it, when it seems necessary to me. It makes me yawn.
It is said to me, “This is the warrior’s resting place. Indeed, when war rages in you, you can come and rest there. It is a floor where you will find peace, where you will be able to regenerate yourself, where you will come to your senses, in other words, where you will reconnect with your I AM.
It is a place of you that is your place of healing, where you can organize your own healing. It is a dimension of ourselves, a plan of consciousness of ourselves that allows regeneration, the fact of rediscovering the meaning of existence, that allows us to rediscover joy when we can no longer find it in our human consciousness.

So I ask, I think I have understood what is proposed here, to have in our consciousness, this plan of consciousness of the warrior’s rest, to have it in our human consciousness. On the other hand, it’s how to get there, how to have easy access to this plan of consciousness? For we all know that when we are at war with ourselves, what is complicated is to stop it and find a way to get to this place of rest for the warrior. So the magic word is yes.
“As soon as you feel that war is raging within you, it is enough that you say yes to I AM, so that immediately the space of peace appears to you, the plane of consciousness of rest and regeneration appears to you in your consciousness. Yes to I AM is the key you can use when nothing is going well and when you feel tossed around by emotions, you feel manipulated by your humanity. Yes to I AM immediately propels you into the plane of consciousness where you can rest and regenerate, where you can find meaning”.

Well, I have a feeling that what needed to be done today has been done. I check with I AM, with all those who have accompanied us, with Mary, she says to me, “I bless you”.
It is so good to receive his blessing. There is in his gesture of blessing, there is really a total acceptance of us. Whether you are fat, skinny, tall, short, black, yellow, white, it is absolutely not an obstacle or a criterion. That’s it, it’s not a criterion. It is really, including the part that we find ugly in us, in our body, Mary blesses it.
And I pick up the scent of the nard that is there and that comes soAnd I pick up the scent of the nard that is there and that comes to heal once again the wounded child that we have been by our humanization and that Mary comes here to repair, to heal with infinite gentleness. Mary says, “I ask you to stop blaming the mothers who carried you, I ask you to give thanks to those women who gave you their flesh, their energy, their love, each in their own way and who allowed you to be an incarnate soul on Earth.
I ask you to consider these mothers in their kindness and stop judging them on what you think they have not brought you. I’m here to give you everything you need. I am here to fill you, if you feel emptiness inside you. I’m here to feed you if you’re hungry. I am here for you, quenching if you feel thirsty. I’m here to caress you if you need sweetness. I’m here to warm you up if you feel the cold.
Each of us will be able, if he wishes, to let go of his resentment and frustration towards his own mother of flesh and, by the same token, each of us, man and woman, will be able to recognize the woman in what she is. Because the image of women in humanity is very much linked to the bitterness that humans feel towards their mothers. It is good today that we humans come out of this wound from the cut cord, from the scar that has never been closed, so that woman, symbol of humanity, while man is symbol of divinity, that woman is rehabilitated in her divinity and thus perfectly complements what man lacks and makes humanity a whole human being since man and woman are associated.

There’s a really big operation going on. I, who was about to leave the guidance, see that in a totally unexpected way, a great reversal is being made, if we want to, from the change of gaze, of perception of the mother of flesh.
The Divine Mother said, “You are asking the mother of flesh to take my rightful place. Give me back my rightful place, give me back my status as a divine mother, the one who provides for all your needs and leave in peace your mothers of flesh who gave you the best of themselves when it was necessary for your arrival on Earth. It is time to be at peace with the women who brought you to Earth. It is time to be in touch with your absolute mother, your divine mother, the one whose diamond is in touch with your own diamond, the one whose crystal structure resonates with your own frequency.

I feel that something is looping, but it’s almost severe. It’s almost, now we don’t talk about it anymore, that’s enough. That’s how I’ve been feeling for some time. Enough now, we stop playing the lost child, the injured child, we’re not that.
It is the Archangel Michael who gets angry and says now, that’s enough. “This is the lesson that has been learned, the care has been given many times and you continue to play the child again. This is now finished, your crystal body and your inner diamond are installed, it is up to you to take it, if you wish.
He warns us that there is still the possibility for those who wish to play with the injured child and that it is not because it is given by our I AM that the masters that we are will no longer have the possibility to play with the child. We can still play the child but we have the possibility not to do it anymore. So it’s an even more choice, I’m shown a large space, more real than before. Because of the fact thatthat before the choice, we could say that we didn’t really know how else to do it, but not now. We have the necessary equipment to never go back, if we go back, it is by choice and then it will turn off the crystalline body and lower the frequency of the diamond. The diamond will become coal again.

I want to applaud, personally, I put my grain of salt into the story. I want to applaud because I am so happy that the spiritual world says so. I have been living with this for several weeks now. I am glad that it is given by the voice of Mary and Archangel Michael. I give them infinite thanks.
There, it is a great relief for me that this has been said by the voices of the Spirit and I give thanks for all the operations that have taken place during this guidance. It seems to me that a lot has happened, I don’t know if it’s true in practice, but the intensity is such that I have the impression of something huge happening there this morning, on August 15th, with the spiritual world, with us humans who were there together.

I give thanks, of course, to the plan of the Spirit and I also give thanks to all the humans who have accepted to be volunteers for the establishment of the new era, the new marriage between the Earth and humanity. Thank you to you.