audio – To be one with the creative principle

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

A direct way to communicate with the Earth
Picture of the day, Marie-Odile

Nice synchronicity on this Sunday! While just after the guidance, I am about to make all the technical gestures that allow the recording to be accessible and to write its presentation, the computer is unavailable because of the big update of the system. The case will last a total of 2 hours. Two hours to go harvest in the generous garden, to prepare the meal. Two hours with the Earth and the abundance it offers in this season. Two hours for my cells to digest what they have just received since I said yes when we were offered to open all our receivers to receive what the planets of the solar system, relays of stellar consciousness, emit to provide us with what we need. My human operating system is updating, grooming a lot…

The channel opened from the first seconds of the meeting with I AM and the world of the Spirit. The beings who usually contribute to the anchoring and opening of our consciences had information to share with us this morning. Mary in particular gave the key that allows each of us to recognize her presence, her message in our conscience. By the quivering we feel, we can indeed detect its proximity and then give credit to the message we perceive.

Among the graces received this morning is our ability to regain the clarity and foresight we had when we were children. Very clearly this morning, it is proposed to each of us, if we so wish, to capture with sharpness the images and messages coming from our I AM, and more broadly what is emitted from the high frequencies, from the plane of the Spirit.

Together, the fire of the Spirit
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

Then comes the moment of the meeting of all those who are present to listen to this guidance, whether live or recorded. The image of the Last Supper is given to seal the grouping and to remind us that the guide who opened the way to communion between the human and the divine is called to erase himself in favour of the guidance received by each one. A time for building self-confidence is planned…

The frequency rises and joins Melchisedek which leads us to live the consciousness of the pure information that we are, to feel the reality of the Creator Principle in our heart: perception of nothingness, not created, not formalised, essence, origin. Access to this perception is now possible to all those who desire it since the experience of its feeling is inscribed in our human and bodily consciousness.

It is then said that this access has become possible thanks to the hermitage experiments carried out on earth throughout our history by humans. The quest of hermits has always been the encounter with the Creator Principle and the fact that we live it today honours all those humans who have chosen to withdraw from the world to find the Divine Creator in them.

the 26th, Hebrew letter Pé finale
Drawinf of Sandrine POCHARD

This is followed by a transmission to us of the spiritual capital accumulated by the various guides who have incarnated to “frame” the human experience on Earth. The guidance is then tinged with the feeling that this day is marked by a solemn blessing for those who are listening to today’s transmission, by an assembly of intergalactic consciences. It is said that the challenge of this transmission is of primary importance, since it was to “defeat the second death”. The number 26 appears to symbolize what has been taught. To top it all off, a link is made with the Indian tradition and in particular with the work of the Kogis who have maintained the consciousness of the sacred within humanity.


Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

We have an appointment this morning to receive together the information of the Spirit, to capture together what is sent, addressed by the spiritual world to willing humans, to bring about the new consciousness on Earth, to accompany the Earth in its evolution, to bring love to life within humanity.
If I am mobilized to put into words what we receive, I am asked to specify that each person who listens, receives in the same way. There is no stronger, more direct way, all the receipts of what we emit go directly into the cells of the listener’s body. And the spiritual world says, “we invite you to experience the reception of these words, the reception of these radiations, the reception of this love in the awareness of your ability to do so”.

I am what I am,
I am a divine presence,
I am love,
I am light,
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

I offer my body to what I AM from all eternity, I offer my human presence to my divine presence. I place my conscience at the disposal of the Spirit so that he may enlighten my path, show me the path of my own evolution linked to the evolution of the Earth, my mother, my friend, my companion of human experiences.
I totally welcome myself, I remove all limits from my conscience so that the information reaches me without restriction, without being censored in its entirety.

I welcome Archangel Michael, facing me, radiating in his splendour, in his power, thus showing himself to me, to us, he invites us to recognize our splendour, our power. He tells us, “Recognize here the Spirit that you are, enter into the consciousness of the splendor of the Spirit that constitutes you, that fills you. Accept the power of the absolute Love that has wanted you to be manifested here on Earth and that continues to live in your body, to live in you in your heart.
This is my sword, it allows each of you to be sure to keep control of each situation you are experiencing. Here is my sword, take it in order to have it permanently in your hands and thus to be assured of maintaining your verticality, your lucidity, your perseverance to maintain the course towards the place where you have chosen to go”.

In front of Michael, behind me, to the south, the Crystal Master. These two beings work together for us. Michael to help us to be the spiritual master that we are in our human condition. Crystal to help us transform the body of flesh from which we are conscious of ourselves today into a vibratory body. The vibration of the crystal in us takes place with the blessing of Michael, with the encouragement of the Earth according to the divine will of our I AM.
The master crystal radiates in this moment in all our skeleton, in each of our cells. Through our conscious, ample breathing, we welcome him, we allow him to give what he is. Through our breath we accept his offering and allow him to act to transform in our flesh, in our body what must be transformed.

To the west, to my left, is the Earth, its consciousness, the divine mother. The consciousness of the Earth tells us, “Many times I have incorporated myself into women who have spoken out about what I AM. Even today, many people on Earth, my children, still receive the messages I have to give. You who are listening to me here can be the relay of what I have to transmit from your brothers and sisters of humanity.
You can hear me, you can perceive, you can shudder when I am near you and thus know that I have something to say, that I have something to say to the whole of humanity. Have confidence in your perceptions of my presence in you, in your consciousness. For the time is coming when I am called upon to express myself explicitly. The time is coming when each of my children can be my spokesperson, perhaps the one who says what I need, perhaps the one who says what my actions and decisions are.
To receive me more easily, to welcome my messages that I have to say to the whole of humanity, relax your body. When you feel this quivering that signals my presence, breathe deeply and leave your conscience open to my presence, you will then be imbued with the message I have to give, the message I have to deliver.
Every human being on Earth has this ability to capture what I have to say, what I have to give. And you who are here, you who hear this message explicitly, I implore you to have confidence in what you feel when you receive the information I am giving you. I bless you, I would like to tell you my love, but the words you use for love are sometimes very colorful with feelings, affections and confused by your own torsions when you are not aligned with your I AM.
So I tell you today to tell you my love, I tell you this morning, I kiss you, I offer you my arms so that you can come and hear the palpitations of my being in your body, so that you can feel this characteristic quivering of my presence at your side.

To my right, to the east, I feel the presence of Jesus, who remained in the background while our mother delivers her message to us. I invite Jesus to come closer, to come very close to me, very close to us, so that the guide he proposes to be for each of us is very close. I feel his companionship, I feel his smile, the satisfaction of finding us present here at this moment in the service of Christ whom he made live on Earth in his body of flesh and whom he in turn invites us to make live on Earth in our body of flesh.
By his presence, an assembly is formed while we were individuals placed next to each other, by the presence of Jesus at this moment, an assembly is formed. “I asked you when I was on Earth to form assemblies, to gather you together to bring Christ to life who needs humans to be interconnected to really live on Earth. Certainly each of you carries within you Christ, absolute love, but when this love needs to be spread more widely on Earth, it is necessary that you be gathered, that you form fraternities, that you be gathered in the name of Love”.

And I feel a rain of white light coming on us and I also feel tingling on the top of my head. The image that could be, it is also a flock of doves, a multitude of doves that arrive on Earth because of the assembly that is formed, by the conscious presence of all those who are there at this moment for the Spirit, for Love, for Christ.
I feel an upward movement, not of the body because I am well anchored but of my consciousness. I feel my consciousness dilate, the whole top of my head tingles from the neck to the forehead and I feel that the crown chakra, the crown is totally open.
The pineal and pituitary glands are perfectly activated. The epiphysis and pituitary gland are working. And we can if we wish allow them to work so that our clairvoyance, our clairaudiance are also allowed.
“It is a question today, do you see yourself helping each of you to accept his clairvoyance and his clairaudience. It is a question of no longer giving others the task of transmitting to you the information that comes from the Spirit. It is a question of not being dependent on the incarnate beings who receive the messages from our plans and waiting to know that you are informed, because you all receive the information, you all receive the impulse of the Spirit, you receive all the messages that emanate from your I AM as it has been told to you by Mary, the conscience of the Earth. She speaks to each of you and I, Jesus, I say in truth, I speak to each of you.
Am I not your brother? Am I not your friend? Am I not your fellow traveller? I tell you the truth, oh my friends, hear me because I speak to you as I speak to the one whose voice you hear today. What youhear through the voice that transmits the messages I transmit, you can also hear it directly, each in your own way. Do not think that the messages have a unique form, the messages that I transmit take shape in you, from you, according to who you are, according to the way you have manifested your I AM.
You are unique and you have a unique way of welcoming the messages that are transmitted. The way you can know that this message is authentic is the love it contains. All the messages I give to my fellow human beings are filled with love, tolerance, an invitation to live Christ.
All the messages I am transmitting to you lead you to recognize yourself in the Spirit that you are, lead you to make your soul vibrate in your body, lead you to know that you carry the divine in you, that you are kings and queens. All the messages I convey invite you to position yourself as master in your life, lead you to dare to demand your own satisfaction and to refuse complacency.
All the messages I deliver to you are full of light and are also realistic so that you can live your incarnation on Earth with ease and ease.
Through the solar system, through the Great Council of Wise Men who watch over this wonderful experience you live on Earth, you receive everything you need to satisfy your decision to raise your consciousness, to increase your lucidity, to have the courage to say yes to the Spirit when the world of matter has blinded your brothers and sisters.
Through all the planets that make up the solar system, through the star that unites them, your sun, you are constantly nourished by all the elements you need for your own evolution. Here and now at this moment, I invite you, O my friends, to open all your receptors in your body of flesh and to receive what is given. What is given today is likely to increase your ability to communicate with the plans of the Spirit.
What is given at this moment is intended to make your communication with your I AM more fluid, with me, with your mother who has just spoken to you, with the Archangel Michael who has also challenged you, with the Crystal Master who proposes to help you to become physically what you are becoming. There at this moment each of you, through his open receptors, can receive what emanates from the solar system and the suns of other galaxies and which is intended to open your inner eye, to stimulate your sixth sense, to act on these two glands that have been mentioned, pineal and pituitary.
You have nothing to do except say yes to the gifts offered to you. You can also simply become aware that you have the right to see beyond the visible, to hear beyond the audible. When you were a child, you had this ability to see the subtle planes, to hear the voices of beings who were not present in a body of flesh. This was given to you at the beginning of your existence, then it was lost for the necessity of your incarnation, your immersion in the material. Your body remembers your communication skills with the afterlife, with the invisible, the unheard.
Your body can simply regain the ability to communicate today as you did when you were a baby, a very young child. Remember, I said when I was on Earth: let the little children come to me. Certainly, I was talking about the children around me, who were running, running, singing. But I also wanted to tell you that it is a question of coming, you yourselves as a child close to me, to find your child’s soul. These abilities that adults find spectacular and therefore hasten to reject, you have the right today to find them, to use them.
To be able to use these great capacities of clairvoyance, of clairaudience, you had to be a master and not a child. Today this master has arrived in you, this master is alive in your personality, in your body of flesh, since your I allow you to be this master.
That is why your ability to see beyond the visible, to hear beyond the audible can be restored to you here, at this moment, if you want it, if you give yourself the confidence necessary to use your talents, your abilities with love. Then you can say yes to your new talents, which are only old talents found. It is your authorization, absolutely necessary, that will allow you to have at your disposal these capacities to see clearly, to hear beyond the sphere of the Earth the messages that are transmitted, the music of the spheres, the rays that reach the Earth”.

I feel that this moment is very important, that it requires each one who listens to these words to position himself/herself to say whether or not he/she wishes to recover his/her gifts of clairvoyance or clairaudience to accomplish his/her mission. For Jesus says, “that of course to accomplish your mission as a voluntary healer guide of humanity you will receive great help through these transmissions from your I AM to the incarnate human on Earth that you are. Clairaudience and clairvoyance are intended to facilitate the accomplishment of your mission. Clairaudience and clairvoyance have the mission to strengthen the power of your assembly, the implementation of fraternity.
Wisdom is given to you at the same time as clairvoyance and clairaudience are restored to you. Wisdom that you yourselves have built up as you have experienced it, wisdom that you have acquired through the consciousness of your Spirit, of your I AM, through the consciousness of the absolute love that constitutes you.
Today, truly by saying yes to your own talents, you are enthroned master of your life, you crown yourself once again to be the king, the queen of your existence. The crown and sceptre are given to you by you, by your I AM, by your decision to say yes to your abilities, your talents, your true nature Spirit”.

The image given to me here is that of the Last Supper, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, I believe. So this open assembly, I think, is to seal the assembly, in energy of course, to seal the Eucharist, that is, this communion between the human and the divine, this possibility always given to humans to welcome the divine, their own divinity which does not come from the outside but which is awakened by the consciousness that we have of ourselves.
And I think that this Last Supper is also shown since it was Jesus’ last meeting with his apostles and then they would have to enter into a relationship with the divine themselves without their guides being there to transmit the messages to them. And that’s really what we’ve just been shown. Each of you, each of us has the ability to receive the messages he needs to lead his life, to walk on his path.
It is said, “that for all that these morning meetings are not called to stop for the moment, that there will be a time of training for everyone, to ensure the confidence to be built in your ability to receive the messages that emanate from the Spirit’s plan”.

Here I feel that a loop is closed, something that had to be done has just been done. It’s very, very big what has just been done. I need time to integrate. Here, I feel a sphere that is being formed, a sphere of light that is growing, growing, growing, growing.
I feel that we must once again deposit things of humanity in order to be able to grow and rise. Melchisedech awaits us, calls us with the Elohims with whom we are now familiar. And the sphere we form has no limits in fact. I say a sphere because that’s how it started, but in reality it has no limits, so in reality, it’s not even a sphere, it’s a formless assembly. It’s very strange, gathered presences that are not formalized. It is very difficult to convey what I perceive because there is both the presence, we can say of a group and there is no visible group. Each person is information and this information is written into the universe and it forms a gathering.
It’s a question of the frequency of information, I think. That is, each piece of information vibrates on a particular frequency and it is the aggregation of these frequencies that makes us feel like an assembly because there is absolutely no image possible to perceive this assembly, but I know it, I am in it and I observe it at the same time.
Finally, observing is not the right word, I perceive it. That’s it, just get used to it and I realize that it’s the same for each of my cells.Each of my cells is also an information, each of my cells is an information and I feel that the shape of my body, if I raise my consciousness no longer really exists. It is information that is aggregated to each other and it is, one could say, information superimposed on each other, linked on a common frequency. And my body is actually that.
With this plane of consciousness, I feel my physical body of course and at the same time I feel in parallel, an aggregation of information. Each cell is an information. I have this impression of a subtle millefeuille in fact of which I capture just a fraction, a fragment because otherwise, it is infinite.
There, my body would be a bit like a momentary densification of this superposition of information. I think the common frequency is I AM. And there I feel that physically, I have to release something, it is as if I am still holding myself in the visible form that I know from my human consciousness and that there I have to release that and accept to recognize myself in these layers of infinite information.
It’s very strange because the consciousness I have of myself is very anchored, very much in the body and at the same time the more it is in the body and the more I have this feeling that my body is a stack of cells in fact, but that these cells are just a passage in the infinite deployment of the information that I AM. I don’t know if it’s really understandable what I’m saying, but it’s quite clear to me, that it’s as if it’s a stream of information and knock, there, a stop that gets thicker and thicker and starts again and each cell is a sheet that contains information, that’s information. That’s why I need to feel it again.

Melchisedech observes the way in which our consciousness expands and manages to perceive this informational nature of our cells, this pure information dimension of each of our cells and these different superimposed information that are gathered by I AM and that make our different informational layers specific for each of us.
And I can also see how these informational layers intersect, intertwine and can form a weave, a weave that speaks of our spiritual bond that unites humans. “For here you are gathered as a family, it is the family of the healing guides of humanity that is gathered. It is not complete because you are far more numerous than those present here in your consciousness at this moment. However, I suggest that you see, feel the effect of this framework that you create when you meet each other.
The different information layers intersect and thus form a weave. Under no circumstances can you be enclosed in the weft because unlike what you can observe in the material where the crossing yarns are linked together, here the layers of information that cross each other are linked together but can immediately withdraw. How can I put it, they are in this frame but they are also elsewhere at the same time. There is no possibility of being locked up, of being caught in a weft, in a weave.

It’s so beautiful! Finally I can say beautiful because it’s only light actually. But not even light, it’s what illuminates, it’s not even light, it’s what makes it possible to see clearly. In fact there is nothing, we are in a level of subtlety that makes there is nothing and at the same time, there is information, it is only information and therefore this information is volatile, it cannot be locked up. She can give herself, she can receive herself, but she can never be locked up, imprisoned. There is nothing in my human representation at least at the moment that would allow me to describe this precisely. Maybe because it is not yet conscious enough in me, because I see a lot of light movements but, at the same time, I can’t say it’s light. It is clarity, one could say, rather, clarity and transparency. It is information, though.
It tingles in my neck, behind my head. I feel almost a little tired and I think that this fatigue is trying to maintain the very high frequency to see this plan, to see this spiritual reality. When I usually see, I see and I can describe, there I can’t say I see but I know. I absolutely know, but since there is no true form, I have to describe what I know without being able to give form. It’s a little complicated for a human being, at least for me.
There, then, I am offered to be in it, to accept to totally immerse myself in this plane of consciousness, in this level of subtlety and not to fear that I have nothing to say to the humans who are there and who are listening. Maybe that’s my limit indeed. Okay, so I’m going, I’m responding to I AM’s invitation to enter this frequency into this plane of consciousness.
Indeed, I feel something from the heart, from the solar plexus, I don’t know, it’s in between. And I feel particles in motion, particles that are transparent, illuminated, moving. I have the impression that it is a sphere and as soon as I want to see the limits of the sphere, it pushes back and I return to the feeling of the centre which emits transparent particles in movement.
It is something difficult to transmit, but I have confidence in the fact that those who are listening at this moment, everyone feels something and everyone will be able to describe what they are experiencing, their unique experience. It requires me to really let go.
I can say that there, for a fraction of a second, I captured nothingness and at the same time I know that it is the divine presence in the unformalized, the essence. That’s it, that’s it, I feel it now, I can bring him back whenever I want. It can’t take long to settle in, but I can get him back whenever I want. I can feel this starting point, the creative principle, is exactly that.
Before the form, this is the origin, the principle. What a relief, I’m very, very hot. The creative principle, it makes the head turn, the heat is intense, it comes from within, it comes from the principle precisely. I have a nard scent, a magnificent scent that comes from the subtle plane.

That’s it, this morning we are led to enter into the creative principle, into our own creative principle but which is necessarily, the creative principle common to all humans, to the whole universe.
The image given to me is that of a hermit who chooses to withdraw from the human world to live the inner being that he is. The hermit who chooses silence. The hermit who seeks to find the principle, the hermit’s quest is there, to find the principle in itself.
And so what is said is that we can benefit from everything that human hermits have experienced. I am thinking of Saint Francis of Assisi who was going to his hermitage precisely. And all the hermits who have lived on Earth and who were in search of the principle find their quest realized here through your personal contact with the principle.
“It is no longer necessary to be a hermit to achieve the principle. You here today meet this principle, you embody this principle and you free all human beings who are in search of this principle and who therefore want to withdraw from the world. Today’s time is not to withdraw from the world, today’s time is to go into the world rich in awareness of this principle within you. Your desires for a hermitage are now coming to an end as the creative principle is finally accessible to you.
His consciousness is present in your human consciousness, his reality is alive in your earthly field of consciousness. You are the principle and the manifestation of this principle. You are the creator and his creation, your creation that you perceive through the creature that you are.
The presence of Christ is very strong, a blessing of Christ, very powerful of the moment we live, of the communion we live, of the consciousness we have of ourselves.
There are all the great guides of humanity who appear to me, all those who have marked the evolution of humanity. There are those I know, those I don’t know. Melchisedech is there in the lead to present them to us, there is a whole gallery, a parade. Obviously for me there is Moses, Jesus, of course, Abraham, Buddha, all those beings who have incarnated in the East and whom I do not know. All those beings who have come so that we can meet the creative principle in ourselves today, all those great mystics.
I am asked, if I may, to thank them, to give them thanks for the works they have accomplished so that the grace of the present moment can be lived. And it is with great joy that I give thanks to all those beings who have incarnated with the awareness of the creative principle in them so that humans will always remember the opportunity given to them to contact the creative principle atheart center. It is grandiose, in fact it is a question of capitalising all that has been experienced by those who incarnated in the consciousness of the divine that they carried and who came to bring to the human world this information of the creative principle to be lived in the heart.
It’s strange, I really have the impression that there’s a big cosmic meeting as if there were an official meeting, it’s a bit like the Council of Ministers. It’s really, I don’t know what’s in the cosmos today, but in any case, there’s a big meeting, there’s a kind of formalization of things. It’s like being put in a rocket and allowed to take off to visit another galaxy.
It depends on us, we decide if we want to get in the rocket or if we want to stay on the ground. So obviously it’s just a rocket of consciousness, it’s not a visible space shuttle at all. It is really a possibility that is given to our consciousness to totally elevate itself and to live like all the ascended masters we talk about so often, like all those mystics, those great healer guides who have come to Earth.
There is a family that is reconstituting itself and I see a radiant diamond that summarizes the situation of the present moment. Melchisedech introduces us to the diamond and says that the coal has been transformed, that the human body can contain in its center the diamond that I hold in my hand.
Well, I think I’m impressed. “You played your role perfectly, fulfilled your mission perfectly for this day, which was a very special challenge. For this reason you have been prepared for several days in your calendar.
The number 26 is displayed. I have no idea why at all, except that it’s twice 13. The thirteen is transformation, death and indeed this is a phrase I know which is, defeating the second death (I believe it is a phrase from the apocalypse of John).
My mind would like to understand right away, but I ask it to calm down and continue to be in the present moment. Everyone will be able to look at what it is all about when it comes to defeating the second death. In any case, to utter these words totally calms me down, calms me down with regard to the discovery of the 26th, which put me in a state of anxiety not to understand what was being said.

Here, I feel that the frequency descends slowly while having in my consciousness what has been experienced in the high frequency. “There is no more forgetting, you can return to your usual human frequency and maintain awareness of what you have experienced in the high frequencies. There is no longer any need now to put into your unconscious what has been experienced in the high planes. You can be at the foot of the mountain and be aware of what is happening at the top.
So it’s strange because what I see now are crowns of feathers that we see on the Indians, at least on the pictures. This feather crown, this feather hat that is put on the heads of Indian chiefs. It is possible that it is a great guide of the authentic Indian tradition who presents himself there to accompany us in our return to ordinary consciousness.
I think it’s related to the Kogis, the Kogi Indians. It is the presence, a link with the Kogi Indians and all the work of consciousness they have done to keep wisdom, to keep something sacred on Earth, until humans are ready. I get a lot of chills when I talk about the Kogi Indians. Well, I connect myself to them and to everything they have done for human consciousness and its elevation, for the return of memory to the human consciousness of our divinity, for the encouragement of wisdom in the humans who live on Earth. It does me a lot of good to say all this.
I can thank very much all the spiritual beings who came, all the human beings who are there, who allowed all this to happen. I feel that this is very important without knowing how to measure why or how.
Thank you to the spiritual world, thank you to our I AM, thank you humans who hear these words and who have participated, who have remained until the end of this transmission.
As long as I am offered to continue to transmit, I will do so even if each of us today clearly has the capacity to receive, to accept the information of the Spirit’s plan. For the moment I continue to offer my voice to what is given.
Thank you and I wish you a great day.