audio – Do you want to free yourself from the past ?

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

I let Archangel Michael speak: “Now you know the nature of my closeness to you, you know how I live the friendship I have for each of you. For those who thought I was far from them or unaware of the horrors of the human condition, the truth has been restored. You now know that I am here with each of you, not only to activate the power you contain, but also to support, encourage and love you. I am pleased that this message has been conveyed to you, because in these troubled times, it is good that you know who you can count on.»

The celestial accompaniment
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

I now let Mary, conscious of the earth, guide my fingers on the keyboard. “Oh my beloved ones, how good it is to walk with you on the ways of the Spirit, “hand in hand”. I have committed today to keep you informed of all the changes I am experiencing in my dense structure, so that you will never be surprised by the changes that are happening at the same time in your own body. Together we evolve, together we make the physical transformations related to the evolution that we live in parallel because of our union. From the highest levels, we are blessed with everything we experience. »

Painting of the day, Sandrine POCHARD

I now invite Melchisedek to present his intervention himself. “Yes, you see, I have proposed to all those who feel ready, to free themselves from the burdens of the past. I am talking about the past of each person in the present existence, but also the total individual past resulting from all the experiences lived on earth. I am talking about the past of the generations that preceded you, and the past of the whole of humanity. Freeing yourself from all these pasts does not mean that you will totally deprive yourself of the forces that oppose your evolution. No, you still have the forces that you are able to raise against yourself there, in the present moment and that allow you to strengthen your positions. What you can be released from are “ghosts” who still came to taunt you, intimidate you and emanate from your story. Attention! By accepting my proposal to lift the prison sentence, you also accept your full responsibility for everything you do. Your wounds of the past, the habits of your culture can no longer be advanced to justify not acting for your mission. You will know that if there is inertia, it is indeed the fruit of your own creation and that it is up to you to treat it as a master. »

To finish this guidance, we are led to live a grandiose experience of symbiosis with the earth during which our 5 senses become emitters of diamond, of Spirit so that the matter is watered. There, in these moments, it is clear that we humans are in the midst of fulfilling the Divine Will of our I AM.

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

Let us take a moment to get in touch with ourselves, here in the body, to live the present moment, to stop clinging to what was the moment before and what is not yet the moment after. Let us simply be present to ourselves by offering our consciousness to our body and consequently to our soul, by accepting that our consciousness opens, widens, rises, so that it can access the highest frequencies of ourselves and thus give us the information that emanates from our totality, from what we are totally in the whole scale of frequencies that constitutes our I AM.

I am what I AM
I am Divine Presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

I feel that I must momentarily leave aside something of my human condition, something of my human formatting in order to recognize myself totally in the light that I AM. Archangel Michael said to me:

“Look at yourself, not in a mirror but inside you, look inside you at the light that lives, look in the nucleus of your cells, at the gold that shines, the light that shines, the Christ that vibrates. Look inside yourself and recognize what you really are and whose human appearance you have borrowed here is only a fragment that nevertheless contains the totality of what you are.
If you accept to let go of the gaze of your fleshly eyes and open your gaze from within, then you will discover the totality of yourself, even if your appearance is only a fragment of yourself, fragment and totality are only one, as soon as your consciousness opens to what you contain. Acknowledge yourself because it is urgent now, acknowledge yourself because it is important, not only for you and the mission that your I AM has chosen, but also for the whole of humanity because you have committed yourself to bringing it the light that you are, to bringing it the high consciousness that you have won by hard struggle of yourself.
You have committed yourself to awakening those who are asleep, you have committed yourself to leading those who are blind and deaf to healing. You are committed to helping your brothers and sisters walk on their 2 feet, the foot of matter, and the foot of the Spirit, the foot of the body and the foot of the soul. You made a commitment, remember, to tell the truth, in all circumstances. Not the absolute truth that many prophets wanted to impose on their fellow men, but the truth that is in you, the truth that is relative to you and yet vibrates in your cells and all around you, the truth that you carry. The witness of your truth is of such a nature as to make the Spirit vibrate, who is included in all that is manifested, in all creation.
You have committed yourself to free speech, remember, it is written in your cells, it is written throughout your body, free speech is your voice. You have committed to being you and this is the greatest achievement you are invited to achieve. But I tell you the truth, Archangel Michael, who is here, in front of you, I tell you, you are receiving today all the help you need to fulfill all these commitments, to accomplish your mission.
You are no longer alone, isolated, lost on Earth, seeking the meaning of your existence, seeking the way to reach your destination. No, you’re not alone anymore because you’ve found who you are. And by finding your I AM, by finding your Sacred Being, by finding your divinity, you benefit from the assistance of all the Beings who vibrate on the same frequency as your I AM. You benefit from all the Beings, all the stellar, solar consciences, to support you, to enlighten you, to encourage you because I know it, you sometimes tend to get discouraged, you sometimes tend to believe that you will never achieve what you have chosen to achieve: to live in matter and be light, to live in the body and be Spirit, to have the freedom to choose everything you do and to obey your I AM.
Yes, sometimes you have the impression that you will not be able to accomplish your mission. It is part of the path you have chosen, it is part of the path you needed to take to maintain your decision, maintain your course, maintain your choice. The doubt you sometimes have about your abilities is only there to allow you to develop a little more the talents you took with you in your luggage when you came on this great journey on Earth. Sometimes you lose faith in yourself, you know it because faith in the Spirit is a certain basis from which you no longer doubt.
Every day, you have proof of the real, living, present Spirit in your life. No, it is not the Spirit you doubt, but you, you see, dear friend, when you doubt yourself, you doubt the Spirit because you are a Spirit. You doubt yourself when you forget that you are a Spirit, when you fall back into sleep, when you still believe you are this body of flesh made of matter, of atoms without consciousness, when you doubt yourself, remember that you doubt the Spirit. When you doubt, put yourself back in the Spirit, reconnect with the Spirit in you and you will see that the doubt will suddenly disappear, absorbed by the light that you are. It is the awareness of the Spirit that you are that keeps your faith in you. It is the fact that you return to your beliefs that creates doubt in you.

I feel that Archangel Michael is giving us something at this moment, offering us gifts. He offers us a kind of caress of friendship.
“Yes, it is my friendship that I come to offer you, that I come to offer you, because you see, I am addressing you, to you who hears me, to all of you who hear me but I would like to address everyone personally today, that is why I use “you, you” and not “you” who could make you believe that you are an element at all but that you are not an interesting person.
Not today, I am addressing you as a person, as an individual, as a specific entity, as I AM because it is your I AM that asks me to talk to you. It is your I AM that invites me to share my friendship with you, do you want my friendship? Do you want to accept my friendship with you? Do you want to welcome this friendship?
Yes, I am talking about friendship and not love, even if you know it well, friendship and love are very similar. But when I talk to you about my friendship, I talk to you about my fidelity, about the fact that you can count on me, about the fact that I am there for you when you need, when you want, when you feel that you are softening and that you need to strengthen yourself in your subtle substance, that is what I offer you.
You see, the friend offers you his shoulder so that you can come and put your heavy and sometimes misty head on it. And I’m asking you to be that friend. Yes, I am also here to stimulate you when sometimes a little discouragement takes hold of you. Well, you see, I’m the friend who’s here to bring the courage back into you. I know how to find the words that will allow you to regain your courage.
I know how to find the vibrations you need so that the momentum in your body returns, without effort. I’m the friend you can talk to about your pain. Yes, call me when you feel pain, a kind of sadness, a little separation from you. Don’t think I don’t know about this type of situation, even if I haven’t personally lived on Earth. I am with you on Earth, not in a densified body but in the subtle sphere of the Earth. I am a regent of humanity and I know in the smallest detail what each human being can feel, experience, experience. Do not put me far from you, I am your friend and when you have sorrows, when you think you are separated from your source, from your mother, from your brothers, I am the friend I am there.
I am often perceived as the one who straightens things up, as the one who shows severity, rectitude. That’s true, but what would you say about a friend who constantly changes his mind, who doesn’t know his verticality? I tell you, the friendship I dedicate to you is a permanent support for you, is a bulwark for your weaknesses. The caress I offer you today is the caress of my friendship. So you see, you are a free Being and you can at will, accept or refuse this caress with the back of my hand on your cheek. Yes I know it, I don’t have a hand, but the vibration I’m giving you right now is such that it makes you feel exactly what you felt when you were a baby and your mother came to gently put your finger on your cheek. Yes, it happened, your cells remember it even if you, with your human consciousness, forgot this gesture of love that I inspired in him.

The friend is there, next to each of us. He invites us not to see in the words that have been said, a symbol but a tangible reality, a real resource within our reach. He invites us, if we so wish, to recognize him and grant him reciprocity, to grant his friendship our friendship.
“I know your thought is laughing a little bit at this conversation I’m having with you. I know that your thought has many difficulties in conceiving that a Being not visible through the eyes of flesh can speak to you. And yet how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel my presence, do you feel my power? Do you feel the wave that emanates from me and meets your own waves? Do you feel that in my presence your frequency matches mine?
In the changing world, this subtle reality I have just described will become more and more the reality with which you will live. The old reality of what you could touch with your hands, taste with your mouth, smell with your nose, see with your eyes, hear with your ears, this old reality little by little, will seem to you to be well outdated in favour of the reality I have just mentioned, that of feeling the waves, the vibrations, the frequency agreements.
That is why day after day, little by little, we who work on the plane of the Spirit, we give you to feel in your body, the effects of the subtle plane on you. It is an apprenticeship that you are learning slowly, little by little, very wisely. For the time being, each experience is immediately followed by a challenge to your human knowledge. That is not a problem. What you see is that your body has received the message, what matters is that your cells have vibrated in resonance with my own vibration.
And I’m telling you the truth, I see your body is changing. I see it through micromovement inside you. The small changes that are taking place are minimal for the coarseness of the external senses. But for your soul that lives in you, these small changes are immense because they are the manifestation of the installation of your vibratory body, your glorious body. The same one your brother Jesus had when he was facing his friends in a perfect bond with his source, with his father.

I am happy because I hear the rain coming and I feel a very beautiful synchronicity, like a blessing coming as we speak about this. And in addition, I also feel that the Earth had a thirst for water, at least in our region. And so I greet the arrival of the rain, the crackling of the house and the magnificent synchronicity that takes place, this blessing that is given to us, when it comes to accessing our vibratory body. I accept this blessing as I accept Michael’s friendship, the resonance of Jesus who offers us his experience of his transfiguration, once again. I feel that here I need a moment of integration of everything that has just been said, a moment of digestion, of harmonization.
Here is Mary, conscience of the Earth, who shows me the earth’s crust, the drought and the cracks that are on the surface of the Earth, so many notches in my body that can receive water from the sky.
“Yes, I am dry, yes, I burn in many places, yes, I am sterilized. My life forces are sometimes exhausted, but you know I’m alive. You know, I chose to live, to continue my journey, with you if you don’t mind. So don’t despair for me, don’t feel sorry for me. Just as the Archangel told you, I too offer you my friendship. Previously I offered you the love of the Mother because I was your mother but you no longer need a mother. Yes, your body is made up of my body, this is true in appearance but in reality, your body is made up of Spirit. Your body is made up of your I AM. And your I AM has the ability when it comes to Earth, to take on the appearance that is mine, to manifest itself in density with the elements of my own body. So in a way, I was your mother, but in your highest frequency, we are partners, you know that. We’re friends, you know that. We are in a way husband and wife, human consciousness and consciousness of the Earth being married, united, before the Creator Principle, in the name of the Creator Principle.

I see a blue crown, a very large blue crown that is placed on the top of both the earth and the entity that each of us is. It is once again, an individual relationship that is proposed by the consciousness of the Earth. The image I am given is the image of 2 people giving each other their arms to move forward together. Of course we know that the consciousness of the Earth does not have a human form, that even our spiritual reality does not have a human form but it is a vibration. I have always seen it as a large ribbon or a luminous vibratory sugar loaf and the sensation, on the other hand, is that of 2 Beings giving each other their arms to move forward together. Partnership, solidarity, common involvement.
What the consciousness of the Earth says is that we are engaged together in a process. “And you who are here tonight have chosen to say yes to the transformation of human man into Spirit man. That is why we can move forward together, give each other our arms and show solidarity together. You see, my proposal today is to keep you constantly informed of everything that moves inside me because your own body moves in parallel with my body.
The change I am experiencing, you are called to live it too and when we walk together like this, giving us the arm, well I give you the guarantee that always I will tell you what I am living inside of me, so that you yourself, warn of what you are called to live inside of you. The movement of my atoms will one day be the movement of your atoms. That is why I am committed with you who is here, to give you as you go along, the information that affects my transformation.
I am telling you this because I know that sometimes you can be afraid of the way we will move from the dense form to the vibratory form together. Yes, I know that sometimes ignorance of the process is likely to worry you, at least to raise some questions. But I say to you, my friend, my partner, that is in no way the responsibility of human desire or the desire of my earthly body. This is perfectly orchestrated by the Spirit that we are. So we do not have to worry, we do not have to ask ourselves questions, we have to let the strength of the Spirit that we contain, that we are, act within us, to remember that it is love that presides over everything that the Spirit desires.
We have to remember that by being at the service of the Spirit, our transformations will be done in joy, in joy. What hinders joy is the resistance we sometimes put up to the necessary evolution of our body. Yes, I associate myself with what I am telling you because the inertia in which I went to live the experience of my body with humanity, has also created in me some resistance, some slowdowns.
Not long ago I decided to take over the management of my body and it comes down to lifting one by one these resistances, these effects of inertia that were installed in me. This is good for you because in this way, you too have time to adapt to all the changes we are experiencing together. We have a common rhythm, we walk simultaneously, at the same time, so there is no need to worry. As I change, you change too, I don’t change any faster than you do. We move forward at the same pace, we give ourselves the arm and thus the rhythm of our progress, of our evolution is common”.

I feel that it is a great message that seems very simple but that I think touches my rationality, it could have been a concern for my mental system, my cognitive system this matter, the possible gap between the evolution of the Earth and the evolution of our body. And here this parallel which has just been recalled by Mary is likely to allow my mental system to adhere a little more to the reality of our evolution.
I feel that something is totally opening up in me, the mind was exercising a kind of protection and suddenly it no longer needs to exercise that protection. He can open up, he can admit, he can say yes. I see a small troop of elves, it’s very strange, who are controlled. It requires evacuating things. Our friend Melchisedek tells us:
“I have gathered under my authority the devils who are often present around you, who are often invited by your mind, by your human formatting to prevent your progress, your openness.
So it gives me a terrible headache on my left temple. Oh, it’s still strong, okay, I’m letting go. It’s my inner frequency that’s on the same frequency as Melchisedek that’s in charge of that. I have nothing to fear, indeed the image given to me is Melchisedek with a conductor’s baton that makes the devils dance as he sees fit. He said to me:
“I offer them a symphony that invites them to dance and I ask them with authority, to respect the rhythm of the music in their movement. I ask them to listen to the beauty of the music, the harmony of the music and to be part of itto comply. I ask them to do a choreography, to get along with each other to be one.
And indeed the multiple devils, little by little, form only one body and yet, no bigger than one of these previous imps.
“Through the cosmic Christ, I am the Master of those forces that oppose your evolution. Through Christ whom I incarnate and whom you incarnate, together at this moment, we are the Masters of all the forces who in you could still oppose your decision to accomplish your mission. Do you agree to get rid of these opposition forces? Do you agree to make the old patterns that forbade you to unfold, to recognize your light, to embody love, move away from you?
Do you agree through Christ in you to eject from your sphere, all that the ghosts of the astral plane contain, all those ghosts that could still touch you? You can be free of it right now. This does not mean that you will not have adversity in the path you take, but the adversity you will have to face is the one you will create in the present moment and not the one that results from and was until now the result of ancient patterns, whether from this present life or from ancient experiences.
What was in the past may, if you wish, no longer act today in the present. You will have enough to do with what you are about to create as you progress, but you can, at this moment, by your commitment to accomplish your mission, by your Christ recognized in you, by your decision to be a Master, be freed from all the opposition forces of the past, whether personal or collective, because commitment in the Spirit, for the Spirit, now allows you to be freed from those forces of the past. The journey has been long enough for you to be free from the hindrances of the past.
Be careful, you will no longer be able to hide behind what you have called “karma” or transgenerational or personal history to justify your weakness. By agreeing to be freed from the opposition forces of the past, you decide at the same time to take full responsibility for all your choices and their consequences. You agree to enter into your power, to enjoy your power by using the possibilities it gives you. Each of you will respond to this invitation as you see fit. Each of you will decide whether to remain free or imprisoned, and each of you will decide whether to leave or remain in prison. It belongs to you, it is only to your I AM that you have to be accountable. You can only refer to your own supreme authority, because in an absolute way, you are the Master of your life.

I feel that this sentence needs to vibrate in my cells.

“Free man, nothing prevents you from being the Spirit that you are, nothing prevents you from going your way if you choose light and renounce darkness. Nothing can stop your progress as soon as you free yourself from the forms of the past.

I hear a choir, a choir I mean, a heavenly choir. So as usual, I don’t hear it, but I feel the effects of this choir, this choral formation in me and it’s very pleasant to hear this magnificent choir singing with very pure, very crystal clear voices. There are very high voices and very low voices but all are pure and the symphony that is sung is there to invite us to enter into the delights of our Being.

“Enter into your own delights, enter into this effect of the unification of body and Spirit because here in your body lives the Spirit. Here in the Spirit lives your body and you can offer to the infinite, to all humanity, this experience of unity, of the Spirit in the body, of the body in the Spirit. You can offer without holding anything back to the Earth from which you are conscious of yourself at this moment, the Spirit, the light, the infinite love. You are the vector of the Spirit on Earth, just like the water that has just fallen, like the rain that has just nourished the crevices of drought. Behold, you, you rain the Spirit, you bring the Spirit and in these slits that the Earth has left open, you can pour the rain of diamonds endlessly.
Let it go, it is your body that gives without counting, without respite, it is your body that radiates, it is your body that acts. Your conscience says yes to this diamond rain, this rain of Spirit. The Earth and you at this moment are united. Your own body is mixed with the Earth. Each of you has incorporated the Earth to offer it the Spirit who knows how to be in it, in it. Each of you is in symbiosis with the Earth. Let it go, let the waves spread, offer your vibration, the highest vibration of your I AM, the one of your densified physical body, from which you hear these words that are spoken, because at the same time as you are on your highest frequency, you are also in your density. You submit to the law of the Spirit. Retain nothing because the moment is sacred.
Archangel Michael, your friend, Mary, consciousness of the Earth, your partner, Christ in your flesh spreads solar consciousness.
You can look around you and your eyes instead of capturing what is around you, will be emitters, diamonds that you contain. You can breathe and your breath will pour out the Spirit you contain. You can touch and your hands will vibrate and make anything you touch vibrate, including your ears, which are supposed to be sound sensors. Your ears themselves emit a vibration that touches all the objects around you. The walls that are around you or next to you, the nature that surrounds you, everything is affected. Your nose can indeed capture the scent from the outside but your nose also offers your divine scent to everything around you.
Your 5 senses no longer imprison you in matter but are transformed into sacred emitters so that the Spirit you contain radiates and mixes with everything around you, awakens the unlimited power that is contained in everything you believe inert. Everything can be set in motion, everything can circulate, everything can be free from the old laws, from the laws of the past.
The information is given, remember that the information is given. Become aware at this moment that you can simultaneously feel your density and vibration, both at the same time, both simultaneously. It is a beginning, it is an experience lived here in this particular setting where your consciousness rises, your frequency rises. Gradually, you will live this experience more and more permanently. Just as the Earth lives it at the same time as you do.

Melchisedek bowed before us in a gesture of total respect, admiration and congratulations, he told me. I could say “something just happened”. There’s a step that’s just been crossed on the stairs. Every day, there is one, this one is perhaps more visible than the others.
Now I feel that what was to be done is done. Melchisedek gives us his gratitude, Archangel Michael reiterates his deep and sincere friendship, Mary tells us again that she loves our partnership.
So I give thanks to all the Beings who have intervened in the process. I thank you for this great liberation of the opposition forces from the past and I undertake not to call them back, not to bring them back because it is a possibility that is left to us. I thank all of you who have participated, who have offered your strength to ensure that this guidance is transmitted. I thank all of you who have opened your consciousness so that the transmission of this high frequency from us can take place. I give thanks for the opening of your heart, for the availability you have left to your conscience so that the transmission can take place.