audio – We are St Michael

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

I am writing the presentation of this guidance received in an assembly of about forty people. I give the floor to Archangel Michael and also rely on the illustrations of the generous participants present at a distance or physically, to evoke the magnificent experience lived.

The apparition, the sacred encounter
Painting done directly by Myriam LEPORI


Drawing made live
by Jean-François REGAUDIE

“I, Archangel Michael, would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have or will listen to the words that were spoken on this day when I was celebrated. I have offered myself to you in a way I have never done before, and I want to tell you how happy I have been with my present. Need I remind you that words are not only words but sounds that carry my vibration. Also, when you hear, if you are willing to let your body tune to my vibration, you receive in you the totality of who I am. All aspects of my sacred being can then become yours. It is then enough that you remember who YOU ARE so that immediately you feel my presence in you, and consequently your power, your verticality, your ability to control each situation you are experiencing”.

Drawing made live
by Adeline MENAF

A new fraternity is being built among the humans on earth. It is effective today when you place your consciousness on your man/woman-mind frequency. You can immediately experience your status as a sovereign/sovereign with full responsibility for her kingdom. All this is already there, not a sweet dream postponed to the distant future. Each of you can decide today that this is the case. »


Drawing made live by Chloé DUXENT

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

This guidance is received in the presence of about 40 people, and we are gathered to receive from the plan of the Spirit the information that is addressed to us to be guided, to be informed of what we on Earth wish to do from the point of view of our highest frequency for the evolution of humanity, for the evolution of the Earth.
Thank you for being here. Thank you for your presence that I feel the channel amplifying, that I feel very vibrant inside me. I propose to you that we be totally at the disposal of our I AM, our Divine Self, that we open our consciousness to the fact that we are from all eternity, at our highest frequency, that we place ourselves at the disposal of Joy, Love, the spiritual world that surrounds us.

I am what I am
I am Divine Presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

With these words, I repeat YES to the service I have chosen, to the commitment I made when I came to Earth to serve love, light and joy. I repeat YES to my divine will to manifest the Spirit here, to experience free will, in density, in duality.
On this day dedicated to him, I call upon Archangel Michael and I propose that we welcome him in all simplicity, as a brother, as a friend, as a companion of humanity on Earth. He tells us:
“Of course, I am at the appointment you gave me. Of course, I am with you there to honour you, just as you have chosen to honour me. To tell you my joy is another joy, to see your hearts open, to see your bodies recognized as a temple of the Spirit that you contain is an immense joy. The joy of telling you is a joy. As I often do, I propose to be with each of you. See you here you have gathered together and yet I, the Archangel, am with each of you at this moment.
Do not think of me as a Being external to you and who should embrace the whole. No, it’s each of you I come to kiss. It is with each of you, with each individual that I am coming to place myself at this moment. I don’t need space, I don’t need cm2 to be with you individually. I don’t share myself, I give myself totally to you, to you, to you, to you.
How good it is for me to be welcomed as I am. How sweet it is for me to be received by each of you. It is through your heart that I reach you in this moment, through the sacred centre of the heart that I vibrate with you in this moment. You have nothing to do, just to be there, conscious of yourself. You have nothing to say, you have nothing to think about. You do not have to act, you just have to say YES to what you are from all eternity and so you recognize me, so you welcome me, so you receive me.
But what have I to give you since I come to you, to each of you. You who are here physically and you who listen, separated by the space of your Earth. What do I have to give you? I have to offer you some very ripe grapes, some fruits that have matured over the summer.
No, not those external fruits that you were able to enjoy, I am talking about those fruits that you have matured inside you. I’m talking about those things you’ve grown since you were born, inside you. I am talking about these wonderful qualities that you have developed since you were incarnated. So many years walking on the path. So many years taking my sword and becoming the Master of your life. So many steps to get to where you are today.
Dare to see what has matured in you. Dare to look at these fruits which are now full of your consciousness, filled with the divine nectar that you know how to welcome into your body, into your flesh. Dare to look at what you have patiently cultivated. Acknowledge that the time of harvest has come. Not to stop the path but to be able to continue it enriched by what you have acquired. It’s not about looking at the harvest and saying, “That’s it, I’m done. No, you know that. It is about looking at the harvest to catch your breath, to take in the necessary energy that will allow you to continue what you have started to do. But today’s fruits will allow you, you see, to acquire another maturity, another level of yourself. The fruits of today, by tasting them in the awareness of what you have given, of what you have put into them, these fruits will allow you to rise, to change the plane of consciousness with which you look at it today.

Have faith in yourself, I tell you the truth, the value you contain is within your reach today. You can look at it, you can recognize it. You no longer have to fail when you see the gold you contain, you can assume. The beliefs that led you to be the humans that you were hammered you that you had to see only your faults, your weaknesses, your faults, this time is over. This time is over, I tell you the truth. It is time to look at your beauty and look at the perfection of everything you have experienced. Yes, sometimes you have suffered, sometimes you have made people suffer. Don’t judge. Look at the experience, enrich yourself with the experience. Love what you have done because the fruits you see today are the result of everything you have done.
The morality of the past is no longer valid today for Beings who, like you, want light to be on Earth, for the Spirit to regain his rights, for Love to reign as king. Morality has been useful to you in knowing how you sometimes behave when you did not yet have access to this Master that you are. But today, morality is your weakness, discernment is your wealth.
How good it is to talk to you, how good it is to be welcomed, how good it is to be here! Your desire to lift yourself up into your frequencies to reach the highest plane of yourself is a desire that I come to encourage by my presence.

I feel that we are invited to digest what has just been said. He said to me:

“Rather repeated, because these are not new things that have just been stated and yet the frequency with which I have just spoken is slightly different from the previous frequencies. And if your ear has heard a speech very similar to other speeches that have been heard 100 times, the fact remains that your body, the nucleus of your cells, has recognized this slightly higher frequency with which I have spoken to you. And that is what you can recognize today. It is this sensitivity to frequency that I invite you to validate in yourself. 100 times the same speeches you will hear, but every time your consciousness rises, the frequency with which the speech is delivered is also higher. And so the path is made. So digest, digest this new vibration, digest this frequency which there, at this moment, brings you together whether you are here physically or whether you are far away in the visible distance.

I feel a very strong heat on my face. I feel a very strong energy in me, a very strong power, which allows me to welcome Jesus, our brother, our companion who comes to bless the assembly, who comes to energize the presence of the solar consciousness in each of us.
“I come here to multiply the breads. In the past 2000 years ago, the breads I multiplied were dense, they were to be touched with your hands, they were to be eaten with your mouth, they were to be digested with your stomach and intestines. The breads I come to multiply today are subtle, they are vibratory and yet, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, I am there to multiply them so that each one may have in abundance the divine bread that will satisfy his hunger, for I remind you in truth, it is of the Spirit today that you are hungry and no longer of this wheat bread that you still enjoy eating.
Don’t say that wheat bread is no longer good for you. No, if you want to eat wheat bread, eat wheat bread. But also, nourish yourself with the bread of the Spirit because both, at this moment, have a place within you. Of the 2 loaves of bread today, you eat: densified bread, visible, which requires your digestion, you can eat, but do not be fooled, what really nourishes you is the bread of the Spirit, it is this bread that comes to offer you the light of the afterlife to the light of this world because one is the light, one is the energy, one is the substance.
I am multiplying the loaves at this moment so that everyone can eat abundantly. Take and eat because this is my body. Take and drink because this is my blood. Finally, these words are heard for what they are. I am obviously referring here to the bread of the Spirit, the pure Spirit, which is given in abundance, in abundance, without any limitation. Receive, receive in this moment the rain of the Spirit, the breath of the Spirit. Everything that the elements outside you manifest is in the image of the subtle gift given to you on this day by your assembly, in the name of the Archangel, in the name of Christ.
Open your cells because it is your cells that welcome. Breathe because the bread I am giving you today is absorbed by breathing, absorbed by all the pores of your skin, absorbed by your consciousness open to my presence. There is no miracle, you see, there is the consciousness of the Spirit within you. There is the awareness of the power of the Spirit that you contain.I feel like my rib cage is a little small to accommodate what’s inside. I am very, very hot, especially in the head and shoulders. I see beauty, absolute beauty. I see beauty with the inner eye while my outer eye is placed on this painting that Myriam made and which allows me to be connected to the matter around me. And at this moment, each of us here can offer Christ, the solar consciousness, the power of the Spirit to the matter around us. I see each of you in front of me with a funnel on your head and in this funnel the forces of the Spirit are poured out and I see the bodies of each of you that give back the Spirit around you and it is just splendid.

“Receive and give. Give and receive because the more you give and the more you receive. The more you give to the matter around you, the more generous the Spirit is with you.

It is wonderful to see the subtle substance of the Source being welcomed by each of us, by our will, by our deliberate choice to be there, so that everything may be given back permanently and in abundance. Let’s leave it at that. Let us accept to be this channel that we have chosen to be in this life so that evolution can take place, so that consciousness can rise, so that matter can vibrate with the Spirit, so that the human being that we are can realize the divinity that is in him.
For the time being, we are still individuals next to each other. Everyone receives, everyone gives back. But I feel that the moment is coming when we are going to be an assembly, which is not yet the case.
The consciousness of the Earth comes to us there, now, so that we can be an assembly, that is to say that not only do we give individually but in addition, we make a link between each other, while remaining us, without merging into the whole, while remaining truly responsible for who we are. That’s what we’re doing now. What we have given creates a link between us, the consciousness of the Earth is behind me and it unites our assembly, it facilitates our assembly.
“Don’t be afraid of your neighbour, be friendly with him, he’s friendly with you. On this frequency, you see, there is no more animosity, there is the singularity of each one and the right to be there, as you are, well-defined individuals. There is as a Singular Being, the possibility of being next to the other Singular Being, without being in danger, in complete safety. You, my partner, do this experience, that’s what I invite you to do right now. And remember, together, everything you do here, in this tiny little place on Earth, is spreading ink all over humanity.
What you are doing here is so precious to me that it is beyond your self-image. And yet I tell you, you, my partners, you, who were my children, but you are no longer my children, you are my allies because together we are walking. There’s you and there’s me. And together we walk. That it is beautiful for me, that you have grown up to this point is for me a source of infinite joy. How good it is to see you together. How good it is to see you all together! You are no longer children and that makes my heart rejoice. You are great and this, for me, is a success to speak with your words, to use the words you use on Earth.
Successful because it is part of what we agreed together. We agreed together that you would grow up. Taste the joy of being great, taste the joy of no longer being children but Beings conscious of yourselves, conscious of your power, conscious of the power you have over matter, which you and I have created for the experience. Try this. The Archangel has told you about the fruits that have matured in you. I confirm it, you are grown-ups, you are no longer children. You needed my milk to feed you in the past, but now the divine milk feeds you, the mother’s milk is no longer sufficient for you, the milk of the Spirit is the milk that suits you. And yet, together, we remain, to continue the journey.
I’m hot, I don’t know if you’re hot, you’re hot, I feel like I’m cooking from the inside. And they say to me:” So what’s the problem? What’s the problem, you can cook a little, you know that alchemy is the voice necessary for the transformation of matter.
I feel that an assembly led by Melchisedek is coming. It is a very vibrant stellar assembly of consciousness. There is a circle of solar consciousness, different suns of the cosmos that surround us. Here they say, roughly speaking: “They are here, we are going to take advantage of it, we are really going to take advantage of this assembly to transmit very precise frequencies”. They propose to transmit frequencies that are likely to prepare us for upheavals in the organization of our societies.
“It’s about preparing yourself to stay in your verticality no matter what happens. It’s about inviting you to see clearly when everything is blurred. It is about giving you the ability to remain emotionless when everything around you is going to get rough. This is what we propose to offer you today. These are qualities that you already have, in some circumstances, but that you sometimes lose when everything gets rough, in a more accelerated way around you, like the way we talk now. We exaggerate the pace of our information to bring you into this feeling of excitement that awaits you.
We install the sensation that you can experience when this agitation takes place in the whole of humanity. You already have this experience because it has already happened in specific places, in specific moments. But what can happen, depending on the decisions you make in humanity, could be a greater unrest, something based on the lack of awareness of your reality, of your identity, and that, you who have chosen to be there today, will have to be able to look at it in a serene way, without panic, quietly. Not by superiority posture. Oh no, not at all, on the contrary, in this very posture that you have just experienced together, here and now, in a posture of absolute love, of infinite recognition of the other who is at your side and who is your fellow man, even if the consciousness he has of him is not as open as the consciousness you have of yourself. We give you, at this moment, the frequency of wisdom, of serenity, so that you may be a beacon in the storm, so that you may be a light in the darkness. Of course, the candle flame may sometimes flicker, but never, if you wish, it will go out. It depends on you, of course, on your decision, on your choice, on your ability to gather within yourself, to recognize yourself in what you are from all eternity. We are now giving you the prerogatives of Archangel Michael himself. This one came to speak to you earlier, on this day dedicated to him on Earth so that you may become as powerful as he is himself, as vertical as he knows how to remain so in all circumstances. We give you here the possibility, if you wish, to have the same capacity as Archangel Michael, to remain serene, conscious, inspired by the Spirit in all circumstances. Receive, receive what is given, if it suits you because always your freedom is preserved, always your choice of Master is left. Receive if you wish.

I see rays coming on each of us and resonating with the frequencies we have inside. And it is these phenomena of resonance that install in us this capacity that is already there but which is actualized, it is potential but it is actualized. I am asked to look at each of you, to be the relay for this spill that is happening. That is why my gaze sweeps, so that truly, this emanation, this effusion can be confirmed by the physical reality of our presence.
I enjoy watching each of you, receiving, welcoming. It is very moving for me to be in this mission, to give you, through my eyes, confirmation of what you receive from a subtle plan. To become Archangel Michael, not to become him, but to acquire his qualities. This is the purpose of what is transmitted. And for those who are at a distance and do not have the gaze, they are invited to consider that the voice heard has the same effect as the gaze cast here. “For no one is excluded from this great family that comes together, not to celebrate as it used to be, but to act, to rejoice, to be finally recognized in its true identity, in its true mission. You can feast too, but never forget your self-awareness, the meaning of your presence.
I now feel the frequency of the diamond. Again it is in the heart. I feel something here, a kind of pinch that asks me to extend the rib cage, the heart, the neck too because I feel a tension here, on the neck. And so here, it is also a question of activating a frequency inside us.

“The diamond frequency is proposed in each of you. Coal can become a diamond. Carbon is in both. So if you accept the alchemical operation that is proposed to you, you can simply let the diamond implant itself in you.
And I feel that those who work are Beings who, regularly on Earth, have appeared and practiced alchemy. We could say that it is the energy of alchemy that is working with us here, which includes everything that has in the history of humanity, carried out transmutations, transformations but that we also understand, since we know the experience of death and rebirth, death and reincarnation. It is this alchemical principle that is contained in each of us, which is activated there, by the current of alchemy, by the vibration of alchemy. Even if we don’t know anything about alchemy, we contain it. And so here again it is a question of receiving, of giving the possibility to this alchemical current to work within us. We just have to say: yes, I allow the alchemical current to put the diamond in my heart. Just that, to allow, to authorize, if we wish of course because nothing is obligatory. And I see, inside my heart, a diamond being built, shaped and installed. And the more I say yes, the less the tension that was there is present, the more relaxation is present.
“The diamond in question here is not only a symbol, it is a particular quality. We use the frequency of the diamond to ensure that this particular quality takes hold in you.

Once again, I have this very important heat wave that rises from the heart and goes to the head, since now it will be the brain that will be visited by the Beings around us today, if we so desire of course. What is shown to me is as if we were doing a new weaving in the brain. So I don’t know if it’s the neural connections or if it’s the brain matter itself, the grey matter. Something in any case, in the matter of the brain is being modified. We could say that it is the chemistry of the brain substance that is affected. And since I don’t know anything about biology and chemistry, it’s quiet, I can let it go.
I feel that the organic, physical substance of the brain is being affected, as if there were a new chemical equation being done in the very matter of the brain because of what is given. We have to evacuate something human:
“Things are serious but not serious, they are important but there is nothing solemn to install here because the solemnity you are installing hinders the flow of exchanges. The sacred and the solemn are not the same. Get used to living the sacred without solemnity. To live your importance without gravity, to live the fluidity of joy and not the seriousness that freezes situations.
I feel very strongly in my left brain that something is happening. And here again, the only thing that is proposed to us, if we so wish, is simply to say yes to the action that is being taken. And now that I have said yes, I feel like a very great verticality that has settled in me, that starts from the seat, from the perineum and that pierces me completely. In fact, I have the image in front of me of the painting and therefore this vertical branch of the cross, it is completely inside me. There is an exact similarity between what I see on the outside and what I feel on the inside. And for each of us it is possible to feel this thing, of a perfect similarity between inside and outside.
And that is how we truly spiritualize everything around us, once again, without respite. And I’m totally connected to the wind. I feel the breath of the wind, I don’t feel it but I feel it inside me, the energy of the wind. “The breath of the Spirit that constantly pushes you and makes you move forward.
I have a little bit here, a little pain, something that resists, something that wants to maintain itself “little human”, something that wants to remain little Marie-Odile that you have known for sixty-one years, here on this Earth.

“Do you know you’re not the one? Do you know that you have taken the form of that one to become who you really are. Would you like to remain the little girl who was there or do you accept to spread yourself in your splendor? The question is being asked of each of you and not just this one because the time has come to make the choice. Yes, you can continue your existence today by being the little child you were, by recognizing yourself in the human parameters that allowed you to be there on Earth. But the question today is: Who do you really want to be? What do you choose to be today? Do you choose to be the one who went through the human box that took this form or do you want to be the unlimited Being that you are from all eternity and who can be present here in this little box but you are not this box.
See you today is given who you are with. Everyone here has an appointment with their true identity, everyone where they are. Look at you really, you have no face, you have no shape and yet you are. Look at yourself, not in a mirror that only gives you a pale reflection in truth. Look at yourself from within, look at yourself and offer yourself to everything around you. Big date today, quite a date because it was with you that you chose to organize the meeting. Sovereign, sovereign, look at yourself, recognize yourself. You can say yes if you want to, totally yes and you will know how to use this little box in which you have been locked, to act on Earth but you will use it, you will not suffer it.
The Master of the box, you can be today, really. Kings and Queens of your kingdoms, you are gathered here. Your territories no longer have any limits and can therefore no longer be the subject of wars. Your beauties have no limits and can no longer be the subject of contests. Your intelligence has no limits and you will no longer be able to measure yourself with systems that locked you in the box from which you were born. Your power has no limits and you will no longer need fights to designate the strongest and weakest. It is not tomorrow, it is today, it is now if you want it. There is no achievement, there is just to say yes to the Spirit who blows inside and outside you and who is only One.
O, noble assembly, see yourselves that there is no difference between this circle of sun that surrounds you and you who are inside. Will you dare to look at yourself as suns, totally similar to the suns around you? Will you dare, without believing that you boast, that you are presumptuous, proud, to see that you are, in every respect similar to the Spirit who manifests himself in the wind that blows today? Will you dare not hide behind this little box and the brain that has been so much in the spotlight. You’re not that little company unless you decide to. In the agitation that will come tomorrow, it will be good for you to remember this present moment, your true identity, your unlimited nature because all those who will run to eat more, to have another house, a few drops of essence from the Earth and not from their spiritual essence, in this agitated world, you who will remember who you are from all eternity, your presence alone, without even a word, will bring peace, light and awareness necessary for the serenity found.

They show me the image by saying to me: “This is already done in Spirit. It will have to be implemented in the Earth and in humanity, but it is already there. The fact that we recognize, in any case, those who desire it, this identity and this capacity means that we inscribe this in the consciousness of humanity, we inscribe it in the entity that is the consciousness of humanity and we inscribe this consciousness on Earth. And so all we have to do now is let this plan, which has already been completed here, work. Just remember, just say yes. There is no verbal jousting, no wars with iron weapons, no mad rush to reach liberated countries. No, just your presence, your freedom, your sovereignty and thus the work is accomplished.
I feel that the work is complete and that, perhaps, the time has come, if you wish, to express yourself. I’m just going to take a moment to thank the spiritual world for the very powerful support I’ve received from them and we’ve received from them, so if you want to express yourself, I’ll let you have the floor, I’ll let the show take place. I want you to know that it’s on the air. There are not necessarily many listeners since you are usually the listeners. Does anyone want to speak?