New frequencies: The People of Horses


During my meditation this morning, there were many horses… so close to us, so connected to us, and yet so little known. For months I have been mysteriously attracted to them, or rather they are the ones who have come to meet me and who irresistibly attract me. I realized this morning that they had this extraordinary ability to move me from one place to another not physically, but subtly. And yet it was no less real, because I was experiencing all the sensations that this trip gave me! Following their gentle and noble gaze that invited me and their gallop that respected my sometimes somewhat slow pace, I found myself in totally improbable places, first in the heart of the earth after a long vertical descent into the rock crust, then into the depths of the ocean, and finally in places far from our galaxy, with extraordinary and magnificent settings, in atmospheres and colors that do not exist here below. I had the feeling of flying, of brushing against other civilizations (which I felt very advanced in their consciousness of Unity), of feeling the scents of their presence! I came back from it very high in vibration.

This afternoon, the few words of this song came all at once and imposed themselves on me with both strength and gentleness, I didn’t expect it at all! I know I’ll have to touch them up and make them into a song later… it was like a presentation of the horse breed to the human race. And I already feel that the next song, which I will record in the next few days, will be the live sound transcription of the next trip they will take me on with them. It makes me vibrate and sparkle in advance…. What a great adventure!

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