New frequencies : “A healing offered by horses”

Let yourself be touched in your heart, in the depths of your body, even in your cells.

Here is a new sound journey with the horses, where I let them guide me and lent them my voice, offered my throat. It was funny because at times I had the physical feeling of having their snout, jaw and big teeth! Taste their frequencies so high and so tender at the same time…. It’s a truly unique flavor that is unlike any other! They have so much to offer, they are great beings, very great beings.

I, who are frightened by the horses’ size and unpredictable movements when they approach me, am touched and honoured to be invited to be one of their messengers. For a few weeks now, obeying a call, I have been going several times a week to a field where there are two of them, and a very strong bond is being forged with them. Not at the emotional level, because they don’t let themselves be touched at all, but at another level. It’s very mysterious. I realize how much this is beyond everything we know about them, even beyond the notion of “mirror animal” that has flourished everywhere in recent years. Now when they see me arriving by car, they run, then graze quietly near me. I don’t talk to them orally, but from my heart. My smiling silence then becomes a space where they can finally express themselves, and I begin to perceive an intention on their part, which for the moment boils down to going beyond appearances, beyond all our images learned about them.

I feel that they are linked to a very high plane, and the word that comes to me is always “stellar”. Very great beings who have accepted to take an animal body to be as close as possible to us in the heaviest density, even in our wanderings, our violence and our battles, to accompany us until then and to surrender us to ourselves. Silently, without a scream, without a judgment, patiently, until the day we are ready to remember at last… And these times have come !

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