audio – Detachment exercises by Cristal and Michaël

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

This is Archangel Michael speaking: “My brother whom you appoint Master Crystal delegates me to talk about the time we spent with you today. We both considered, with the blessing of your Melchizedek guide, that you needed a helping hand to facilitate your progress on the great path of evolution. That is why we have chosen your group of volunteers to propose some practical exercises that will help you to detach yourself from the known world of the form in which you are immersed.

Birth of a crystalline stem cell
Painting of Sandrine POCHARD

First, you are offered a great step back, a step back in time to your fish state, back to the time when human consciousness lived in the marine environment. This memory is present in you, in your cells, alive through the uterine experience which also takes place in a liquid medium.

Drawing by Aurélie Landais inspired by guidance

By activating this memory, you remember the changes that have taken place in the past that have radically transformed the form with which the Spirit manifested himself as a human on Earth. In this way, you open the door to the changes that are taking place, you can calm down in the face of the unknown you are facing, because you know that you have already experienced this. Just as the fish was too narrow for human consciousness, your body today becomes too narrow to accommodate the Spirit-man, just as the fish was pushed by the Spirit to transform itself, just as the baby is pushed out of the mother’s womb, so you are currently pushed to let your body change under the guidance of your I AM.

Drawing by Chloé DUXENT inspired by guidance

Master Crystal has given you some inventories to make to be aware of your attachments to the objects and forms of the human world that may well hold you back in the current, yet outdated, version of humanity. The exercise is to do to experiment that probably you can do without objects that seem to you at first glance, essential, vital. For my part, I offered my help so that you can get rid of the animality that still remains in some of your behaviors, so that you finally manage to no longer identify with this body that hosts your soul, creation of your I AM. Like me, Master Crystal invites you to call him when you need a hand to put these exercises into practice, when you need stimulation in detachment training.

The more your consciousness of yourself is detached from the ancient form, the more fluidly your body will be able to receive the transforming forces, and the more you will avoid the physical and psychological suffering inherent in resistance.

Joy – Calligraphy by Christelle DEJOIE

I greet the conscience of the Earth who came to express his joy at seeing you next to her, walking in parallel, and I give thanks to Melchisedek who came to encourage you by confirming the great journey you have made.I bless you. »

A special thank you to the inspired illustrators during this guidance. Your works are magnificent expressions of your I AM, which you have agreed to relay.

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

May we each with our own modalities be there, in the present moment, to be at the service of our I AM, to make our consciousness available to receive the vibrations of the spiritual world that communicates with us by resonance phenomenon, with our frequency. May we open our hearts and thus receive the waves of love that are destined for us, that emanate from our I AM, that emanate from the plan of the Spirit.

I am what I AM
I am Divine Presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

I welcome the Crystal Master who comes to put himself in coherence with each of my cells, in resonance with each of my cells. It invites us to vibrate on a high frequency and invites us to synchronize with it. He says:
“If you invite me inside you, if you allow me to contact your cells then your frequency will increase, your consciousness will open, your vision will expand, your hearing will expand. It is enough for you to say YES to me so that as soon as the harmony of our frequencies takes place, the opening of your consciousness occurs.
The image given to me is the Crystal Master who has a crystal stick that he comes to place on us, on our shoulders, on the top of our head and this is how he allows the elevation of our frequencies, our frequency.
It is very strange because I have the feeling of being in the energy of the fish at the same time and I feel that it is a question of finding an ancient form of human consciousness, when human consciousness was manifested in a rather liquid environment and rather in the form of marine animals. Human consciousness has gone through these different stages, which we find in the evolution of the embryo, the foetus. And I feel that it is proposed to us, by this high frequency that has settled in us, to find the body memory of a form of fish, they are not marine mammals, they are not dolphins or whales, they are fish, fish such as those that can be fished: hake, sea bream, sea bream, sea bream, duck breast, etc….
“It is a question of rediscovering the undulation, of rediscovering an ancient memory of human consciousness. Don’t try to understand at first, just let your cells give you back the memory of the fish experience you were.

And of course, at the same time as I say fish, even if the times are very different, I am also thinking of the era of fish, but the fish we have been is much older than the era of fish. Unless it’s another era of fish in another cycle. Which is quite possible. 
“It is a question of rediscovering this ancient form. Not to identify yourself with it but to activate the memory in your body because what I am proposing to you, you see, is to have your consciousness take the different forms you have already taken since you manifested human consciousness on Earth. The form in which you hear me today is not the only form in which you have manifested humanity. Many other forms have preceded and the fish form was one of those that preceded the human form you know today.
The fish form where you had no lungs, no legs, no arms and yet you were already human. Certainly, with a consciousness much more foggy than the one you have today, you were still in the womb of the mother, in the womb of the divinity, in a kind of paradise where you were just beginning to differentiate yourself from the Spirit but you were still imbued with the Spirit, with free will then you did not have.
I wish you to recover the memory of this ancient form so that you may become aware that the evolution from the fish form to the human form has taken place and that you have within you, the trace of your cells of this history, this trajectory, this evolution, just as you have the trace in your cells of your embryonic, foetal form that has been stopped so that you can breathe, be endowed with meaning, the 5 senses and become the Human Being that you know in its form today.
I am telling you all this so that you can be at peace with the changes in form that are so often discussed in our meetings and for which I am particularly mobilized with my brother, Archangel Michael, with all the stellar consciences that act with you and with the Earth. Remember, you had no effort to make to make this transformation.
At one point, you experienced that the fish form was no longer adapted to your consciousness. The consciousness that you had obtained from yourself, that you had reached, could no longer be enclosed in the form of a fish, so you had to leave the aquatic environment to equip yourself with lungs, arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, to be able to honour the plan of evolution that we wanted together, you humanity, created by your I AM, created by the plan of the Spirit. I invite you to feel in your body this memory of the experience of the passage from fish to man, to mammal, because many animal forms were also experienced before you reached the human form you know. But the essential step was to leave the marine environment and settle in the air.
You didn’t know then what was in store for you, as is the case today. You simply knew that the body of humanity was cramped in the form it had and you knew that an impulse pushed you to go further, to enlarge the space in which you were immersed, just as today, you can feel that your body has become too narrow, too dense, too heavy, for the life of the Spirit in it, for the law of the Spirit to rule in it”.

I am always very hot, I feel the Crystal Master who is there, all around me in fact. He puts me like in a crystal cauldron and it’s as if he was boiling the cauldron so that the transformation could take place.
“I initiate you, I prepare you, I lead you. I know that today, some of you are experiencing some difficulties related to the resistance you have to let go of the material’s landmarks. It is true that for so many centuries and centuries, you have had to survive in the material that it has become your only reference point, your only certainty and I understand that today, you have some difficulty separating from this reference point to the benefit of another, more subtle, that you have often outsourced, put outside yourself. When I talk to you about crystal, it is likely that you still see this rock that you call it that and that you sometimes use to increase your clairvoyance or to heal yourself.
In reality, the crystal I am talking about is of the same structure as the rock crystal you use, but on a subtle level, on a vibratory level, it is very difficult for you to conceive, which is why I come to spend time with you, so that we become more and more familiar, more and more intimate. Do not expect a spectacular revelation from me, do not expect a spectacular action from me. I am here in a way, so that our frequencies may harmonize, so that we may be more and more accustomed to being together, without any great question, without any question, without any particular expectation on your part, because if you wait for a precise form then it is clear that you will reduce the possibilities that your I AM gives you to become this new man, this new woman, that everything pushes you to be now.
So I’m coming here now just to make sure you get familiar with your future substance, your future frequency. Imagine, the evolution of consciousness is now reaching this great change. Imagine, the legends that have marked the centuries of humanity are reappearing today, not to remain in the status of legends, but to become reality.
Your eyes will see, your eye will see. You will hear, avoid, move without mobilizing any external force. You will communicate from consciousness to consciousness, without needing a tool to receive or transmit messages. Accept this information, accept it, feel in your body that it is already a reality. I am not asking you to believe me because it is part of the great wanderings of your history, when you believed instead of knowing. Here, I invite you to feel, to see how much some aspects of what I have told you are already a reality.
How many times do you get your friend’s message before it even reaches you through your computer tools, phone, mail. How many times do you have the impetus to know what you have to do without thinking, simply because you are capturing the strength of your I AM. It probably seems to you that there is still a lot to be done in this evolution. This is both true and false. This is true as long as the volunteer team resists the changes that are taking place, as long as the volunteer team wants to maintain the known form at the expense of the new one. And this is false, as soon as you abandon yourself in the arms of your I AM, as soon as you let the forces of the Spirit guide you without fear of no longer having any reference points.
The material values with which you have been shaped to become the human being you are today, as you know, they are ephemeral and yet it is to them that you most often cling when spiritual landmarks are eternal and it is of them that you most often doubt. I’m not saying this to blame you, I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty. I am telling you this so that you can feel what is happening inside you when you cling to your ephemeral landmark and ignore your eternal landmark. I know that the situation in between that you are currently experiencing invites you to no longer adhere to the forms of the past but does not yet allow you to be in total confidence with the eternal power of the Spirit, of the Divine.
My intervention today aims to facilitate your adherence to these spiritual landmarks, to facilitate your detachment from the landmarks of density that you believe are safer than subtle landmarks. I propose an exercise to facilitate your detachment. The exercise is as follows:
Ask yourself the question of these material references that seem so important to you. Ask yourself the question and say to yourself: If I were to die, now, within the hour, what would I be attached to? What would I like to take with me to death? What would I like to keep when I join the subtle plan?
Look at this in full lucidity, in full serenity because it is not a question of dying in the sense that you understand it, but it is a question of leaving the form that your I AM has taken to be in this period on Earth. When you have identified the forms to which you are attached, I invite you to look at the deep need that you believe you satisfy with this form, with this object, with this other person. Look at the deep need that you are trying to satisfy in this way. When you have looked at this, ask yourself whether your I AM can meet your need, satisfy your need or whether the densified form is the only way to meet your need.

You can then proceed to another exercise, which is extremely concrete and practical. To experience every day, to learn to detach yourself from an object that seems dear to you. An object that seems essential to you for your earthly existence. You can find it the next day but simply try, for a day, to get rid of this object. It could be your phone, your computer, your chair, your vehicle, your car. It could be the dishes you eat with. All kinds of objects that are the landmarks of your day. You could, like a game, organize a day without one of these objects. This will allow you to put some lightness into the detachment, it will allow you to check that you have much more autonomy than you think. Do not put any difficulties in the exercise. Keep him happy, make him a game. This is how you will become happy at the thought of detaching yourself from all those objects that will eventually seem cumbersome. If you need my help, call me and I’ll be there. With the crystal wand that I am currently using to be in contact with you, I will intervene at your request to facilitate the exercise, to encourage the experience.

I feel Master Crystal very happy with his business, very happy with his proposal. He said: “I greet you, I am very happy to have come to meet you and to have made the proposal I have just made to you. Above all, consider that my proposal is not intended to create a constraint for you but to help you in the movement that your I AM impels in you and that you sometimes have some difficulties to let circulate inside you, which explains, for some of you, the physical or psychological difficulties that you encounter. I thank you and now lead you to Archangel Michael, my brother, who in turn has a message for you.
“I am St. Michael, Archangel Michael, thank you for allowing me to be welcome at your side. Thank you for welcoming me, for trusting me, for honouring me, as you do with your presence. My mission today is to continue the path you have undertaken with you, to put an end to animality. There is still a very important survival instinct in this humanity. Some humans have a dog’s life, according to the expression you use yourself, and it is now really necessary that this survival of the animal in you evolve, transform itself so that you become the Man/Spirit with a vibratory, crystalline body, already embryonic in your body of flesh.
Observe the animals around you, all kinds of animals, watch them behave and see what you like or dislike about them. See what you covet in their ability and what you reject: ferocity, aggressiveness, fierceness, for example, can be rejected. While the ability to find food, the physical posture, can sometimes be coveted. The senses, such as smell, the way of moving can sometimes also be coveted. As long as you are in this relationship of rejection and covetousness with these animals, it means that you are still attached to this animal form.
In my turn, I give you an exercise, if you will, which consists in looking at the animal with detachment, not coldness, detachment. See the animal as an inappropriate form for you. See the animal in a form that does not concern you to welcome your consciousness. This does not mean that it does not concern you as a creature of creation, of course. This no longer concerns us as a form of being able to accept your consciousness. So there is nothing to covet or reject, which is the same energy. There is simply to look at the old form with detachment and that is how you will learn to look at your current form as the old form because the image of the animal is in a way the image you can have of yourself, when your consciousness is high and you will have the certainty that you cannot remain in this form to support humanity.
Just as you could not remain in the form of the animal at one time, in the evolution of consciousness. As long as you have attachment to the body then you still identify with that body. But you are not that body. Your body is a manifestation of your I AM and I AM can manifest itself in many ways. Your I AM manifests itself in a certain way, according to the consciousness you have of yourself. If your consciousness rises, it will become evident that your I AM will no longer be able to manifest itself in an outdated body like that of the animal was outdated at some point in your evolution. If the caterpillar remains attached to its shape, it can never become a butterfly. It is because at some point, she stops recognizing herself in a caterpillar that she can become a butterfly.
For you, the same is true. It is because at some point, you stop recognizing yourself in the body as it is, that you will be able to become Man/Spirit. Look at all your attachments to your body shape. My brother, Master Crystal, invited you to look at your attachment to everything around you. I, in turn, invite you to look at your attachment to what is your own form.
Would you be ready to stop looking at that face you’re looking at in the mirror? Would you be ready to no longer have that hand with which you knead bread? Would you be ready to no longer have this baggage of knowledge with which you converse with your neighbour? Would you be ready to be surprised by new needs that are still in this body but are no longer directly inherent in this body because that is the new reality. You still have physical needs, linked to your old body and already you have vibratory needs linked to your future body. The 2 needs coexist. If you are obsessed with the needs of the old body, you cannot capture the needs of the body of tomorrow.
My intervention today is intended to awaken you to the needs of your body of tomorrow, which are already there, in your physique, since it is in your physical body that the diamond and crystal is installed, from which your vibratory body will develop. So if you can accept to give priority, from time to time, to the needs of the subtle body, the vibratory body, which are heard from your densified body, you will very quickly progress within yourself and advance human consciousness.

Time is accelerating, time is coming for the man of tomorrow. It is no longer a dream, sweet utopia, science fiction, it is there now. Reality proven by yourself, as soon as you agree not to censor your feelings, your perception of the needs of tomorrow’s body. Your body of tomorrow needs more time for conscious breathing and less physical effort. Your body of tomorrow needs you to consciously nourish it with the light you breathe. It has less need to act permanently. Your body of tomorrow needs subtle food while your body of yesterday is still looking for densified food. You can experience combining these 2 foods. You can experience alternating, not systematically responding to old needs and giving new ones a chance. Listen because each of you is where you are from your step, your path. There are no tight ranks, no marching orders where everyone would have reached the same stage, the opposite is true. So many volunteers, so many steps, so many stages you have reached.
The exercises you have been given should not be the subject of a dogma, a prescribed practice. On the contrary, the exercises can be motivated by joy, if you allow your soul, your I AM, to guide you in their implementation. While if your thoughts take up what has just been said, you will become soldiers of spiritual evolution or religious of spiritual evolution and you know it, it is not really what is intended, quite the contrary. What is desired is that your sensitivity to the vibration of the Spirit should increase, that your sensitivity to the impulse of joy should take up more and more space.
I, Archangel Michael, St. Michael, offer you my help, just as Master Crystal offered you his. Call me when you feel like you don’t hear the calls of your vibratory body. Call me and if you welcome me, if you offer my presence to your conscience, I will amplify the weak signals that you have difficulty hearing, to pick up, so that you can perceive them in all fluidity.
I bless you, I greet you, I thank you for welcoming me, for hearing me, for giving me your attention.

I feel the consciousness of the Earth that is present now and that says:
“It is a great joy for me to see you ready to do your utmost to keep our frequencies in tune. It is a great joy for me to see you gathered here to hear what has just been said to you. I myself am making these changes necessary for my evolution and I fervently hope that my evolution and the evolution of humans will continue to be parallel. The help you have received today is precious, for you and for me too. Of course, I don’t have the same difficulties as you because I have no resistance to my evolution. My body has already undergone some changes and I remember that. That is why you too have been asked to remember the few changes you have experienced in the past, even if it is very distant because thanks to this memory, I know that each transformation leads me to more joy, more truth, more light. I am happy that we are partners, that our paths continue to be united, even if each of us has his or her own autonomy. Human consciousness on the one hand, I consciousness of the Earth on the other.
And Melchisedek is now coming to crown all that has been done. He says:
“The master plan is being implemented. Certainly the free will of human beings is always a reality but as you have already been told, the necessary threshold for the transformation of humans is reached and so those who wish to join the great march of evolution can do so wherever they are, inside themselves because light, love will knock at everyone’s door. It may happen that some of your brothers and sisters stubbornly refuse to join this great plan, this great movement. For those, the body of flesh will indeed disappear and the soul will find in the great plane another way, the evolution that has not been chosen here in this form that you live together.
You don’t have to worry about everyone’s choices. You can look forward to the great march that has begun and in which you are participating. I bless you, I rejoice to see you gathered in this form that has never existed in humanity before. A free, vibratory form, not closed in an institution as light as it may be.
I am very happy to accomplish my mission of watching over the evolution of the Earth and the evolution of humanity because I see how much the choice of Love, the choice of the Spirit is more and more a source of satisfaction for you, even if resistance is emerging, your faith, every day is growing, I can attest to this, I who see you in your inner reality.

Melchisedek is leaving and I think the transmission is over. I will thank the Crystal Master, Archangel Michael, the consciousness of the Earth, Melchisedek and thank each of you who are here and who have heard the proposals that have been made to you and who perhaps will implement them.
Thank you very much for your active participation in this great march, in this great plan that we are gradually discovering. I feel that, personally, I need to say thank you.