The song of the Mother Tree

For a few days now, the Mother Tree, the mother of all trees on Earth, the Alpha of the vegetable kingdom, has presented itself to me several times. It took the appearance of a tree with a trunk so wide that I couldn’t see it in its entirety without moving back several hundred meters.

There were several different moments in this song. I don’t remember everything, only some things I would like to share here with you :

  • at one point I had the feeling that all elemental beings were coming to drink at its infinite source. It was a joyful and silent celebration, which reminded me of the scene where beings connect with each other and with the tree in the film Avatar… A great sacred moment of communion.
  • The Mother Tree was connected to the entire cosmos in which its branches dipped (I saw stars in its branch), and to the earth in which its roots dipped (dipped directly into the lava). An extraordinary royalty emanated from her. In it the central sun mixed its fire with that of the centre of the earth. Sublime wedding!
    then I perceived it as a huge cosmic and telluric scale at the same time. It is the path that souls who come to take shape on earth take, and also the path of those who leave it to reach the One light. I felt with emotion that she is also the mother of men, that a very intimate bond connects us. As she is a link between us. She told me that as human beings we have an immeasurable and even greater power of manifestation than hers, a power that we still use only a little, or clumsily… There was no judgment in her. Like a smile breathing all the good will in the world into us…
  • I knew that the future of men was totally linked to the future of trees. Cutting down a tree without consciousness is like separating our soul a little more from our body. Restoring forests, of course, but above all renewing our relationship with trees is one of the urgent needs of our time. Let them teach us what it is to take its place, to be a living link where heaven and earth come alive and dance together to create.
  • then a new wave of emotion seized me: the name of God came (Yaouhé), as if the whole vegetable kingdom and the elementary ones were chanting it together with her. This song awakened in the cells a hymn to Creation… a sweet feeling of unity…
  • then God’s name changed to Jesus’ (Yeshouah) name, and I felt that He too went through it… for His incarnation Mary and the Mother Tree were somehow united. I felt that the germ deposited on earth by His coming vibrates in all Creation, that the elementals fully recognize Him, and are nourished by His Radiation which is ours every time we act as Kings and Queens. As I speak to you, I have a few of them on my shoulders jumping like crazy to shout in my ears to tell you this: yes, by our radiance we feed and heal the earth! The elementals collect it, feed on it like a nectar, and regenerate what needs to be regenerated. This work is multiplied tenfold when we act in conscience with them! They beg us to do it more often!
  • I must also tell you, on my drum I painted the Hebrew letters a few months ago, so they were there, 22 blessed rays of the Source whose wonderful weaving created all that is… at the end of the song, I saw before me the letter Noun unfolding to become the final Noun, pushing its radiance into the heart of the earth. It was very beautiful. As if something had happened.

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